Harassment Contact Person

Student union wants to prevent harassment in university. By having harassment contact persons, we try to lower the threshold for reporting harassment that might happen in our university community.

Harassment may include, for example, mental or physical bullying, threatening, unequal treatment, discrimination, distressing messages, inappropriate remarks, untruthful gossip, or any other activity that the target of harassment feels uncomfortable or offensive. Defining harassment is difficult, because it is always related with the person’s feelings of the experience. Something what is normal to you, might be inappropriate for someone else. Harassment is any kind of action or behavior, which continues, even after the target has told it’s out of line.

Harassment contact person is a support person, who you can turn to, if you feel like you’ve been harassed by another student or staff. Harassment contact person supports and guides you through harassment cases. Harassment contact person helps if you can not find the right person to tell about distress and guides you where to find more help, if needed. They advise and support students who have encountered harassment, assault, discrimination, bullying or other unequal treatment.

Harassment contact persons are not official authorities (e.g. police), but they are LTKY staff or board members, who are trained for their job. You can also be in contact with them, even if you are not the subject of harassment, but have seen harassment or want to talk about harassment prevention.

Harassment contact persons will not take any further action without the consent of the person concerned and the discussions are strictly confidential as the harassment contact persons are bound by the confidentiality obligation.

  • LTKY offers harassment prevention and equality lessons held by our advocacy expert. If you’re interested, contact [email protected]

Harrassment contact persons

Harassment contact persons for Lappeenranta are advocacy expert Tiia Kettunen and a board member. Harassment contact person for Lahti is Pia Kuosmanen. 


Tiia Kettunen
[email protected]
044 293 8825

Niilo Hendolin
[email protected]
044 293 8820

Pia Kuosmanen

[email protected]
044 293 8812