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Introducing board: Lahti campus

During this year, Mika has been in charge of the Lahti Campus. During the summer, we were able to negotiate our own LTKY office near the office of the Student Union KOE on the Lahti campus, and we hired the first full-time employee in Lahti, a Community Specialist Pia. Since August, an employee has supported the board in the development of Lahti teekkari and kylteri culture. In practice, the Lahti responsible has had to act as a link between the board and the city of Lahti, students at LUT’s Lahti campus and stakeholders in the area. During this year, the Lahti responsible has organized both the online Lahtikursio and the actual Lahtikursio in the autumn. One of the program numbers in the Lahtikursio has traditionally been the baptism and capping of students at LUT’s Lahti. The Lahti responsible has thus worked closely with the culture responsible, event manager and Lahti employee in planning and implementing Lahti’s activities and cultural development.

In the coming year, Lahti responsible sector will move from the main sector to a secondary role. The role of the employee will be emphasized in Lahti’s local development, and the board member will act as a counterpart and a link to the board. The Lahti responsible will likely focus more on stakeholder activities and representation at the municipal level, while the employee will be responsible for organizational development, local communication, and event making. However, we find it significant that responsibility for Lahti remains with the board member at some level, as dialogue and co-operation with the City of Lahti and companies in the region, for example, are strongly ancillary to the board activities. It would also be good for the Lahti responsible to act as an ideation and organization aid for a Lahti employee, for example with regard to events and cultural traditions. Next year, we will organize more Wappu events for our Lahti students on the LTKY side, so the Lahti responsible will combine municipal policy, internationality, culture, project management, communication and social policy. The Lahti responsible is thus a truly diverse cross-section of different board roles combined with a unique and new operating environment in Lahti.

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