Services for students

Members of LTKY are entitled to use services offered by the student union. We offer everything from student advocacy to renting facilities and office services. In this page we tell more about the variety of services that LTKY offers.

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Supervision of interests

One of the most important tasks of ours is to drive benefits of our members. LTKY make advocacy work both locally and nationally. You can read more about lobbying via the link below.



Downstairs of the Student Union building is a bookable space known as “Kellari”. The basement and sauna facilities connected to it serve to a very wide range of uses and occasions and LTKY’s members will be able to rent the basement at the lowest prices.


Office services

LTKY offers several services in Lappeenranta and we are actively expanding our services in Lahti campus too. At the moment our office services in Lahti are located in same premises with KOE student union. 

Our members are welcome to our office for a cup of coffee or tea. We don’t offer option for take away, the coffee is meant to enjoy at our cozy office.

You can get year tag for your student card from our office. You need to have your student card with you when collecting the year tag.

We have copy machine in our office that our members can use. Black and white copy is 0,10€/page and color copy 0,20€/page

Several magazines are ordered to our office and anyone can read these for free.

You can borrow board games from our office for free, student card will be used as a deposit. 

Alcohol meter can be during office’s opening hours and it costs 1 €/use. 

Borrowing thermos boxes and bottles is free for members. You can book these by contacting the member service secretary. Booked items can be collected from our office. We have two thermos boxes, two small thermos bottles and two larger bottles. 

Trailer rental costs for LTKY members 5 €/day and weekend Fri-Sun 10€. Rental for non-members is 15 €/day and weekend Fri-Sun 30€.

Return on the next working day no later than 12:00, if the key is not returned on the agreed day, an additional fee of 25 €/day will be charged.

Payment is made when the key is picked up at the office, either in cash or by card.

Songbook for sitz parties and annual celebrations costs 5 € and you can purchase it from our office.

We sell overall badges, LTKY member pins and LTKY’s ribbons for annual celebrations.

You can by for example LTKY’n lanyards and ear-savers to use with face masks. 


Harassment contact person

The student union’s harassment contact person supports and advises students who have faced encountered harassment. Harassment contact person is bound by the confidentiality obligation. You can contct the harassment contact person via e-mailing [email protected] or via phone; +358 44 293 8825.


Teekkari cap

LTKY organizes the ordering of teekkari caps, but every student has to make sure themselves, that they have ordered and payed their caps. Teekkaricaps are delivered to current academic year’s freshmen at Wappu.


Exam archive

LTKY has an Exam archive, from which you can find old exams of a specific course to help you study.

Eri alojen haalareita kävelemässä kadulla


LTKY communicates and informs its members every day via different channels with important topics. Communication is mostly done by LTKY’s communicator and board member responsible of communications.

LTKY has active social media channels Instagram and Facebook, and we also send a newsletter via email. 

For students in Lappeenranta our newsletter is sent to those who give student union the permission to handle their information in SISU. The newsletter will be sent to the student email address. The newsletter is sent every other Wednesday.

If you don’t want to give the student email address, you can subscribe on the newsletter here. 

The messaging application Telegram is used in the announcing of student events in Skinnarila in Lappeenranta. You can join Telegram’s “Skinnarila Student Events” information channel here!

For students in Lahti we have an informative Facebook group and a newsletter, that is sent once a month, on the first Wednesday of a month. You can subscribe on this newsletter here.

If you have something you’d like to share to our members, contact our communication specialist via email [email protected]

Feedback on our communication can be sent via our feedback form or via our social media channels! 


Other services

LTKY offers other services, which you can find information about below. Don’t hesitate to visit us or e-mail us, if you have any questions!

We want to serve our students as well as possible, and we are here to help you with all your questions. You can ask us via our social media, email, phone and also by visiting our office. Welcome!

For us, it’s important that we can develop our services. We encourage you to give us feedback regarding both our and university’s services and actions. This way we can develop our activity and also give the feedback forward to people responsible for it. The easiest way to give feedback is via our feedback form.

LTKY owns two golf shares for Golf Club Viipuri Golf to fields Etelä-Saimaa Golf and Kahilanniemi. Golf shares are for student union members to use. Introductions for golf shares using are presented below:

-Go to and reserve share there.

-After reserving the share from LTKY shop, reverse the time for the game from VG’s Caddiemaster via phone or e-mail.

-When arriving to the field, you can confirm your arrive via phone without going to talk to Caddiemaster.

The caddiemaster can be reached by phone number 0600 95 630 (0,30 €/min + local network fee/mobile phone payment) and by e-mail from the address [email protected] More information about Viipuri Golf can be found from their website