Hässi is a Wappu magazine of teekkaris and kyltteris in Lappeenranta.

Don’t you wanna hässi too?

Findland’s longest Wappu has such a legendary reputation, that it even demands Finlad’s best Wappu magazine beside it. Girgio Hässi has again this year head the people’s wishes and made PoWi ry’s teekkaris and kylteris to write their gospel! The Hässi of 2021 will traditionally include at least high-class teekkari, kylteri and humanoid humour, which has been learned to be expected from this level of publication. Since 1998 Hässi has been published, and this year again it offers the shadiest and most tasteless deep analyses of Skinnarila VapaaValtio’s world and creates that ass eye perspective to our lives in the cape. 

This year’s Hässi has not been published yet – but be sure to order it when the time comes!

After publication you can order Hässi to your own front door from here and you can read more information in Facebook.