Well-being week

We are having a well-being week in Skinnarila Campus during week 41 form 4th to 11th of October. Main theme of the week is balancing mind and daily life.
During the week MOVEO’s sports classes are free and open for everyone both offline and online. Also Mon-Fri at 1-4pm you can try out climbing at BoulderSaimaa with only 5€/student (incl. gear, take your student card with you). All week’s events are open for everyone in the campus.
Full schedule of the week can be found below in the Timetable. Please mind that changes and complements are possible!
You can add the whole schedule in your calendar from here.
Links and more information about the programs from the Facebook event.

Family Autumn Day

Autumn has arrived and it’s time to take good care of our well-being!
As a part of Well-being week LTKY is organizing a Family Autumn Day at Lappeenranta Harbour’s Market place, on Saturday 10.10. at 11 am to 4 pm.
Program has many activities for people all ages and condition. In the stage there will be held different kind of group exercices, that everyone is free to participate during the day. There are also student and hobby organizations, which will have their own spots with different activities, like out-door games.
The whole program is open for everyone and we will take care of the safety distances, too.
In the event will also be archery and sharpshooting spots!
Welcome to sport with us, play with our students or just enjoy the atmosphere of well-being!

You can read more information and the schedule of the event here

News from LTKY

Welcome to Student Union of Lappeenranta University of Technology 51. anniversary 

Anniversary will be held on Saturday 17th of October. Anniversary begins with a cocktail party at Lappeenranta Old Town City Hall (Raatihuone) at 3pm. Cocktail party is for all guests and there will be cocktail snacks and sparkling wine. Organisations and other associations are available to congratulate LTKY officially. After that, the evening continues with an academic supper at the Student Union Building at 6pm. We will have bus-ride from university to Old city hall and back to university for all guests.

Entry fee is 70 euros for members of LTKY and 80 euros for other guests. Dresscode is a white-tie or long evening dress with academic medals.

After the anniversary day brunch will be served on Sunday at 12am in the basement. Dress code is casual or overalls. Entry fee for brunch is 15 euros and it is not included in the anniversary evening’s entry fee.

Event is held in Finnish but understanding Finnish is not mandatory. 

Most of the seats are already reserved but you can enroll yourself to the queue via this link: at the latest on Sunday 4th of October. We will send detailed information of the anniversary day later for all participants.

Corona information: we monitor corona-virus situation in South Karelia and Lappeenranta very carefully and will make changes to the evening’s program if needed. We organise anniversary evening and brunch following guidelines of EKSOTE and the National Institute for Health and Welfare of Finland. You may cancel your registration until the beginning of anniversary day if you don’t feel comfortable participating due to a coronavirus situation or if you feel sick. You are not allowed to participate if you have any feelings of sickness or haven’t been in Finland for full 14 days before anniversary day.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact secretary of anniversary day Noora Rautio via email [email protected]

Get your own Ear saver from LTKY’s office!

Would you be using face masks more often, if they weren’t so hard on your ears? In the South Karelia region, we have a recommendation to use face masks in public transportation, and you can’t avoid them in maths trainings, either. If the masks are not comfortable for you, the Ear saver might be just what you need!

The Ear saver is a band-like part, that you put the mask’s strings on. It sits behind your head (on neck or upper), so the face masks strings go over and under your ears, but continue all the way to the back of your head. This way the strings won’t burden your ears. The Ear saver is made of ecological PLA plastic, and it has 5 different settings for different fits. Photos of Ear Saver can be looked in LTKY’s social media and in the weekly news in our website

You can get your own Ear saver from LTKY’s office at 9,90€ per piece. There are colors white and black, and other colors are available when contacted via The producer is our own student here in LUT.

News from LUT university

Scholarships for excellence in undergraduate studies

The Research Foundation of Lappeenranta University of Technology has decided to establish a scholarship programme to reward excellence in undergraduate studies. The foundation plans to award a maximum of fifteen scholarships worth 1000 euros each to students based on applications. The scholarships are primarily awarded based on excellence in studies (average grade at least 3.8), but other factors will also be considered, such as participation in international student exchange and research, number of credits completed yearly. The application is to include the number of credits completed, the average grade of courses, the student’s field of study and year of studies, the number of semesters as an attending student, and possible publications. The applicant should have at least 100 credits completed at LUT (exception – Master’s degree students at least 80 credits).
The application form and more information from here.

Further information: Managing Director Timo Alho Tel. +358 40 5126324, [email protected]

Other news

Campus chaplains’ virtual office hours

Campus chaplains’ virtual office hours in Discord on Wednesdays at 10-12. You can start a private chat with the chaplain or chat with others in general channel. Link to the Discord.

The Independent Living Skills Survey for Young Adults

The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation wants to find out how young adults in the early stages of independent living assess their own skills in home management. Based on the results, teaching materials related to home management education are produced for different levels of education. The goal is to ensure that in the future skills would better meet the requirements of independent living. The response time is until 4.10. Take the survey here.

Meet Nordea Markets

Do you want to reach your best potential with top colleagues? Nordea Markets is looking for talented students interested in finance for the summer 2021 program in the Future Finance Professionals program. The program offers motivated and ambitious factors the opportunity to develop themselves at the heart of financial markets.
We invite you to celebrate the already traditional Meet Nordea Markets evening this time virtually on Wednesday 14 October 2020 from 18:00 to 20:30. Career stories, tips for applying, and opportunities to ask former participants in the Future Finance Professional program what the program actually entails are promised. So come hear who we are, what we do and what we can offer you!
If you are at least a 3rd year student, register by October 12, 2020 via this link. We will send registration links to those who have registered the day before the event.
The event will be held in Finnish.
Contact information
[email protected]

YHES project

MIELI The South Karelian Mental Health Association received funding for 2020-2022 for the YHES project, which aims to establish meeting places in all cities of South Karelia to reduce exclusion and experiences of loneliness. The project started in February and its employees are Paavo Eloranta and Eeva Pylkkö.

We have now opened four YHES meeting places this autumn. In the center of Lappeenranta for the ME building (Mon 17–19), for Taipalsaari, a meeting place at Luoto (Tue 17–19), in the Lauritsala library club room (Wed 4–6 pm) and in S-market in Sammonlahti (Thu 5–7 pm).

When the project is in full swing, it is planned that there will be a functioning YHES meeting place in each city of South Karelia and several in Lappeenranta. The meeting places are guided and open once a week for a couple of hours. Meeting places are open to everyone as well as free of charge and do not require commitment from visitors.

YHES meeting places can also be found online; From Facebook and Tukinet. Read more at kohtamispaikka and

Come to chat with other students

Nyyti has an online chat where you can discuss student related issues with other students.

Chats in English:
thu 22.10. Hell is other people? Sanity & relationships.
thu 12.11. The Polar Night – How to handle ”kaamos” and seasonal affective disorder?
thu 10.12. Can you hear me, S.O.S?