Finland’s longest Wappu is here again! Wappu starts with Wappu opening ceremony on March 28, and lasts a whopping 36 days 🥳 Spectrum of Wappu events is wide, and there are events and things to do every day during Wappu.

Many traditional Wappu events have been included in the Wappu program. In the traditional baptism of Teekkaris and Kylteris the freshers will slide into the chills of Saimaa on April 30th.

In addition, fresher points are also available at many Wappu events! Events that provide a point are easily identified in the program by the ⭐ -symbol.

If you want your event to be visible in the Wappu program, please contact us by e-mail [email protected]

We would like to point out that schedules and programs are subject to change and will be updated as more detailed information becomes available.

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28.3. Tuesday

LTKY’s culture manager announces the Wappu to begin from the roof of the Student Union building with seremonial celebratings.

Facebook event here

Freshman point: Announcing of the Wappu mayhem

The great Wappu has been opened, Hässi-magazine has been published. It is time to begin celebrating the longest Wappu in the universe immediately. No one can wait for the bar to open only in the evening, so let’s start to have fun right during the day!

29.3. Wednesday

Possibility to buy overall patches from every guild and club, and change to stay to sew them together.


30.3. Thursday

Erotic themed bar party. There will be dancers during the night. 


31.3. Friday

A joyful one-day bus trip to Lahti and back! Visiting the Mukkula campus, sitzs party at the Lahti market square and visiting local drinking holes. Tickets are 5€ and you can buy them at LTKY’s online shop. 

Facebook event here

Freshman point: Excursion

1.4. Saturday

ESN will be hosting an info session for international and exchange student on “How to Wappu”. Other student guilds will also be presenting their Wappu activities

Fresher point: ESN-point

2.4. Sunday

Techmu is organizing a rave to celebrate its 25th anniversary. You can expect rare underground vibes with different genres of machine music composed by different DJs. Bring your stomping shoes and come enjoy the best raves ever at the university!

Parliamentary election day!

LTKY organizes election party for students in the student union building’s auditorium in Lappeenranta on Sunday 2 April at 19:00.
In this event we follow the results of the parliamentary elections live as the votes are counted. In addition to a thrilling atmosphere, we will offer some snacks. 

3.4. Monday

Guild-olympics CS:GO semi-finals and finals organized as a LAN-tournament with live viewership possibility in the student union house basement.

Fresher point: Guild olympics

Cluster ry

4.4. Tuesday

During this traditional excursion we will not bore you with company visits. Hop on to the excursion bus for a journey around the Lappeenranta home district. 

The event is open for all students. 

Kaplaaki ry

KeTeK is throwing an antique rome themed sitz party. Come sitz wearing a toga!

Fresher point: Sitz 

Ketek ry

5.4. Wednesday

Again, it’s time for fresher to dabble in throwing themselves in team spirit and creativity! Fresher tasks start from Lappeenranta harbor market at 16:00. The task is to assemble a team of 4-6 people and go around the checkpoints of the Guilds, clubs and subject organizations in Lappeenranta city center and Skinnarila. Ask your Fresher Captain for a map and a point checklist, where checkpoint managers can reward your team based on your performance! At the end of the evening, return the checklists to the Fresher Captain to find the winning team. The winning team will be announced on April 29th at the Saunayö-festival.

The checkpoints in the city center are open from 16:00 to 19:00 and the checkpoints at Skinnarila from 18:30 to 22:00.

WHAT: Freshers taskrace
WHERE: In the center of Lappeenranta and Skinnarila
WHEN: 5.4. at 16:00 – 22:00

Come to dance under the hot lights of the Gemmi together with other freshmen!! This party crowns the evening at the end of completing the freshman assignments!

Fresher point: Fresher tasks

Enklaavi ry

6.4. Thursday

ESN will be hosting an International ReMix event in Kellari where participants submit songs from their country to party to! 

Fresher point: Sitz

ESN Lappeenranta ry

Join us to Pöhinä Sauna which is organized by LUTES and will be kept in Vierula. At the event you have a chance to enjoy free Wappu-drinks, delicious food and the warmth of Sauna near Saimaa from 2 pm.

7.4. Friday

Grilliseura is doing something sketchy. 

KRK and Armatuuri organise barn dances. There will be live music to get you in dance mood.

