Student union is a large organization, which consists of members, representative council, board and employees. Here you can read more about each body,  our strategy and the representative council’s meetings.

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Members of LTKY​

According to Finnish university legislation, all degree students have to be members of a student union. Students will become members of the student union automatically after they have paid the student union membership fee. Post-graduate students may also join the student union but they have different befits. There are approximately 5000 members in LTKY, both under-graduate and post-graduate students.

Symbol of LTKY is the first letter of Hebrew alphabets, Aalef, in red circled by a black gearwheel. As a mathematical symbol Aalef stands for ‘one’ which can be seen as a symbol of unity in LTKY.

Representative Council

Members of LTKY elect the representative council by voting in council elections. Elections are held every other year in November and 27 representatives are elected. All under-graduate and post-graduate students can vote in the elections if they have paid the student union fee. Representative council is the highest decision-making body of the student union and they have meetings approximately once a month. Representative council elects the student union board, nominates student representatives, decides on the membership fee, and ratifies the budget.

The rules that guide the actions of the council can be read under the rules of Student Union. Minutes from council’s meetings can be found here. 

The results from the Representative Council Elections in 2021 and other information can be found here.

Minutes of Representative Council’s meetings can be found here.


Representative Council 2022-2023

Chairs of the representative council ([email protected])

Chair of the Representative Council
Noora Rautio
[email protected]

1st Vice Chair of the Representative Council
Anselmi Auramo

2nd Vice Chair of the Representative Council
Olivia Kuronen

Contact persons of the unions:

GT: Olivia Kuronen

NEON: Lasse Narinen

YLE: Tommi Murtola

KTOKK: Joona Palviainen

PI: Yannick Schuurmans

KokMi: Niilo Hendolin


Council members of the unions:


  • Tuuli-Maaria Rönkä
  • Noora Rautio
  • Maria Aartolahti
  • Ella Toimela
  • Olivia Kuronen
  • Robin Karlsson
  • Sonja Töyrylä
  • Roni Juntunen
  • Anniina Pokki


  • Oona Karttunen
  • Katja Immonen
  • Akseli Suutari
  • Johanna Johansson
  • Tommi Murtola
  • Suvi-Tuuli Poikonen, disqualified for the term 2022


  • Mette Hyytiäinen
  • Roosa Grönberg, disqualified for the term 2022
  • Monika Rautio
  • Maria Tawaststjerna
  • Anselmi Auramo
  • Juho Karén
  • Tino Hakanen


  • Joona Palviainen
  • Miikka Huotari


  • Yannick Schuurmans
  • Ari Holahan, disqualified for the term 2022


  • Niilo Hendolin
Edustajistovaalien äänestys


Board uses the administrative and executive power given by the representative council. The Board’s mission is to direct the daily activities in the student union. The Board includes a chairman and six board members with different duties. The Board meets regularly but all board members are in a fulltime commitment to Student Union. Board selects the secretariat and can hire project secretaries if needed. The Board works for both Lappeenranta and Lahti campuses.

Chair of the Board
Roosa Grönberg
[email protected]
040 017 1076

Vice-Chair of the Board,
Financials, Corporate Relations, Events
Jaakko Marttila
[email protected]
044 293 8820

Higher Education Politics, Municipal Politics
Lari Vanhala
[email protected]
050 303 3044

Social Politics
Suvi-Tuuli Poikonen
[email protected]
050 303 2346

International Affairs, Lahti
Ari Holahan
[email protected]
044 293 8811 

Communications, Environment and Sustainability
Suvi-Tuuli Ryhänen
[email protected]
050 303 6785

Culture, Organizations, Tutoring
Senni Auvinen
[email protected]
050 438 9779 


Task of the employees is to take care of different duties assigned to it by the Board. Head of employees is Executive Director who is responsible of general administration, office functions and government of the employees. The employees work in either the Lappeenranta or Lahti offices, but handle the affairs of both campuses. The Executive Director works weekly at both offices.

The following employees work permanently at LTKY: Executive Director, Office secretary, Secretary of member services, Advocacy Expert, Community Specialist and Communications Specialist.

The Student Union also has secretarial positions that work on different projects, such as a Secretary of annual celebration.

Lappeenranta campus

Executive director
Arttu Kaukinen
General administration, finance
[email protected] 
044 293 8818

Office secretary
Virpi Partti
Office servicers, invoicing
[email protected]
045 261 2670

Advocacy Expert
Tiia Kettunen
Advocacy policies, HallOpEd -processes, Feedbacks, Exam archive, Harassment contact person activity
[email protected]
044 293 8825

Secretary of member services
Petra Sjögren
Associations, member services, spaces, communication
[email protected]
044 293 8819

Lahti campus
Community Specialist
Pia Kuosmanen
Community development, member service
[email protected]
044 293 8812

Communications Specialist
Roosa Pehkonen
Informing, publishing, communications
[email protected]
044 293 8823