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Introducing board: Higher Education Politics

Hello!I’m Roosa Grönberg and I’m in charge of higher education politics (kopo -position)  in LTKY. I’m a third year student from Enklaavi. Last year when I decided to apply LTKY’s board, I only had experienced 1,5 years student culture and studying here, so I thought am I too “young” for the LTKY board. I was 2020 in charge of education politics in Enklaavi in 2020 and really enjoyed my time there. I really wanted to continue work but this time for all LUT students.

What have I done this year?
I have to be awake everywhere. The biggest concerns are not expressed in LTKY’s office.
Monthly meetings with advocacy committee (guilds’ representatives) and hallopeds
Meetings with LUT: management, language center, study services
Meeting with other student unions
The biggest project: OLS-survey and its marketing
Weekly news of advocacy (EVVK) on social media
Being part of a board: board members do many things together in all sectors!

Kopo’s task is to hear the students’ hearings in the meetings of the Advocacy Committee and the hallopeds and to take things forward, for example, to the vice-rector and other meetings of the university people. Email is also a common lobbying tool. Kopo’s most important co-worker is Tiia, who gets diamond help and many things can be done together. One of the riches of this board position is the support and know-how of the employee! There is always someone to ask. Nationwide, kopos regularly see each other remotely and also live after the corona! I have also been able to practice my influence this year by giving a presentation on the OLS survey to LUT’s management board, telling about LUT’s quality management from LTKY’s point of view in relation to auditing and seeing behind the scenes of the President’s visit.

Kopo is the chairperson of the Advocacy Committee, which has all the guild study representatives. Coordinating this group and maintaining motivation requires an enthusiastic leader. In addition, in hallopedic meetings, I have taken the discussion forward and figured out ways to make the most of the meetings and keep participants active. So Kopo -position has taught you to contribute to leadership and is especially suitable for you if you like to keep the threads in your own hands, create a team spirit and ultimately take responsibility for taking things forward. At the same time, you are part of LUT’s advocacy team, which together makes LUT look more like our students!

Challenge yourself by applying to the LTKY board and you are ready for the richest year of your life, after which you will be even braver. There’s a very comprehensive orientation ahead and you don’t really need to know more about anything.

Roosa Grönberg

Roosa Grönberg

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