Aalef Ltd

Aalef Ltd is a student owned company that provides services specifically for students, but also companies in Etelä-Karjala. LTKY owns 29 of Aalefs 31 shares. The other shareholders of the company are the Student Union of LAB University of applied sciences KOE and Lappeenranta Region Student Housing LOAS with one share each.

Aalef Ltd provides e.g. lunch and bookstore services for  students on the campus. The best meals of the campus area can be found from Aalef’s restaurants in the student union building and Laseri in Technopolis. Both restaurants offer tasty and affordable student lunches with weekly changing menus. You can check the menus at http://aalef.fi/.

The Aalef kiosk is located in the main building of LUT Lappeenranta campus, and there you can find e.g. lecture notes, study tools, as well as small snacks and coffee. The kiosk also sells LUT materials such as shirts, overall tags, stickers, slippers and ties.

The Finance Committee of LTKY, which is under the Board of LTKY, is responsible for the corporate governance of Aalef and the Representative Council acts as the supreme decision-making body regarding Aalef issues. In addition, Aalef’s board also has two student representatives. The  season of student representatives takes one year and new representatives are decided in LTKY’s council meeting in Spring. Student representatives bring the students’ voice to decision-making, and they also communicate and organize events to students.