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Predict your future career direction!

History of humankind recognize many kinds of fortune-tellers. Divination as a science is a very debatable subject but there is one essential matter that combines crystal ball divination and modern science: both are based on keen and accurate observation about environment/phenomenon. Nowadays we can do empirical testing about almost anything, starting from molecular size whereas old fortune-tellers have been making a very sharp observations about the person who has sat in front of them from e.g., nonverbal conduct, wealth and communication skills and based their divination about happy life from the overall set.

Even now our job interviews, for example, are based on the nonverbal conduction of applicants and the hiring decisions are not based only from application documents but the combination of papers and person. We wouldn´t need the job interviews at all if recruiters weren´t interested about the person at all! So, in a way you can call a job interview as one kind of suitability divination, where the prize and result will be getting a job. 

From planning to action!

Often, as a Career Counselor I have been asked to make divinations about the future of my students: “Which major should I choose?” or “If I take this summer job, will my career go this/that way?”. For my eternal luck I as a Career Counselor am not a fortune-teller but an enabler! I tend to ask, “What are your skills and/or what interests you?” and based on that we check the possible routes how to proceed to the wanted direction.

When our career paths start to form, almost anything can happen, so a surprise factor is reality for most of us and that´s normal. But of course, we should also make plans and do a lot of different things in order to steer to the wanted direction! It is important to remember that there is no need to plan the whole career path now but taking the next concrete step is essential. Take that step! If you need help with that, remember our LUT & LAB Career Services staff is always there you.

Direct your steps to DuuniDay!

Networks are one of the most important things what you need to grow to support your career planning in the future as well. You should know what kinds of knowhow is needed on the job markets and on the other hand it gives you the idea where your skills fit in the best. When your networks have been formed and you continue to take care of those well, you can make the prediction when and who might hire you. Then you just need to place yourself at the right place in the right time.

Start or continue to grow your networks at DuuniDay event which will be held at Lappeenranta campus 22th November. We have organized also busses from Lahti campus to Lappeenranta! Do the groundwork of the hundred participating employers from our DuuniDay event at JobTeaser and come to meet them. 

Recruiters want to meet our students and co-operate so use this possibility well! Doors are open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 22th November. LUT & LAB Career Services will welcome everyone to hop into the crystal ball of your future career planning alias DuuniDay at Skinnarila campus to take the next steps in order to actively form your own future path! And what´s the most important thing: Always trust yourself and your decisions! 

Ida-Maria Volturi

Career Counselor
LUT & LAB Career Services

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