Krk ry

8.4. Saturday

It is once again time for the traditional Wappusitsit!

Armatuuri organized Wappusitsit are at the parking space of the LAB- AMK with the theme of Wappupiknik! So bring a blanket, camp chair or any other sitting device with ya! Also remember to dress according to the days weather. Take a buddy with ya, that can be your mom or your cousin or a friend’s boyfriend’s cat’s veterinarian’s long lost brother!

Fresher point: Sitz

9.4. Sunday

The campfires are blazing every night but this is one you don’t want to miss! Tesseract is serving pancakes and good company the entire evening. 

Fresher point: Campfire

10.4. Monday

More information coming shortly. 


LapTOp organizes a hip hop party in the basement of the student union building. There will be a full evening of both Finnish and foreign hip hop, ranging from modern trap to UK drill to older American hip hop, etc. 


11.4. Tuesday

PMM ry is organizing SVV Wapu’s toughest live-gigs. There are 5 wild metal bands on the stage. There is a sauna at the event.

DC: Overalls and/or Black +Earplugs

Fresher point: Black Wappu

Quinta is organizing its first international event this wappu in the form of a picnic-tasting. Come and try out the best wappu wines, with or without bubbles! 

Quinta Logo 2022

12.4. Wednesday

Don’t let Wappu get in the way of your success in studies, but come to an alcohol-free exercise group hosted by Lateksii to do your assignments before leaving for Wipellys! You might get a surprise reward for a returned task. 
Lateksii ry
Willimiehen Wipellys is here again organized by SC Lötköt! Gather your friends and come enjoy Wappu and bar hopping in the center of lappeen Ranta. 
Fresher point: Wipellys

13.4. Thursday

Join the IDEARACE final audience! There you will see a great pitching competition which will end in awarding the winners with the 5000 € grand prizes. After the classes, you can hear the inspirative thoughts of Nora Fagerström, the founder of Jungle Juice Bar. After the final, you can attend the After Work at Teerenpeli. The first 120 attendees in the final event will get a free drink ticket to the After Work, so make sure to be early at the event!

The event will start at 1 p.m. at Lappeenranta City Theatre, find more information here!

KeTeK, Lateksii and Sätky are organizing the traditional Wappusillis together!

Lateksii rySätky ry logoKetek ry

14.4. Friday

KOE organizes finnish baseball tournament, where guilds compete agaist each other.


Join LAKOSTE’s traditional On The Road event to tour regional bars and drinking holes by bus! After the tour party will continue in the Basement afterparty with LaGer. 


LaGeR organize sitz, the theme will be published later, after party together with ON the road- event.

Freher point: Sitz


15.4. Saturday

Teekkarilaulajat choir celebrates their 40-year-old journey by holding an amazing concert. The concert is held at Viipuri-sali 15th of April. The concert repertoire is broad. You can find classical Finnish choir arrangements, beautiful masterpieces written by talented lyricists and music by foreign composers. The choir’s leaders are Jukka Lind and Seppo Äikäs. The concert is great way to introduce yourself to the traditional Karelian teekkari culture through music. You don’t want to miss this concert!

WHAT: Teekkarilaulajat’s 40-year-old Anniversary concert
WHERE: Viipuri-sali
WHEN: 15.4.2023
WHY: Music makes Wappu

Fresher point: Resonanssi/Teekkarilaulajat

16.4. Sunday

Join KuJa at Skinnarila campfire to sing and come hang out with others. You will need a good mindset and remember to have fun! 

Fresher point: Campfire

17.4. Monday

18.4. Tuesday

KujaQuiz is here again for Wappu!

Come and challenge yourself with tricky questions on 18.4. at Cafe Bar G at 19.00. Gather your tean or compete on your own, but remember to bring your own pen! Come as you are but come early, the enrollment closes at 18:55.

Fresher point: KuJa Quiz

19.4. Wednesday

Traditional Loungeparty comes (tirsk) again! In this event held on 19.4. you get to chill and relax with your old and new friends starting at 16 o’clock in Kellari. You can play board games, BeerPong and bingo, take part in a pub quiz, stretch your joints in beer yoga and fish for surprise prizes. During the event you can buy food and drinks and the saunas will be warm. Tickets cost 4 € with an overall badge and 3 € without one. The overall badge is available for the first hundred (100). Ticket sale starts 12.4. at 2 pm in

Loungeparty has a preparty at TEK-Lounge at 14-16 o’clock. There you can enjoy free traditional Wappu doughnuts and mead sponsored by TEK! You can also play board games and videogames there. The preparty is open and free for all! 

