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Introducing board: Vice President, Municipal Policy, Events, Organizations, Tutoring

It’s been a year of sitting in Lytky’s board, even though I thought I had just been applied for here. What I, Senni Auvinen, a 23-year-old energy tech student, have been doing this year in this board:

The vice president’s job clicked on me at the inaugural meeting, reportedly due in part to the leadership experience on the guild side. The VP job can include almost anything or nothing at all, depending entirely on the chair. Most importantly, of course, I covered for Anniina for a couple of weeks, while she was deservedly on vacation. This didn’t cause much gray hairs, as chair often does arrange things before shutting down the phone for a week.In Lytky, VP’s standard job is also to chair the honorary committee. The Honorary Committee prepares a proposal to the Representative Council on the persons to be awarded at the annual celebration. It was to gather a couple of suitable guys from each guild and meet a few times. The measures prior to the selection of the years teekkari and kylteri are also on the shoulders of the honorary committee.

In the municipal policy sector, I have worked closely with Emma Kokkonen, KOE’s advocacy expert. We have also been supported by a municipal advocacy working group consisting of Lytky and KOE members. This year, the agenda has included campaigning under municipal elections to attract students to the candidacy and ballot box. Because of the pandemic, of course, the election fair and other buzz were in Zoom and social media. After the summer, Emma and I have met all the groups of the Lappeenranta and Lahti city councils, where I have spent my evening time effectively during the autumn. In this way, we have ensured that the municipal policy program of LTKY and KOE has come to the attention of the council groups and we strive to drive our goals into implementation.

Of course, there were no events at the beginning of the year. The Lahti excursion at the beginning of September was partly my handwriting, and  I also arrange the Hobby Fair during the well-being weeks. I also communicate to the organizations about Lytky’s issues that concern them and chaired the Member Services Committee. That committee decides on the financial contributions that we distribute to our partner organizations for projects that benefit the whole community.

The tutoring case has mainly included plannin. There has been a discussion with LUT about the organization and responsibilities of tutoring next year. LTKY’s will would be to be more involved and responsible in the tutor training process.
Was it worth it? Well absolutely. During LTKY’s board year, I have learned a tremendous amount of concrete and useful skills needed in working life. Epic memories, experiences and new friends have also been a nice plus.

Senni Auvinen

Senni Auvinen

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