On this page you can find information regarding welfare: housing, health care, university pastors and more. Here are also the contact details of our harassment contact people.

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In Lappeenranta LOAS rents apartments and recreational spaces for students and organizations in Lappeenranta. LOAS has different kind of apartments (shared apartments, studios, two-room studios and family apartments) and most of them are located next to the campus area or in city center, and every apartment have an Internet access.
There is a guarantee for housing for newcomers in Lappeenranta, but you still have to apply for an apartment, it will not be offered to you automatically, and the apartment offered might not be what you wished for.

LOAS: https://www.loas.fi/en
LOAS-intra: https://intra.loas.fi/en 

There are also other organizations offering housing in Lappeenranta, and also there are apartments in the private sector. Lumo offers rental apartments in Lappeenranta that are ready to move in in the best scenario. Aspakoti offers rental apartments, but lines to these might be quite long.

In Lahti student housing is offered by Lahden Talot. There are also many apartments in the private sector and Lumo has apartments in Lahti, too.


LTKY also offers temporary housing for those students of LUT, LAB UAS and Sampo who have applied for an apartment from LOAS and are still on the waiting list or have received an apartment from LOAS, but whose lease begins later than their studies. Housing is organized in LOAS buildings club rooms. Men and women will be divided to different club rooms.

If any LOAS apartment is offered to the tenant, the right to use temporary housing ends immediately when the rental contract starts/would start.

For more information or for questions, please contact LTKY housing secretary by email at [email protected] or by phone 045 261 2670. 


LTKY organizes many sports events yearly, which every student union member can participate in. The student union also supports its members exercises and well-being by influencing municipal policy by driving e.g. the development of local sports facilities in the Skinnarila and Sammonlahti areas and in Lahti, with the aim of developing sports opportunities in the vicinity of campuses. 

LTKY cooperates with LUT and LAB offering sports services for both students and staff in campus. There are gyms in campuses which are open for students with MOVEO’s membership. There are also outdoor gyms in campuses which are open for everyone.

LTKY’s board member responsible for sports and well-being and LTKY’s advocacy expert is responsible for communication with MOVEO and LUT and LAB in matter of well-being. If there are any suggestions or comments regarding the sports facilities in campus, you can contact LTKY via email or feedback box on our website. 

In addition, LTKY has also two golf shares to Viipuri Golf.

Hobbla Sports Network

Hobbla Sports Network is a website where you can find different hobby groups and events made by students, in which other students with similar interests can join. You can find people with similar skills to play games with, without having to go through the process of organising an association. You can join those groups and events that fit your timetable and you can easily make those yourself, too and others can join your events. Via Hobbla Sports Network, you can easily try out something completely new! Hobby associations and guilds can also join the network and create events for their members.


MOVEO is LUT and LAB’s common sports service, which offers higher education students high-quality, versatile and affordable sports and well-being services. The aim of MOVEO is to advance and support students’ well-being in studies and also create team spirit between both universities and different study fields. MOVEO offers services both in Lappeenranta and Lahti campus.

MOVEO is responsible for sports services, like group exercises, gym shifts, ball game shifts and other discounts available with a membership.

You can get your own membership sticker from the Kiosk in LUT main building in Lappeenranta campus, or in the LUT online shop: https://lutshop.lut.fi/Home-Page

More specific and up-to-date information about MOVEOs services are in LAB’s website: https://lab.fi/en/moveo, and in MOVEO’s social media:

MOVEO Lappeenranta: Facebook and Instagram

MOVEO Lahti: Facebook and Instagram

Hobby and leisure associations

In Lappeenranta there are many different hobby and leisure associations that work with LTKY for the well-being of students. These associations offer hobby possibilities and also help students alike find each other. List of these associations.

FSHS Finnish Student Health Services

During your studies your support of well-being and health is Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS, in Finnish YTHS). FSHS is a specialist in student health care: they offer you general, mental and oral health services and support for well-being of study communities. The services FSHS offers include health nurse, general and specialist doctors (e.g. dermatologist, gynecologist, psychiatrist), physiotherapist, dental and mental health services.Read more about FSHS services yths.fi/en.

Note! The healthcare fee, also known as FSHS fee, must be payed via Kela for each semester. You cannot use FSHS services before you have paid the fee.
More information about how to pay the FSHS payment can be found from Kela

Self is the student’s own online service for health care issues at FSHS. You can update your contact information, manage appointment bookings, communicate via contact form or chat and start remote consultation. Start using Self right away! yths.fi/en/self-info

Worried about your health? Find information and self-care instructions in the student health resource pages. Our health information site contains a variety of articles on matters related to student-age adults’ health, medical conditions, mental health and oral health. 

