Unfortunately, the coronavirus still affects the lives of students, and that’s why we have to organize our Wappu as remoteWappu. We’ve managed to maintain many traditional Wappu events for this year as well, but unfortunately we’ll have to postpone freshmen baptism until next fall. The new date of baptism is August 29th 2021, if the future situation allows it.

However, there is no need to mourn too much remote Wappu, because again this year Finland’s longest Wappu will take over Lappeenranta, Lahti and practically the whole of Finland’s remote Wappu.

There is a program for every day of Wappu that everyone can participate in. Even traditional perch can participate in the eCampus Discord and watch until sunrise while listening to limping jokes.

If you want your event to be visible in the Wappu program, please contact us by e-mail [email protected]

We would like to point out that schedules and programs are subject to change and will be updated as more detailed information becomes available.

13.4. Tuesday

Finland’s longest Wappu will be started this year from a secret location, so it’s worth looking LTKY’s social media up and following Norpparadio. Wappu Starts at traditional time at 12 p.m.

14.4. Wednesday

Are you tired of life only revolving around your studies? Looking for something fun to do? If you answered yes, save the date!!
We’re bringing you the Spirit of the Pirates of the Baltic Sea event! The event will consist of different tasks to be completed during the day and you can participate from wherever you are. The exact schedule and tasks will be published on this page closer to the event, but you can already start preparing by gathering all the possible pirate costume and other pirate related items you can find. You can also start looking for 1-2 friends to team up with! Re-watching your favorite pirate movies is a good idea, too. 
What: Fun activities
When: 14.4.
Where: Anywhere!
Tickets: 0€, sign up TBA
See the Facebook event from here!

15.4. Thursday

For the 2021 distance-wappu there is to be expected the best thing one can do in front of a computer, video games of course. Come play alone or with your friends to play your favourite games or try something new, you will certainly find people to play with.

Games and gamers are found all sorts. From rally racing to drawing contests and CS:GO to minesweeper. Gamers are expected from semi-pro to total n00bs.

Here are all the games to be played at the event: Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead 2, Dota 2, League of Legends, Dirt Rally 2, Apex legends, Rocket League, Among Us, No Man’s Sky, Civilization, Scribbl and many others.

To join the fun, you’ll need a pc, a microphone and the games you want to play. We hope you make sure beforehand that the games you want to play are installed and up to date.

The event begins at 17:00 E-campus/lagfest in Discord server. See you there!

See the Facebook event here!

16.4. Friday

LAB UAS’ Lappeenranta campus student associations LaKOSTE, LapIO, LaGeR, LaKu sekä LapTOp will be arranging the most awesome sitz-event! The event will be arranged at Discord-channel dedicated for the event! Theme will be FESTIVAL! Take out your dusted festival-outfit and come enjoy part of all the lost experiences!
This events only held in Finnish!
WHAT: LABfest sitz
WHERE: Event’s Discord-channel
WHEN: 16 April 2021
TO WHOM: To everyone
DC: Overalls & festival
COSTS: 10 € without food, 13 € with food
See the Facebook event from here!

17.4. Saturday

Do you long for an adventure, but going outside is not an option? Are you a natural problem solver? If your answer is yes, participate in Wamazing Race!
The adventure-reality Amazing Race took its competitors around the globe and challenged them with various tasks and problems, rewarding them with instructions to continuing after successfully carrying out the task. Sadly, this race won’t reward winners with US$1 million, but there will be rewards for the best!
Instead of the world’s continents, this race takes you through LUT-themed internet pages, questions and problems. The quiz takes approximately one hour to complete, and the competitors have two days to find suitable time frame to complete it. Even though finishing the race is your main objective, this competition is against time, so tune your brain to quiz frequency! Link to the answer form will be added to this page when the race starts.
In the spirit of original Amazing Race, competing in groups of 2-4 people is also permitted if soloing isn’t your thing. Remember to follow the corona instructions in any case.
At the end of the form competitors can add a picture of their way of celebrating remote wappu. A slideshow of the pictures will be posted in this page alongside the announcing of winners.
WHAT: Wamazing Race, www-quiz
WHERE: On the internet, with your device of choice
WHEN: From 17.4. 00.01 to 18.4. 23.59
WHY: Because we love fun ‘n games
See the Facebook event from here!

