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Feedback is important to the student union and it is also a critical tool for influencing. Use the form below to give feedback to the student union or to report, for example, late assessments.

LTKY wants to receive feedback and information from LUT students, especially on issues related to teaching and studying. You can also give feedback about our other stakeholders (eg. the city of Lappeenranta or Lahti, FSHS, LOAS, etc.). We will take the feedback forward to the people involved.

We always take your feedback forward anonymously, but your contact information will help us if we need more information or especially want to improve your personal situation when you experience injustice.

Your feedback will primarily be seen only by LTKY’s advocacy expert, who will pass on the information in the feedback (excluding contact information) to those concerned internally within the student union as well as externally, for example to stakeholders.

According to the Degree Regulations in LUT (38§):

“Teachers must release assessment results to students within 30 days of the completion and submission of the course’s final study study attainment. For Exam or Moodle examinations which are open for several days, the grades must be made known within 30 days of the closure of the examination. The final grades of courses must be entered into the student data files in writing within 30 days of the final study attainment of the course. For examinations or other study attainments arranged in June or July, teachers must release the grades to students within two months, but no later than by the end of August.”

LTKY monitors the assessment result times and thus protects the student’s rights. You can use the attached form to report late exam or assignment results.

  • 30 days = 30 days (minus statutory Finnish holidays).

Coming to the “student’s knowledge” means that the review has come into your knowledge through something (Moodle, email, etc.). So not necessarily that you have already received a final grade in Sisu.


Before sending a notification, please check from Sisu/Moodle that your results haven’t already came! This way, the list is not loaded with unnecessary notifications.

Please also note that you fill in all the information to ensure smooth processing! The date is very important, so there’s won’t be unnecessary further processing.

Your feedback was sent succesfully.

You can also contact [email protected] directly about any feedback.

You can find harassment contact persons from here.