Responsibility in LTKY

LTKY’s internal responsibility activities must be in order so that we can set an example for our members, and give convincing guidance. For this reason, in this page and also in LTKY’s responsibility guidance paper are listed a few measures that LTKY’s offices follow. In addition to these measures, LTKY must actively influence at the national student movement level, taking responsibility themes forward.


In it’s operations, LTKY must take into account responsibility as a whole (financial, social and ecological responsibility).


Responsibility guidance paper LTKY



More efficient recycling, and as little mixed waste as possible

Enhance the recycling opportunities in our offices, and also recycle plastic waste. Create recycling instructions for offices for our members to see. 

Minimizing unnecessary items and materials

Avoid unnecessary purchases for our offices. For annual ball gifts, consider giving an immaterial gift, and give material gifts only for the right need.

Reuse of materials and items

Necessary items for our offices are purchased recycled as much as possible. For example, online flea markets and various Facebook pages (e.g. Loas Laakso) are effective places to find necessary items. Also give and sell items that are useless to our organization and pass them on.

More responsible events

Consider using reusable dishes when organizing events. Try to get rid of single-use waste bag tablecloths, for example with sitz parties. The tables can be left without a cloth and cleaned after the event, or you can get tablecloths that can be washed.

More ecological purchases

For example, domestic and ecological alternatives are preferred in larger purchases.

Responsibility in groceries

Only plant-based foods are used in the offices and in all events organized by LTKY. Domestic products and Fair-Trade products are also preferred.

Environmental and responsibility themes as part of all decision-making

The themes of responsibility must be reflected cross-cuttingly in all LTKY’s operations and decision-making. For example, one of the criteria for the LTKY’s corporate relations is responsibility.

Active influencing at the national student movement level regarding responsibility

For example, in the networks of the National Union of University Student in Finland (SYL), LTKY must actively influence regarding environmental and responsibility issues.