18.4. Sunday

Remote Wappu #2 is coming! Are you mentally ready or already fed up with this? Do you miss those hearty sitz-songs and worse and worse speeches between songs or do you just want to get a new experience? Don’t worry because Kulttuurijaosto will bring new event to the Skinnarila remote Wappu on Sunday 18.4.2021 at 16.00: a Balcony sitz party! So let’s belt out our songs from Karelia and hear whole lappeen Ranta ringing, or at least the Skinnarila VapaaValtio so tag along!
The event will be carried out from the balconies within gathering restrictions (max 6 persons/balcony) of the participants and via eCampus discord-server. The event is free to all participants but the organizer is not responsible for participants food or drinks.
Discorc-server of eCampus: https://discord.gg/MtuPEUv5
WHAT: Balcony sitz party
WHERE: At your balcony and on eCampus Discord-server
WHEN: Sunday 18.4.2021 at 16.00 o’clock
WHY: Fresh air, sitz songs and because you would not go to the morning lecture of Monday

See the Facebook event from here!

19.4. Monday

In the spirit on Marathon Monday, the best beer pong players in Skinnarila will be declared on Monday the 19th. The event will be carried out via eCampus discord-server. The official rules found from the facebook event (with minor alternations) will be followed. Teams of two do the actual playing and the gathering restrictions must be followed (max 6 persons per company). Signups via the form on the facebook event on Saturday the 17th 9pm at the latest. Limited spots so act fast, the signing up form is open from Wednesday the 14th at noon. To participate, you will need a table, cups and balls, and most importantly a working internet connection and a mobile device to keep you connected.

WHAT: Beer Pong remote tournament

WHEN: Monaday the 19th at 6 pm

WHERE: eCampus Discord

WHY: Because the champion of 2021 must be declared

HOW MUCH: Nothing at all

See the Facebook event from here!

20.4. Tuesday

This year, we will have to hold slightly different Freshman Challenges due to corona restrictions. Within the corona restrictions, one would compete in a few people’s microgroups, and spend a fun day doing whimsical challenges. The to-do list will be published on the morning of Freshman Challenges Day.

See the Facebook event from here!

21.4. Wednesday

100 minutes. 1 shot glass. Only the tuffest ones will survive. It is, the legendary minutebeersaunis! If enjoying beverages is not your thing, or you have to take a break from minutebeer, there will be program and competitions during the evening, for example Kaalimato.com sponsored Bingo!! You can find more info in the Facebook event.

22.4. Thursday

Our own rectors Juhis and Turo arrive at 2pm to  the Discord to answer the burning questions of the day.

Link to Discord: https://discord.gg/643TCk93Bp

Is quarantine already starting to be too much? Do you feel like you need some entertainment in your life? Or maybe you just want to do something unusual? Whatever your reason, you should (definitely) come  to the remote sitz, UnderdunderTheTable!

In addition to the usual sitzing and singing, we also organize various competitions and games to see whose head lasts the longest under the table.

See the Facebook event from here!

23.4. Friday

The Lounge Party is here again! Because of the pandemic the event this year is held online on Lappeenranta’s and Lahti’s hottest Discord server on 23.4. in 16-20 pm. If you haven’t found yourself from the eCampus already you can join there via this link: discord.com/invite/qrVppX3 There will be some easy-going chatting and some activities. On the Discord’s game rooms you can play Geoguesser, Among Us and Skribblio games for example. In BP room you can challenge your study friends to see who has shaky hands and who is the king of the beer pong table. In the main room we will have a Pub Quiz with a prize for the winner, DILDOBINGO sponsored by Kaalimato with even greater awards and on top of that we have two beer yogas planned as well. You can participate in the party with yourself or with a small group of people (max. 6). Participating in the event requires complying with corona instructions.
If you find any difficulties with Discord during your night, one of our fine folks Saul will help you with IT problems 16-19 pm. There is no problem too small to ask help for so don’t be shy we are happy to help!
To get you all started and in Lounge Party’s amazing atmosphere we have made Lounge Party Box! You can order yours to 1-6 people via kide.app. The ways to get your box are reclaim (0€) or mail (1,80€) Lounge Party Box costs 7€ for one person and every person after that costs 1,5€ more. The Lounge Party Box includes Wolt gift card (6€), overalls badge, bingo card and a small surprise Sale is 8-15.4 and there are boxes for only 120 people so you better act quick!
WHAT: Lounge party
WHERE: at eCampus
WHEN: 23.4. 16.00 –>
WHY: No need for explanation
WHAT COSTS: Big shout out to partybox
See the Facebook event from here!