Facebook event here

Pelletti ry

For the first time ever, Sätky is organising a student frisbeegolf tournament with the local frisbeegolf club WDG! Welcome to compete to see who has the toughest hand in Skinnarila for Sorkki’s frisbeegolf lane. You can also participate in the event without competitive mindset, but the best will of course be rewarded.

Let’s keep the event alcohol-free.

Sätky ry logo

20.4. Thursday

LaTeRes organizes sits somewhere in Skinnarila’s forest. 

Fresher point: Sitz

Lappeenrannan teekkarireserviläiset ry

The Great Excursion club of Skinnarila (SSK) organizes one of a kind simulation experience where participants get to enjoy the loved excursion vibes safely within the borders of SVV.

Fresher point: Excursio

21.4. Friday

Do you need more training in mölkky for next summer’s family cabin olympics? Is padel a mystery or are you already a master? Maybe frisbe golf could be your thing?

Join us to play, hang out and to enjoy spring air in a relaxed atmosphere at Schwäbisch Hall, which is the park next to the campfire. Event includes fun times, sausages and above all, the ourdoor games! Mölkky, basketball, padel – you name it, we have it! You can also take your own fresbes, ball or twister if you feel like it. The main idea is to have fun time together an enjoy the (nice) wappu weather 🤗

So come and join us for games or just to hang out! Bring your own squad or just yourself for a chance to meet new people. The event is free and it is organised by Tetra ry. Btw, this is a perfect chance to get those sweatpants from the 80s out of the closet and use them how they were intended to 😉

Sitz in G bar? Of course! Sätky organizes traditional sitz in our lovely G bar where you might end up under the tabel for unrelated reasons…

Fresher point: Sitz

Sätky ry logo

22.4. Saturday

Welcome to the Sitz concert by Resonanssi choir! Experience the Finnish sitz culture on a new level, at this party we’ll do the singing and you just enjoy (or not). Helan går and Mellan sup, see you at the concert!
Fresher point: Resonanssi/Teekkarilaulajat

FinnHits – The best party of the spring is here once again!

Come and enjoy some live music and the greatest Finnish hits of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Use your imagination and put on the most nostalgic clothes you have.

More information coming shortly. 

Fresher point: FinnHits

23.4. Sunday

KRuisinKi arrives again!

It is a free and open event for everyone in the centre of Lappeenranta. Come and show your skills behind the wheel and prove yourself as the winner of the most valuable race of the year.

In the downhill competition you can drive in two different categories.

1) General series. Use KRK ready made cars.
2) Repair series. Build your own carwithin the rules.

Participation in the event is completely free and everyone from baby to grandpa is welcome.

Krk ry

Do you want to sing from the bottom of your heart, or is it annoying when our song book is full of songs you don’t know?
In the Basement of the Student Union House, Crocodile Gena’s birthday is celebrated with a singing triathlon where your vocal cords are put to the test. The pages of the song book PunaMusta are turned until they simply run out. The Singing Triathlon is a great opportunity to get to sing without the annoying cheers between songs and hear less often sung songs.
Freshers will complete a fresher singing exam in the event for a compulsory Singing Exam point. Freshman Captains will supervise the performances. In the exam, you must know Teekkarihymni and an optional song of your choice from Punamusta by heart. The exam is conducted in groups, so you don’t have to sing alone if you don’t want to!
WHERE: Basement of the Student Union House
WHEN: 23.4.2023 at 3:30 PM

Fresher point: Singing exam, Gena/Triathlon

24.4. Monday

Wine yoga outside guided, you have to bring your own wines and join the yoga.


Dear Teekkari, do you need a little bit of variety to sitz parties? Would you like to know what Kylteri sitz are like? Now is the time to get to know the sitz culture of Kylteris! 

Enklaavi and NESU-Enklaavi together organises a Kylteri Sitz for Teekkari students. This is the opportunity for Teekkari students to see what Kylteri Sitz are like! 

