Student card

For student discounts, a student card with a valid academic year sticker is required. Student must order a new card from Student cards already in use must be updated with a new sticker. You can get the academic year sticker from the LTKY office.

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New Card

The student card can be ordered from the website You can order a regular student card or a student card with a payment feature. You can also add an international ISIC student card to the payment card.

The student card comes to the home address provided when ordering. The academic year sticker for the student card is picked up from the student union office.

General notes on ordering and delivering the card:

  • The card is already paid in connection with the order via online banking or with a credit card.
  • A successful order will be immediately be confirmed by email. If you don’t get this, check your order!
  • Please check the spelling of your name. If your name is spelled differently in WebOodi/Sisu and Frank, your order verification will not work.
  • Choose and crop the image carefully; an image that is too light or poorly cropped will be discarded when ordering.
  • The delivery time of the cards is about 2-3 weeks, during peak hours a little more.
  • To order a regular card, you need your student number. For a payment feature card, the student number is verified electronically. You can check the student number from the university, the student union or check it yourself from WebOodi starting from August.

Frank App

You can easily download the Frank App for smartphones from the App Store or the Google Play Store. The electronic student card in the Frank App works like a traditional student card, but travels with you conveniently on the phone.

You can also order a plastic student card from Frank’s website ( You can also order an ISIC combination card from Frank’s website, which entitles you to many student discounts abroad as well. NOTE! An international ISIC student card ordered from ISIC Finland’s website without a combination feature does not entitle Kela meal support, VR or Matkahuolto discounts in Finland.


Frank is owned by a Swedish marketing technology company Mecenat AB. Mecenat provides students’ and student organization’s similar services in Sweden like Frank does in Finland. Frank negotiates the best deals with companies that interest students and aggregates these benefits into his online service. In addition, Frank produces a nationwide student card with payment features in cooperation with Danske Bank.

Frank will give you tips on the monetary benefits of student life in his front-end service, where you can find all the student benefits of Finland under one website. All student benefits agreed upon by Frank are also available to LTKY members.

So step into the students’ own benefit service and get to know your student benefits!

If there are any problems with the ordering and policies of the cards themselves, the staff of the Student Union Office will assist you.


Update Card

To receive an academic year sticker, you must first pay the student union membership fee and register as an attending student. The easiest way to do this is in Sisu. In Sisu, you can handle both payment and registration at once. Remember to also give permission in Sisu for the student card database to use your information, in order to get a working student card.

Once you have paid the membership fee and registered as a student present, you can get a sticker on your student card from the Student Union office. LTKY office is located in student union building in Lappeenranta and in Lahti you can collect the sticker from the office of KOE student union. You need the student card with you. The sticker must not be removed, but will be affixed to the card by the student union staff. However, you can scratch off an already old sticker because the sticker is glued to a blank card surface.

If you are unable to apply for the academic year sticker yourself, send your student card and a return envelope with a stamp to the Student Union, and we will return the student card with the sticker to you.

Address: LTKY, Laserkatu 10, 53850 Lappeenranta

Each posting of the card is at the student’s own risk.

You can also authorize another person to apply for the school year sticker on your student card. The person must be accompanied by a student card to which the sticker is affixed, as well as a free-form power of attorney OR a membership fee receipt as proof.

NB! The sticker is only given on the student card of the Student Union of Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Student Discounts


LTKY offers its members numerous student discounts. All benefits and discounts require the presentation of a nationwide student card. To receive the benefit, present a valid student card when purchasing or ordering.

With a valid student card, students receive discounts both locally and nationally. In Lappeenranta public transport, students receive a discount on both value and season ticket prices. The easiest way to find out more about nationwide student discounts is through the Frank service.


Long-distance buses receive a 50% discount on the ticket price, as long as the distance in one direction is at least 80 km.

There are two student-priced tickets in Lappeenranta’s internal public transport. Both can only be purchased by students registered in Lappeenranta. It is now possible to obtain both a city card and a serial card on campus from Aalef’s Our Kiosk. More information on local transport prices can be found here.

Matkahuolto sells students a PREPAID22 annual ticket package, where you can read more here. You can find more about Matkahuolto’s student discounts here. You can read about VR’s student discounts here.

If you wish, you can also obtain an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). With the help of KILROY Travels and other travel agencies that organize youth trips, you can get low-cost airline tickets up to the age of 33. For more information on KILROY tickets and the international student card, contact KILROY Travels.


When can I order a new student card?

As a new student, you can order a student card from 1.8. onward. Your student card application will proceed when your information has been entered into our university register and when your membership fee appears to have been paid to us. It takes 3-4 weeks to complete the student card. For example, you are entitled to student discounts from VR and Matkahuolto from the beginning of the academic year in which your studies begin. The school year always starts on August 1st.

How can I get student discounts in the meantime?

Student status can be proven with a digital student card. You can download VR’s temporary certificate to receive a student discount here.

I am a postgraduate student. What are the benefits of joining a student union and obtaining a postgraduate student card?

Postgraduate student membership entitles you to the same benefits as undergraduate student membership when it comes to the student union’s own services. These benefits include e.g. education and social policy lobbying and the student union’s hobby activities: student union building activities, sports services and various excursions and events. A student union member can also rent student union premises at affordable membership prices.

The postgraduate student card can be used to obtain discounts from some local companies, but VR and Matkahuolto do not grant student discounts on their own services to postgraduate students. Kela’s meal allowance is also intended only for undergraduate students. As of 1 August 2009, postgraduate students are no longer entitled to FSHS services, and the student union’s postgraduate student membership fee therefore does not include the FSHS fee either.

The membership fee for a postgraduate student’s student union is € 20 per academic year.

How long is the previous label valid?

Labels for the entire academic year and the spring semester are valid in student restaurants, trains and buses until the end of September and at FSHS until the end of July. The autumn sticker, on the other hand, is valid in student restaurants, trains, buses until the end of January and at FSHS until the end of December.