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Introducing board: Culture

I have been doing all sorts of organization activities here alongside my studies. I have  been a board member and other smaller roles for a total of 15+ years, meaning at least two overlapping roles in each year of my studies. Alongside these organizations jobs, I also tried to study energy technology. During the next year, I have planned to take the remaining 5 courses and graduate before Christmas 2022.

Before I applied to LTKY board, I had already talked about this job in 2019. After that I decided to apply next year. I sent my application about a week after the deadline, right after the board panel. 

During the LTKY year I had the opportunity to participate in interesting and exciting projects . The year started fast, with the LTKY meets Skinnarila event. Event is for every guild’s and hobby association’s board members. After the LTKY meets Skinnarila,  there was much more free time before I had to start planning Wappu. Wappu’s planning was quite an interesting project. I had an almost empty table to start planning a new online Wappu. Hopefully 2022 Wappu will be more traditional, as students are quite fed up with attending online events.  During March and April all the time I had to spare went to making Wappu. However, it is also important to understand your own resources and capabilities. While I had the responsibility to organize Wappu, Wappu is a joint project of the entire LTKY board members and employees. For example this year, when Wappu was opened in front of Lahti City Hall, almost every one of our board members were present and simultaneously in lappeen Ranta our Communications Specialist and one board member were in charge of raising Wappu flag. 

Preparations for the freshmen weeks started slowly at the beginning of the summer. Most of the preparations for freshmen weeks took place in late summer. During the freshman weeks, there was again more work than freetime. At the same time, I got around and saw new freshmen getting acquainted with the rules of the land. 

Here was a quick look at what the cultural manager does over the course of the year. If you have any questions and you are interested in applying, feel free to come to the LTKY office and ask for more information.

Lassi Onne

Lassi Onne

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