Exchange students

As a member of the Student Union you are entitled to a Finnish student card. This card offers you a variety of benefits locally and nationwide. For more information about the benefits, please check Frank’s website.

As an exchange student at the LUT University you are entitled to several student benefits. These benefits include, for example:

  • Student discounted lunch
  • 45%-55% discount on long distance bus and train tickets
  • Advocacy and consultation services from LTKY
  • Member services
  • Many other benefits and discounts

Paying the Student Union membership fee

In order to gain these benefits, you need to become a member of the Student Union (LTKY) by paying our membership fee and then ordering a Student Card.

The membership fee of the Student Union for students is 74 € for the whole academic year 2021–2022 or 42 € for the autumn semester 2021 or the spring semester 2022.

Notice! Grant the permission for the student union to access your information from the Student information management system Sisu. Only by allowing us to access your information, you will be able to use our services fully.

Please e-mail [email protected] for further questions. 

Ordering the student card online

After paying the membership fee, you can apply for a student card at You can choose between 2 options:

  1. Plastic student card (sent to your home address in Finland) 
  2. Frank app, possible for Android and Apple phones.

Ordering can be done only online, at Frank’s website. You need a digital photo of yourself to order the card. When filling in the application form you should write down your personal information with exactly the same facts you have informed the University with. You also need to fill in your Finnish student number given by the University when ordering your student card. Remember to make the notification of change of address when you are in Finland!

It is recommended to pay the fee for the card online during the ordering process with a credit card or from a Finnish e-bank account.


LTKY promotes the interests of students in the university and at the local level. The advocacy work of the student union includes educational matters, livelihood, housing, social welfare as well as international affairs. The main tasks of the student unions are defined in the Finnish law, and LTKY appoints the student representatives to the university administration and faculties. As many of these boards and working groups use Finnish as their working language, LTKY has established an International Committee to improve international students’ opportunities to decision-making.

LTKY is a member of SYL, The National Union of University Students in Finland, which leads the advocacy work at the national level.


Guilds are independent, registered associations. The members of the guilds are always students of a certain LUT University degree program. They pursue the interests of the students in their degree program and provide them with a variety of leisure activities. More information about the guilds.


ESN Lappeenranta is the local section at Lappeenranta as part of Erasmus Student Network. ESN works under the principle of students helping students.

ESN Lappeenranta organizes different events and free-time activities for everyone. These activities include trips, parties, culture exchanges and other events. Their main mission is to develop exchange student experiences locally and to provide the best possible exchange periods for students in Lappeenranta, introducing them to Finnish culture, food and traditions.

Anyone can join ESN Lappeenranta and the membership is only 12€ a year. The membership card gives you access to all the discounts offered by our section, ESN and our partners, all over Europe! Read more about the ESN and check their Facebook