Using services:

To book an appointment you can contact the healthcare professionals in SelfChat or by calling the FSHS unit in your study town (Lappeenranta of Lahti). Your need for treatment will be assessed by healtcare professional before booking an appointment for FSHS services.

The service unit in Lappeenranta is located in building 7, 1. and 2 floor. The door is next to the walkway between Student union house and building 7. More information yths.fi/en/service-units/lappeenranta-2/.

In Lahti there is a service unit in Niemenkatu 73. Dental services will remain outsourced. More information yths.fi/en/service-units/.

If you are in some other town than your own study town, you are allowed to use that town’s FSHS services during their opening hours. Take your student card with you!

When FSHS is closed:

Students (also those studying in different campus or university) can use municipal health services outside FSHS opening hours. The local healthcare centers are open until 4 pm, after which the South Karelian health center (Eksote) in Lappeenranta and Päijänne-Tavastia central hospital (Päijät-Sote) in Lahti are on call. When using local healthcare centers, you need to pay their fees. 

Local healthcare providers:
Lappeenranta: https://eksote.fi/en/customers/
Lahti: Student health services at Päijät-Sote

When using their services, you have to pay a fee every visit. When in need of expert service appointments (e.g., internal medicine, surgery, lungs), there will be additional fee. These fees FSHS will not cover. 

Mental Health


Study Psychologist

“We will help you succeed in your studies, feel good and have energy for other things too!” 
There is a study psychologist in LUT to give support and counseling for students on study-related issues. Study psychologist offers individual sessions, lectures and webinars.
Students can book a session with study psychologists to discuss topics such as:
  • Finding motivation 
  • Thesis-related anxiety 
  • Coping with workload 
  • Difficulties with distance learning 
  • Coping with stress 
  • Stage fright 
  • Hard to focus 

Contact information

Contact information and other information is also available in eLut. 

Lahti campus:
Aino Elomäki
+358 50 4091716
Lappeenranta campus:
Milja Parviainen
+358 50 4659839

Study guidance

If you feel like your studies are not proceeding as you’d like, contact your study field’s study counsellor or study advisor. With them you can go through your study plan, and how to proceed with your studies.

In Bachelor and Master Thesis, help can be asked from your study advisor and mater thesis instructors, or you programme’s teacher tutor.

The study guidance team is located in building 2, near the Indian restaurant. More information can be found in eLut.

Well-being week

The welfare task force organizes Well-being week for all campus students and staff every Autumn and Spring. The biggest separate events during the Well-being week are well-being fair and Sports night by Parru ry. there are also may other events during the week. This Autumn the Well-being week will be held on week 41, if the epidemic situation allows us to.

University pastors

Univeristy pastors are available for all students regardless of anybody’s religion or denomination. You can contact the campus chaplains for example when

  • You wish to talk to someone about anything going on in life.
  • You are interested in talking or learning more about a philosophical or theological topic.
  • You need more information about church ceremonies such as marriage, blessing of a marriage, prayer for the spouses, blessing of home or baptism.
  • You wish to have confirmation training (rippikoulu).
  • You’d like to organize a student gathering and need help with that.

Lappeenranta has two campus chaplains (Evangelical Lutheran), Revd. Sari Kosonen and Revd. Aki Lasonen. The chaplaincy office is located in Skinnarila campus in room 5113 (directly by the LUT main entrance, opposite of the cloakroom).

You can call, send a text or a WhatsApp message or e-mail to the campus chaplains:
Sari Kosonen 040 3126 823; [email protected]
Aki Lasonen 040 3126 704; [email protected]

The campus chaplains can also be found in Instagram under lappeenrannan_oppilaitospapit.

In Lahti the campus chaiplan is Sonja Turunen. She is available for both LUT and LAB students, and she also works for Salpaus Further Education on all of their campus cities in Lahti, Asikkala and Heinola. She moves between these cities daily. 

You can schedule a meeting with her on whichever campus and also on Olokolo, Kirkkokatu 7, Lahti. At LUT campus the office is A150. You can contact her by calling or via textmessage, Whatsapp, Facebook or email. Meeting will be arranged as soon as possible. 

Campus chaiplan Sonja Turunen
p. 044 7191203; [email protected]

Sonja can also be found on in Instagram under kampuspappisonja.

Campus accessibility

More information about campus accessibility can be founf from eLut

Special diet

You can get special diet meals at campus restaurants by asking.