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Seize the power! Apply as a student representative for the administration!

LTKY applies for student representatives for administration (HallOpEd) to the LUT University Collegiate body and academic councils of LUT Schools (LBM, LENS, LES). Four full members and four deputy members are chosen for the Collegiate body and you will need Finnish language skills for Collegiate. Three full and three deputy members are chosen for the Academic Council of each School.The student representatives of the administration, ie HallOpEd’s, are LUT students who participate in the decision-making and development of the university. You as a student are the best expert in everyday study and teaching. To work as a HallOpEd, you don’t have to have any previous experience, so you can apply if you’re interested in coming along! You can apply as a HallOpEd if you’re regular LUT student and a member of the student union.
What: Apply as HallOpEd

  • Collegiate Body 4+4 (Note! Finnish skills needed)
  • LUT School of Engineering Science (LENS) 3+3
  • LUT School of Energy Systems (LES) 3+3
  • LUT School of Business and Management (LBM) 3+3

When: Application period ends 8.11.2020. Decisions will be made at the Representative Council meeting on 10th of November from 5 p.m.More information about Collegiate body, academic councils and application forms can be found from here.
Ask more from [email protected]

Apply and make an impact!

Municipal election webinar

What are municipal elections? What do municipal councilors do? Could I run as a municipal candidate? How?
For example these questions will be answered at the municipal election webinar organized by LTKY and KOE on Tuesday 17.11.2020, starting at 15:30 in Zoom. 
The municipal election webinar presents municipal elections in general and what it is to be a young municipal councilor. In addition, the young representatives of the parties will tell about the current themes in the next council term in both Lappeenranta and Lahti. To participate in the webinar, you don’t have to be a long-term influencer, just curiosity about getting involved in municipal politics is enough.
In the municipal election webinar, it is possible to ask questions from party representatives as well as about municipal elections in general. Questions can be asked at the event or in advance via the anonymous form.
Link to the facebook event.
Note: the event will be held in Finnish!


Teekkari cap order, batch 1

The most glorious days to be a freshman approaches when Wappu (first of May) draws closer. Now is the time to order your shining white teekkari cap so it’s ready when the time comes! Teekkari cap costs 126 € for students who began their studies this autumn and 145 € for older tech students. The bill will come in email at the beginning of March. Deadline for this first round of orders is 3.12.2020. Caps ordered after this date will cost more! Answers to questions and more information from Virpi Partti at LTKY’s office, by phone 045 261 2670 or by email [email protected].

You can order the cap from here!

MAKE NOTE! LUT Highway -students may only order their caps after being admitted in as degree students.


News from Aalef

Customer feedback survey of the student house restaurant

During September, we collected customer feedback from the Student House restaurant to help make our restaurants even better! We were really pleased that the majority of those who gave feedback (98%) had been either satisfied or very satisfied with Aalef’s restaurant services recently! We received a special thank you for the street food days at the student house restaurant as well as the comprehensive salad table.

However, there were also very good development suggestions / wishes among the feedback, and of course we try to make concrete changes based on them and respond to the feedback we received.
Of all the feedback we received, we grouped the most common themes into four arguments:

  • “Vegan protein sources are scarce” → Aalef monitors the implementation of nutritional recommendations in vegan food on a daily basis. Vegan protein sources also include e.g. legumes on the salad table and seeds. Customer feedback was particularly much in favor of adding falafel and vegan aioli to the list and this is being implemented. We are also considering ways to continuously develop vegetarian food and will launch a separate group of students for this, which we will report on later. It should also be noted that many vegetarian products (especially novelties) are still so expensive that they cannot be profitably prepared in our restaurants. Hopefully, this situation will develop in the next few years. 
  • “A coffee cup is too expensive and a smaller cup is useless” → For coffee, we have decided to clarify the pricing so that from the beginning of November, a medium-sized coffee cup purchased with food costs € 0.50. We will remove the smaller coffee cup completely because it was seen as unnecessary and its sales have also decrease significantly in recent years.
  • “Separate salad plates back!” → We will not return separate salad plates as it has been found to significantly increase the amount of washing-up. The removal of salad plates has also been shown to be an effective way of reducing food over-intake and consequent food plate loss.
  • “The lines are a bit unclear and sometimes the other line is already closed in the afternoon” → We will clarify the lines of the student house restaurant as both the front line (closer to the glass wall of the canteen) and the back line (on the other side of the restaurant). The back line quaranteed opening hours will be from the beginning of November on weekdays from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm, but we still reserve the right to make changes to reduce food waste. Guidance to the lines will be supported by the renovation of the glass wall of the student house and taping to the restaurant.

If you have any questions about the reforms, please contact Aalef’s student representatives Anni and Atte or our restaurant manager Saila! 

Among all those who took part to the survey, we raffled the prize which was free food portions for the week. The winner of the contest will be notified of the win in person! Congratulations!

News from LUT university

What moves you?

LAB and LUT’s support and welfare services organize “What moves you?” -health lecture series on Thursdays (19.11-10.12.) from 15-15.45 via Teams. The lectures are aimed at everyone interested in the topics, both students and staff. Each time includes an introduction to the topic, practical tips, and time for questions and discussion. 

  • 19.11. Study Skills and Time Management, pedagogical specialist Juha Tiitta
  • 26.11. A conscious person learns better, Jarkko Tuominen, Head of Student Services
  • 3.12. Stress management and recovery, study psychologists Aino Elomäki and Janita Suni
  • 10.12. Physiological regulation mechanisms and study, exercise coordinator Pekko Pirhonen and exercise expert Markus Halonen

Unfortunately, this is only in Finnish.


Other news

Student discount in Room Escape Lappeenranta

Room Escape Lappeenranta offers room escape games 20€ per person. Student card needed. Room Escape is located in the city center above restaurant Amarillo.


Career in banking with technical background

Would you be interested in doing a variety of work, including Nordic co-operation, where you can use creative problem-solving skills and use for example Python and SQL in your work?

We are looking for talented students with a technical background for the Future Finance Professional internship at Nordea Markets by summer 2021.
Listen to more about the available tasks as told by Tommi and Markus in this 10min long video here [] (download video).
The application for the summer FFP program is open until November 4, 2020. Read more about the program and apply here. []
For more information: Roope Parmasuo [email protected]

Come to chat with other students

Nyyti has an online chat where you can discuss student related issues with other students.

Chats in English:

thu 12.11. The Polar Night – How to handle ”kaamos” and seasonal affective disorder?
thu 10.12. Can you hear me, S.O.S?

International Students’ roadmap

Take part in survey regarding the roadmap of our international students in LUT and LAB. The target is to better understand your experience, find out the bottlenecks and make the improvements together.

The survey is divided into 7 topics, which showcases the process from applying to study till graduating from the university. Under each topic there are scaling, multiple choice and open-end questions.

The survey responses are anonymous and it will take approximately 10-15 minutes to respond this survey.

To thank you for your valuable efforts, we will draw three(3) S group gift cards (20€) among the responders of the survey. If you wish to participate the draw, please leave us your contact information in the end of the survey. We will contact the winners by the end of November 2020.

The survey is powered by the South Karelia Asian Knowledge Hub project and is carried out in cooperation with LUT University, LAB University of Applied Science and LTKY Student Union.

Take part to the survey in here.