Responsibility tips and instructions for associations

LTKY strives to set a good example for its member associations, and therefore actively considers responsibility themes in its operations. The following table and also LTKY’s responsibility guidance paper lists measures that different associations can implement in their own actions to ensure more responsible association operations. 



Responsibility guidance paper LTKY



More efficient recycling, and as little mixed waste as possible

Enhance the recycling opportunities, for example, in guild rooms. Get own recycling containers for e.g. plastic, bio-waste, glass and metal. Communicate about the importance of recycling to the members, and also set a good example with your actions.

Minimizing unnecessary items and materials

Avoid unnecessary purchases for guild rooms. For annual ball gifts, consider giving an immaterial gift, and give material gifts only for the right need.

Reuse of materials and items

Necessary items for example guild rooms, are purchased as much as possible used. For example, online flea markets and various Facebook pages (e.g. Loas Laakso) are effective places to find necessary items. Also give and sell items that are useless to your own organization and pass them on.

Giving up disposable dishes and waste bag tablecloths

Consider using reusable dishes when organizing events. Try to get rid of single-use waste bag tablecloths, for example with sitz parties. For example, the tables can be left without a cloth and cleaned after the event.

Environmental and responsibility themes also as part of the organization’s/guild’s board decision-making

For example, it is possible for guilds to choose a responsibility/environment worker as their official, who takes care of e.g. about recycling opportunities in the guild room and more responsible events. If necessary, a separate committee can be formed under LTKY, where responsibility themes are discussed and ideas are shared.

More responsible policies as part of the activities of guilds and associations

For example, at the guild’s or associations general meeting, it is possible to outline e.g. on the use of plant-based foods. Lines can also be drawn, for example, regarding the domesticity of the food.