Finland’s longest Wappu is here again! Wappu starts with Wappu opening ceremony on April 1st, and lasts a whopping 32 days 🥳 Spectrum of Wappu events is wide, and there is events and things to do every day during Wappu. The campfireplaces of Skinnarila in lappeen Ranta also warm the celebrants with their flames throughout the whole Wappu!

Many traditional Wappu events have been included in the Wappu program. The baptism of Teekkaris and Kylteris has finally found its way in the spring as well, and the freshmen will finally slide into the chills of Saimaa on April 30th.

In addition, freshman points are also available at many Wappu events! Events that provide a point are easily identified in the program by the ⭐ -symbol.

If you want your event to be visible in the Wappu program, please contact us by e-mail [email protected]

We would like to point out that schedules and programs are subject to change and will be updated as more detailed information becomes available.

1.4. Friday

LTKY’s culture manager announces the Wappu to begin from the roof of the Student Union building with seremonial celebratings.

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Freshman point: Announcing of the Wappu mayhem

Corona time is finally turned over, the great Wappu has been opened, Hässi-magazine has been published. It is time to begin celebrating the longest Wappu in the universe immediately. No one can wait for the bar to open only in the evening, so let’s start to have fun right during the day!
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2.4. Saturday

Would you like to get to know more about what to expect of Finland’s longest Wappu? On Saturday 2 April at 13:00 we’ll give an info session at auditorium 1314.

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Freshman point: ESN-point

Eurovision themed karaoke night, preceded by a Wappu info-session in English in the afternoon.

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Freshman point: ESN-point

3.4. Sunday

A joyful bus trip to Lahti and back!

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Freshman point: Excursion

4.4. Monday

A sitz party organized by KeTeK in ancient rome style.

Dresscode: Toga

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Ketek ry


Freshman point: Toga party

5.4. Tuesday

Which sparkling wine is worth hoarding for Wappu?
Wappu is approaching and an important choice is ahead. Which of the many sparkling wines is the perfect choice for you right now in this Wappu? What kind of wine is suitable for both the wallet and the palette of flavors.
Now we offer you the opportunity to taste five different styles of sparkling wines and start tuning into the Wappu mood.
So welcome to sample alone or with your friends!

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6.4. Wednesday

Again, it’s time for freshmen to dabble in throwing themselves in team spirit and creativity! Freshman tasks start from Lappeenranta harbor market at 16:00. The task is to assemble a team of 4-6 people and go around the checkpoints of the Guilds, clubs and subject organizations in Lappeenranta city center and Skinnarila.

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Freshman point: Freshman tasks

Wappu finally arrives in Lappeenranta and so does the legendary FreshmanTasks afterparty! ✨

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7.4. Thursday

A day event organized by Lutes with sauna, a fun program and delicious food! There is no need to wait until the evening, because the saunas will be warmed up from 2 pm in Vierula. 

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8.4. Friday

Beer and shitty jokes at Basement.

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9.4. Saturday

More information about the event will be provided later.


Freshman point: Sitz

10.4. Sunday

A low-threshold event where you can enjoy gaming, being together and playful competition. We have brought in several different consoles for the event, from the retro to the present day.

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11.4. Monday

The longest and funniest Monday of the year organized by Enklaavi. The 24 hour event includes brunch, the festival, the pre-party, the after-party and the after-after-party!

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12.4. Tuesday

The long-awaited Wappupaintball is here again! This year you can choose between two groups depending on your desired game experience.
The first group is guided in Finnish, and it is intended for people who want to play more competitively and really get dirty while doing so.
The second group is guided in English, and it is a bit more casual option for those who are for example trying the sport out for the first time.
The dresscode includes overalls or camo clothes / clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty (The color from the paint balls comes off with a normal wash).
The price for the event is 35€ and it grants you a gun, gas for the gun, 500 paintballs, a mask and the quided games.
Transportation to the event is organized by using carpools that leave at 10.30 and 14.15 from in front of the university.
The game is organized by Saimaan Palju, and its located in Pelkolantie 86, 53300 Lappeenranta.
The event is alcohol free, but it is recommended to take your own water and food to the game.
What: Paintball
Where: Pelkolantie 86, 53300 Lappeenranta
Why: Paintball
When: 12.4.2022
Group one  (guided in Finnish), at 11.00-14.00, departure from the university at 10.30
Group two (guided in English, casual), at 14.45-17.45, departure from the university at 14.15
DC: overalls or camo clothes
Price: 35€
Are you a busy student with little to no time to participate in Wappu events? Do you feel like you’re missing out on the fun just because you have some silly work to do? WELL WORRY NO MORE!
LTKY along with the International Committee have planned an intense, packed event where you can experience the spirit and celebration of Wappu in one condensed evening! We will be speedrunning (i.e. quickly completing) a few noteworthy Wappu events, such as a sitz party, Fresher tasks and lighting bonfires. The evening ends with access to a mobile sauna, so be there or be square (and cold).
See the Facebook-event here!

