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Introducing board: Communications, environment & sustainability


Soon there has been a full year of working on LTKY’s board in communications and environment & sustainability. A lot has been done, and in this article will tell on what I have spent my time as a board member.


Majority of the work I have done for LTKY has been for communications. I have done it together with our communications specialist Oona. Communications in LTKY are quite hectic, and there can be many things on a very short notice. This is why on the beginning of this year we started having communications meetings in the start of every project, so we could discuss what and when needs to be done in the regards of communications. I and Oona do almost all graphic that is seen in LTKY’s communications by ourselves. We also write texts and translate them. On the ”series” that are published every week, I have taken care of LTKY’s week, and tipsitiista half and half with Oona. Responsibilities are communicating weekly series, project communications, communicating timely things like teekkari cap order or FSHS fee etc., making Facebook events and making sure students get all the information they need. The most important thing is telling LTKY members things they need to or want to know, and telling what LTKY is doing and when.

Time is spent on orienting to different subjects, planning their communications, planning and creating the visual look, planning when to post what, writing texts, translating texts and posting on different channels. On top of that time has been spent on writing communications info for other and future board members and on developing LTKY’s communications.

On communications work and developing never ends, and you can use as much time as you have, so it has been important to learn ti prioritize and be satisfied with 85%, because you can’t give 100% to every single project. On communications you get to use and develop your creativity and graphical know-how. Interest in these things and good Finnish and English skills are useful in this job, because often you also proof-read and translate other people’s texts.

Communications as a board job has been very pleasing and rewarding job for me. In communications you also have to know what’s happening all over LTKY, so you see very widely what kind of stuff LTKY is doing. I think that is definately a big plus side of communications!


Environment and sustainability became my side job on my own aspiration. Because communications is such a large job and it takes so much time, I couldn’t give as much time for this job as I had hoped. On 2020 board, this job didn’t exist yet, so this year has been spent on building it. During this year I have had multiple meetings with LUT’s Sustainability Manager and participated in different seminars about sustainable development. LTKY has also taken part on SYL’s Uphold Sustainability -project. This year we also decided to organize Sustainability Week for the first time. During Sustainability Week, different themes were covered in social media and different events. I took part in organizing Sustainability Week on LTKY’s behalf together with Anniina. I hope that Sustainability Week will also be organized next year, and it can be developed to be better. For the rest of Autumn, it is also on my to-do-list to create Sustainability -part on LTKY’s website to better cover what we do for that cause. On this fresh job there will most certainly be a lot to develop and create next year!


On top of things related to their own job, each board member uses time to board meetings, representative council’s meetings, god guilds’ meetings, answering e-mails, SYL’s seminars, different trainings and other general jobs and representing LTKY on various places.

Year in LTKY’s board has offered very much. I have gotten a chance to get to know new people, network, develop my own skills on various subjects, learn a lot of new things, represent LTKY on wonderful events and be part of LTKY community. I have gotten to do very interesting jobs in the fields of communications and sustainability, and do my own part for student community and influence on things I think are important.

If you have eny questions, you can contact me via email (). Year as a LTKY board member has been a great experience, and I courage you to apply, if you have enthusiasm and motivation to work for student’s community!

Matilda Orpana

Matilda Orpana

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