Hobby associations

Many different hobby and leisure associations work with LTKY for the well-being of students. These associations are members or special status members in LTKY’s list of associations.

Guide for establishing an association


ActI ry


ActI provides an opportunity for self-realization and self-development, both on stage and in other activities related to theatrical art.
ESN Lappeenranta ry

ESN Lappeenranta

Local section of Erasmus Student Network at Lappeenranta. Organizes trips and parties and a channel to take part in the Finnish student life.
Lappeenrannan teekkarireserviläiset ry


Association for Finnish military reservists to maintain patriotic spirit and military skills among students.

LUT Invest

Offers university students interested in investing and the financial sector the opportunity to network and develop their own expertise in investing in a versatile way, regardless of their starting situation


NESU Association at Lappeenranta. http://www.enklaavi.fi/nesu/


Maintains student culture, organizes events and publishes “Hässi”-magazine.


Promoting students’ live music activities and renting performance technology for student events.