13.4. Wednesday

Come and watch the Idearace final at IsoKristiina’s Finnkino from 1 p.m. You will be able to see the top names in the startup world, such as Andreas Saari, the former CEO of slush, and hear inspiring pitches from the finalists. The afterwork of the event will be held at Teerenpeli, so come networking and enjoy the good deals!

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14.4. Thursday

Sitsit arranged by riding club Laukka with a theme in accordance with the name of the event.

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Freshman point: Sitz

15.4. Friday

An event organized by LaKu, where participants compete in face painting and agility, evaluated on basis of their skill and speed.

Register your team (3-5 persons) to the contest by Wednesday 13.4. via this forms!


Freshman point: AMK

Now as Wappu has arrived to Skinnarila, we in Kuja are proud to present our new crew for our traditional pubquizzes (also known as Kujavisa). Gather your friends and come to compete with your team on our Wappuquiz on 15th of April to bar G 🏆
🆘Note that the enrollment ends at 18:55 so arrive early to save your place in the competition! Team size 1-6 people. PS. The event is held mainly in Finnish, so please inform during enrollment if your team needs translations!
What: Kuja’s wappuvisa
When: 15.4. at 19:00. Entering to quiz ends at 18:55, so arrive early!
Where: G
See the Facebook-event here!

16.4. Saturday

It is once again time for the traditional Wappusitsit! Wappusitsit are on the 16th of april from 15o’clock till 19o’clock! at the parking space of the LAB- AMK with the theme of Wappupiknik! So bring a blanket, camp chair or any other sitting device with ya! Also remember to dress according to the days weather. Take a buddy with ya, that can be your mom or your cousin or a friend’s boyfriend’s cat’s veterinarian’s long lost brother! Tickets include a couple sitsi drinks, but bring some piknik snacks for yourself or order something to the sitsi place! Stay tuned for some possible afters..!
WHAT? Wappusitsit
WHERE? At the parking lot of LAB
WHEN? 16.4 from 15 o’clock till 19 o’clock
DC: Student overalls and Wappu attire
Tickets cost 7 € and will be sold on on 9.4 at 13 o’clock
The event will be held if the weather so pleases! If the weather is not suitable for an outdoors event, Wappusitsit will be cancelled.
See the Facebook-event here!
See also the facebook-event of the Wappusitz afterparty here!


Freshman point: Sitz

17.4. Sunday

18.4. Monday

PMM ry is organizing SVV Wapu’s toughest live-gigs. There are 5 wild metal bands on the stage. There is a sauna at the event. DC: Overalls and/or Black +Earplugs

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Freshman point: Black Wappu

19.4. Tuesday

Lounge party is chill event which includes among other things bingo, beer joga and different lottery games. And you can also buy food, beverages and enjoy good music.

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Pelletti ry

20.4. Wednesday

Welcome to Wappu Calculation training group for the first time!
Training group is an open, non-alcoholic event where the purpose is to do course assignments with a group in the Student Union Building Basement.

Top experts in mathematics and Matlab are present at the training group, but students of all levels from all fields are welcome to help or practice.

There are also refreshments and snacks offered by TEK.
Don’t let Wipellys hamper your school success, so come do your job before going to Wipellys!

WHAT: A non-alcoholic training group open to everyone
WHERE: In the basement
WHEN: 20.4. 11:00 – 14:00
WHY: It’s nice to count with a group
DC: Free

See the Facebook-event here!Lateksii ry

Willimiehen Wipellys is THE BIGGEST yearly student event here in Lappeenranta. The goal is to enjoy cheap beverages and good company in Lappeenranta city centre bars and drink something as many bars as possible to get the cool overall badge.
Take your friends with you and feel the amazing atmosphere of Willimiehen Wipellys!

