Authentic, original, envied across the country, Wappu magazine Hässi from Lappeenranta has once again come (* tirsk *) to bring joy and light through humoristic images and texts to the delight of all students and student-minded people! If Finland’s longest Wappu were a baby, it would scream fiery red on its stomach and small fists would demand Finland’s best Wappu magazine Hässi!!


This year, Giorgio Hässi has heard the wishes of the people in Skinnarila and put the teekkeris and kylteris of the PoWi ry with lovely assistants to share the good news with the help of an almost astronomical entity formed by words and images.  Hässi, published since 1998, tells the most uproar and unforgivable in-depth analyzes of the world of the Free State of Skinnarila again this year and contains at least high-quality Teekkari, Kylteri and humanoid humor, incredibly ingenious insights and letters in random order for the 26th time.


Hässi vendors will be in almost all wappu events, and in addition, magazines and promo products, such as Hässi overall-badges, are sold weekly in the lobby of the Student Union House.


The prize of Hässi-magazine is 8 €

Hässi overall badge is 2 € 


Please note that the magazine is mostly written in Finnish. There is few topics written in English and also most of the pictures and picture-based jokes can be understood in both languages.


If you are interested in magazines from previous years, feel free to contact [email protected]


And if for any reason you need more information, you can find it on Facebook!


I guess you already want Hassi?