Student Union

LTKY is our student union. Together.


LTKY is a professional and influential pioneer. In the year 2023 LTKY is an active influencer both locally and nationwide. 

LTKY acts as an advocate for LUT students and promoter of culture and community

LTKY is open, equal and above all, a communal student union, that students want to be part of. 

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The student union of Lappeenranta University of Technology (in short LTKY) was founded in 1969, when the University began its operations as LTKK (at present LUT University). 

  • LTKY’s is operating according to 46 § of Univeristy legislation and according the rules of student union. 
  • The decision making in LTKY is democratic, functional, open and internationally accessible 
  • LTKY is seen as cooperative and approachable both internal and external parties. 
  • LTKY’s main goal is to ensure high-level education and studying conditions and an enjoyable environment. 

Every Finnish university has its own student union. The position of student unions is specified in the law and with the public status, student unions are obligated to perform matters that are assigned in law. 

Student representatives in Administration

Student Representatives in Administration are elected among the students to represent the whole student community in various university’s administrative organs, for example the board, university collegium or academic council. Student Representatives in Administration are commonly referred to as HallOpEd which is an abbreviation from the Finnish words Hallinnon opiskelijaedustajat.

Student Representatives in Administration are imposed by Finnish Universities Act, which states that in the board, university collegium as well as administrative bodies of faculties there should be the following three groups represented: the professors of the university, other teaching and research staff and other staff and the students.

Student Representatives in Administration are equal members of the administrative bodies and act brings the student viewpoints to the discussion.


The operations in student union and its organs are guided by rules. The rules include for example the main rule, administrative rule, election rule, association rule, acknowledgment regulation, rules of procedure of the Representative Council and rules of procedure of the Financial Delegation.


LTKY started operating in the same year the university was founded in Skinnarila, which was 1969. Since then, the operations in student union have expanded remarkably. More about the history can be found from the following link. 

Teaching awards

Teaching Awards are honors given to LUT’s teaching staff for their excellent teaching and are awarded annually to the lecturer of the year, the course of the year and, where appropriate, to the best international lecturer (The Best International Teacher).

Aalef Ltd

Aalef Ltd is a student owned company that provides services specifically for students, but also companies in Etelä-Karjala. LTKY owns 29 of Aalefs 31 shares. The other shareholders of the company are the LAB University of Applied Sciences Student Union KOE and Lappeenranta Region Student Housing LOAS with one share each.