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Freshman point: (shadow)Wipellys

21.4. Thursday

Lateksii, KeTeK and Sätky organize an opportunity to relax during wappusillis.

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Ketek ryLateksii ry

22.4. Friday

FinnHits – The best party of the spring is here once again! Come and enjoy some live music and the greatest Finnish hits of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Use your imagination and put on the most nostalgic clothes you have. If you lack inspiration for dressing up, you may find some photos from the attached link:
NOTE !! Ticket sales will be in CASH ONLY!!

See the Facebook-event here!


Freshman point: FinnHits

It’s time for Wappu activities! Come chill and play some outdoor games with us to Schwäbisch Hall (the area next to campfires at LUT campus). We will have equipment for different sports such as Mölkky, padel and other ball games. You can also bring your own equipment if you wish! The purpose of the event is to get together, relax and enjoy the sunny Wappu weather.
So come and join us! You can bring your friends or come alone and get to know new people. The event is free.
See the Facebook-event here!

23.4. Saturday

A joint spring concert of Resonanssi and Teekkarilaulajat choirs with a Finnish pop/rock theme. The choirs will perform both on their own and together.

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Freshman point: Resonanssi / Teekkarilaulajat

24.4. Sunday

After two long years Wappu’s speediest event KRuisinKi will again take over Lappeenranta city centre’s streets! The event in question is a soapbox car event organized by Koneenrakennuskilta. Everyone is free to participate.

Come show your skills behind the wheel!

See the Facebook-event here!

Krk ry

Freshman point: KRuising

Wappu’s traditional very small sitz organized by Sätky at Cafe Bar G. Sitzers may choose to sit under the table.

See the Facebook-event here!

Freshman point: Sitz

25.4. Monday

Singing the whole Punamusta-songbook through together in the Basement of Student Union building.

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Freshman point: Gena / Singing Triathlon, singing exam

26.4. Tuesday

Kaplaaki’s official Wappu excursion: travelling around towns nearby Lappeenranta by bus and visiting local pubs.

See the Facebook-event here!

Freshman point: Excursion

27.4. Wednesday

LapIO and LaKOSTE are organizing a silly hats sits party!
Have you ever wanted to wear a silly hat but never known when to? Well Wappu is the right time! Feel free to wear a silly hat on your head, your arm, pretty much where ever you want to, as long as your hat is silly. And who are we tell whether your hat is funny or not!? Join us and wear the hats you want to!
WHAT: Silly hats sits
WHERE: the Student house kellari
WHEN: 27th of April, at 18.
DC: Silly hat(s) + overalls!

Freshman point: AMK

28.4. Thursday

Got a taste for dancing but you’re bored of hitting the dancefloor at the club? Come and see how we used to do it back in the days of open-air dancing. On the menu there’s smoking hot tango and waltz for those who are not afraid of letting their feet loose. The music is taken care of by a genuine Finnish orchestra. And who knows, you might just catch the fever for traditional Finnish dancing. We at Armatuuri and KRK decided to throw a dance ball for the very first time.
The event is held at Raakunamäki where you can really get that real traditional vibe.
The tickets are sold in kideapp on Tuesday 26th at 13.00 and you can easily get to the event with public transportation.

If it’s been some time after the last time you hit the dance floor or maybe you’ve never been at such an event, there’s a crash course on dancing held by a our dancing master Tommi Murtola just after the logo painting on Thursday (from 2pm to 4pm).
The event is held on Raakunamäki, the place is about 1km from the nearest bus stop and accessible via stairs. The women’s bathroom is accessible with a wheelchair. At the event there’s plenty of room to park, but make sure you don’t park on the Eksote reserved spaces.
What: Armatuuri x KRK dance ball
Where: Dance school at LAB sports hall and the main event at Raakunamäki
When: 28.4 Dance school at 2pm, event at 6pm-9pm
Tickets: Kideapp (10€)
DC: Google ”lavatanssit” and get creative
See the Facebook-event here!

Krk ry

LTKY and organizations paint their logos to the sidewalk of Punkkerimäki at 9-13 o’clock.