WHAT: Kylteri Sitz for Teekkari students
WHERE: Kellari, the basement of the University Union Building (Laserkatu 10)
WHEN: 24.4.2023 at 19:00
WHY: Teekkaris get to know what Kylteri Sitz are like
COSTS: 18€ 

AFTER PARTY: Kellari, open for everyone! 

Fresher point: Sitz

LaTeRes organizes anual wappu paintball during the day. 

Lappeenrannan teekkarireserviläiset ry

25.4. Tuesday

In MayDay-skill-competition there will be different kind of funny tasks to compete. The event will be in front of uni and is alcohol free.

At Radio Sitz the toastmaster will dictate the pace and you the place. Gather your friends to sitz in any place you like. Instructions can be heard from

Fresher point: Sitz

26.4. Wednesday

Video Games event hosted by Cluster and Ruut in the student union building basement. Fun little competitions and a variety of games. 

Cluster ry

LTKY and organizations paint their logos to the sidewalk of Punkkerimäki.

More information coming shortly. 

27.4. Thursday

Tesseract’s ‘Wappu Blastoff’ begins the final stretch to wappu! Come experience being transported to the outer rim of the kellari-galaxy. The event also offers the possibility for  you to participate in 🚀bingo!

More logo painting. 

28.4. Friday

More information coming shortly. 

More information coming shortly.

Enklaavi ry

29.4. Saturday

TeMu is organizing the traditional wappu event saunayö! A music festival that’s free to attend, an event you don’t want to miss. 

Fresher point: Sauna night

30.4. Sunday

On Wappu Eve, it is time to bring Finland’s longest Wappu to its end again! The crane statue will be given it’s own caps in Maria Square on April 30. At the same time, older students are allowed to put on their caps again and escort the freshers to the harbor for baptism.

What: Capping of the crane statue
Where: Maria Square
When: 30.4.

Maria Square and the journey to the harbor is a flat urban terrain. The walking distance is about 1.2 kilometers. 

Immediately after the capping, the crowd goes to harbour, where the slides are already waiting for freshers!

You must wear shoes if you attend the baptism!

In baptism, freshers descend slides into the water of Lake Saimaa, which is probably quite cold. There are two surface rescuers on duty to guard the safety of the baptism. If for one reason or another you are unable to perform baptism in the traditional way, please contact [email protected] Toilets can be found in the nearby restaurants on Maria Square and in the nearby Armada Shopping Center.

After the baptism the Teekkari Caps are distributed in the lobby of the Student Union Building at 15-17. Prepare to prove your identity and show a receipt of the purchase if asked.

Freshers are allowed to use their new caps at midnight after Teekkari hymn.

What: Freshers baptism
When: 30.4.


The traditional Wappu Eve Party is here again, where freshers are finally allowed to put on their well-deserved caps. The Wappu Eve Party will be held at the Student Union House and its parking lot on the 30th of April at 21-02.AND IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!
The party starts at 21 on the parking lot while the DJ hypes up the audience until the night gets dark. Before midnight the music will be paused, when the chosen teekkari-fresher of the year comes on stage to sing the teekkarihymn. At midnight after the teekkarihymn freshers are finally allowed to put their caps on (remember to bring your cap!).
PRO TIP! The Student Union House is serving food and drinks 21.30-01.00, so you don’t have to party hungry or thirsty! The way to Yolo is through the door on the side of Laserkatu.After midnight the partying continues, when the partyband Illansuu is there to entertain the party people! The show ends at 1 o’clock, after which the official party ends.
WHAT: Wappu Eve Party
WHERE: Student Union House/YOLO/Parking lot
WHEN: 30.4. 21–02
DC: Overalls + cap 

1.5. Monday

After Wappu Eve, it is good to get together with a little bit more fancy outfits and bring the students to the center of Lappeenranta for the last time this spring.
There is a great company and, of course, the announcement of the teekkari and kylteri of the year, the teekkari and kylteri fresher of the year and the earners of LTKY’s gearwheel. Guilds and other associations also reward their members!
What: Wappu day picnic
When: 1.5.
DC: Smart casual + student cap. No overalls!

2.5. Tuesday

After Wappu our bellowed campus has gotten little dirty. Everyone should join us in the attempt to clean things up a bit, afterwards there will be food and beverages to be served and everyone will receive a free overall badge.
WHAT? Cleaning of Skinnarila
WHEN? 2.5.