24.4. Saturday

This event is held in Finnish.
It is the time of year to celebrate the first of May. Armatuuri guild organizes Skinnarila’s best Sits Party to celebrate May day. Unfortunately, due to ongoing circumstances, this event is set in home. Registration takes place via kide.app and the first 100 to register, have a change to pick a free overall badge. Gather your friends (maximum of six), serve yourself nice beverages and have a rollicking evening. Please strictly follow eksote’s covid-19 recommendations: https://www.eksote.fi/Koronavi…/inenglish/Sivut/default.aspx
WHAT: Sits Party
WHEN: 24.4.at 15:00->
DC: Overalls + WAPPU
ENTRANCE: Kide.app 10.4. at 14:00 – 23.4. 23:55 https://kide.app/events/e2d32e49-1396-427e-97ef-b7b1e0bedfb9
See the Facebook event from here!

25.4. Sunday

The day after remote wappusits it is time to relax for a momet with wappusillis. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are unable to have a traditional sillis at kellari, so we are going to chill at home. Sillis is not about the time or place, it is a state of mind. We have gathered the most important aspects of wappusillis on a bingosheet. These can be done at your own pace, alone or with a friend (keeping the gathering restrictions in mind). If you want, you can post your wappusillis pictures on social media with the hashtag #wappuchillis and you can also tag @ketekry in them. The bingosheet is published on KeTeKs instagram on Sunday.
What: Take it easy and chill the day in the spirit of sillis
Where: Where ever you are!
Why: It is good to take a break sometimes!

26.4. Monday

Welcome to the joint remote sitz of LaKOSTE ry and Sätky ry! The best sitz of the spring are picked up remotely and you can participate via the event link!
Traditional Sitz songs, games and competitions are promised, and the lucky ones will receive amazing prizes!

WHAT? LaKOSTE and Sätky's joint remotesitz!
WHERE? Remotely at the eCampus discord
WHEN? Monday, April 26th, 2021 at 6 p.m.
TO WHOM? Everyone is welcome! The event is free.
DC? Overalls as well as something green!

27.4. Tuesday

As the summer closes in and wappu has taken over it’s time to enjoy Lappeenranta fully and go on a treasure hunt! So go to the streets of the city and Skinnarila by yourself or with a couple of friends on a search to collect the most checkpoints.

The checkpoints have tasks and instructions on paper that the hunters get to complete on their own to gather points. The greatest hunters are rewarded with unimaginable wealth and power! Well not really, but with something at least.

The hunt’s checkpoints have been scattered throughout and you’ll have the entire day to find them so that everyone can hunt safely and at their own pace.

The participants will get a map which will have clues for the locations of the checkpoints. While searching for the checkpoints please remember the current gathering limits and keep a safe distance if there happens to be other hunters on the same checkpoint.

The event will last the entire day. Happy hunting!

See the Facebook event from here!

28.4. Wednesday

More details will be provided later.

29.4. Thursday

More details will be provided later.

30.4. Friday

More details will be provided later.

Finlands longest wappu culminates to the midnight festivities. Before that, however, we have a great and spectacular show for all of your enjoyment when Late-duo along with a few exciting variables takes the stage. It is streamed and completely free of charge! Afterwards the wappu-celebrations continue in the eCampus discord channel

Link to eCampus discord: https://discord.gg/643TCk93Bp

Link to stream: comming soon

1.5. Saturday

The annual Wappu Day picnic is held remotely and traditional prizes are awarded at the picnic.

2.5. Sunday

Traditionally, only Skinnarila has been cleaned up after the waves of Wappu, but this year LTKY is taking a model of LUT’s strategies and spreading around Finland to clean it up. No matter where in Finland you live – put on your overalls and cap, take some garbage bags with you and start cleaning up the garbage out of nature!