29.4. Friday

Open Air Music Festival Saunayö (Saunanight) is here once again. Come enjoy live music with your friends to the front of the student union building with live bands starting at 17.00 until 01.00 at the night. Bands are mostly student bands playing covers of different genres of international rock music.

After the last band, there is a free after party at the student union buildings basement. BE AWARE that there is no drinks on sale at the afterparty so BYOB!

See you and your friends at Saunayö!

See the Facebook-event here!


Freshman point: Saunayö-event

30.4. Saturday

On Wappu Eve, it is time to bring Finland’s longest Wappu to its end again! The crane statue will be given it’s own caps in Maria Square on April 30. at 12:00. At the same time, older students are allowed to put on their caps again and escort the freshers to the harbor for baptism.

What: Capping of the crane statue
Where: Maria Square
When: 30.4. on 12:00

See the Facebook-event here!

On Wappu Eve, it is time to bring Lahti Wappu to its end again! The Wappu march starts from Pikku-Vesku park on April 30th at 16:00. The Student Union will cap the statue of Jari Litmanen and the LAB engineering students will cap the Moose statue. At the same time, older students are allowed to put on their caps again and escort the freshers to the Lanu Square.


What: Wappu march and capping of the statues

Where: Pikku-Vesku park and Lanu Square in the city center

When: April 30th at 16:00

DC: Overalls

See the Facebook-event here!

Immediately after the capping, the crowd goes to harbour, where the slides are already waiting for freshers! You must wear shoes if you attend the baptism!Teekkaricaps will be distributed in the lobby of the student union building  after baptism from 2 to 5 p.m. Be prepared to prove your identity and, if necessary, present proof of payment. Freshers are allowed to use their new caps at midnight after Teekkari hymn.

What: Freshers baptism
Where: Maria Square and the harbor
When: 30.4. after the capping

See the Facebook-event here!


Freshman point: Baptism 30.4.2022

After the march, LUT students will move to Lanu Square, where the fountain is waiting for freshmen to have the Baptism, which will be performed from 17:00.
Teekkari caps will be distributed at the terrace of Espresso House cafe until 18:30. Be prepared to prove your identity and, if necessary, present proof of payment. Freshers are allowed to use their new caps at midnight after the Teekkari hymn.
Wappu Eve’s official student party will be held at the Wanha Mestari restaurant in the city center of Lahti.
What: Baptism
Where: Pikku-Vesku park and Lanu Square in the city center
When: April 30th at 16:00
DC: Overalls


See the Facebook-event here!


Freshman point: Baptism 30.4.2022

Traditional Wappu Eve party is here again. Here freshmen can finally put their well deserved caps on. Wappu Eve party will be held at the Ylioppilastalo and it’s parking lot 30.4. at 21-02. AND IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!
The party starts at 21:00 at the parking lot as the DJ warms the crowd up until the night darkenss. Before midnight the music is set to pause as This years Teekkarifreshman comes to the stage to pre-sing the teekkarihymn. At midnight after the teekkarihymn freshmen can put their caps on. (remember to bring your caps freshmen:))
After this the partying continues as the nights main artist TIPPA climbs the stage to preform!
The show ends at 01:00 followed by the end of the official party.
WHAT: Wappu Eve party
WHERE: YOLO / YO-parking lot
WHEN: 30.4. at 21-02
DC: Overalls + cap
See the Facebook-event here!
Krk ryKetek ryLateksii ryPelletti ry

1.5. Sunday

After Wappu Eve, it is good to get together with a little bit more fancy outfits and bring the students to the center of Lappeenranta for the last time this spring. See you at the Fortress from 12:00! There is a great company and, of course, the announcement of the teekkari and kylteri of the year, the teekkari and kylteri fresher of the year and the earners of LTKY’s gearwheel. Guilds and other associations also reward their members!
What: Wappu day picnic
Where: Lappeenranta Fortress
When: 1.5. from 12:00
DC: Smart casual + student cap. No overalls!
See the Facebook-event here!

2.5. Monday

After Wappu our bellowed campus has gotten little dirty. Everyone should join us in the attempt to clean things up a bit, afterwards there will be food and beverages to be served and everyone will receive a free overall badge.
WHAT? Cleaning of Skinnarila
WHEN? 2.5. Klo 12:00 – 15:00
WHERE? Starts from the front of the Student Union Building, aftersauna in Basement
See the Facebook-event here!