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LTKY is looking for deputy members for the Collegiate Body and the LES Academic Council

2 deputy representatives are searched for the University Collegiate. The duties of the LUT Collegiate include deciding on the number of board members and the term of office, electing members to the University board and approving the University’s financial statements and report, and deciding on the freedom of responsibility of the board members and the Rector.2 deputy members are searched for the LES Academic Council. Students of energy technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and environmental technology are eligible to apply to the LES Academic Council. The Academic Council decides on the affairs of the unit together with the management of the School.Decisions on HallOpEd seats will be made at the LTKY Representative Council meeting, and new hallopeds will be trained during December.
Application period: 11.11.2020 – 1.12.2020
Read or ask [email protected]

Answer to our member survey!

Our annual member survey is here again and we need your opinions and feedback to further improve our member services and operations in general. At the end of the survey you have an opportunity to win a LUT college. Your responses are anonymous and they are used only to improve our, and our stakeholders operations. Your responses are highly important to us, so please send your answers before the deadline: 01.12.2020.
Link to the survey: Member survey 2020

Order your Teekkari cap now!

The most glorious days to be a freshman approaches when Wappu (first of May) draws closer. Now is the time to order your shining white teekkari cap so it’s ready when the time comes! Teekkari cap costs 126 € for students who began their studies this autumn and 145 € for older tech students. The bill will come in email at the beginning of March. Deadline for this first round of orders is 3.12.2020. Caps ordered after this date will cost more! Answers to questions and more information from Virpi Partti at LTKY’s office, by phone 045 261 2670 or by email [email protected].

You can order the cap from here!

MAKE NOTE! LUT Highway -students may only order their caps after being admitted in as degree students.


Club activities

National Kyykkä League (NKL) registration is open!

Winter is approaching and the National Kyykkä League (NKL) registration for the 2021 season has opened. Gather a team of 6-12 people and come and experience the joy of kyykkä. You can join without any previous experience! Assemble the team and register by 13.12.2020 from the link. More information about NKL can be found on Facebook.


The city of Lappeenranta

The exhibition East of Finland in Photographs open at the Museum of South Karelia

The photos of Eastern Finland are a funny and wistful story about people, nature and borders. The exhibition maps the mythical Savo, Karelia and Kainuu from the 1860s. The exhibition Finland in the East in Photographs is on display at the Museum of South Karelia from 14 November 2020 to 11 April 2021.
More information here.


News from LUT university

What moves you?

LAB and LUT’s support and welfare services organize “What moves you?” -health lecture series on Thursdays (19.11-10.12.) from 15-15.45 via Teams. The lectures are aimed at everyone interested in the topics, both students and staff. Each time includes an introduction to the topic, practical tips, and time for questions and discussion. 

  • 3.12. Stress management and recovery, study psychologists Aino Elomäki and Janita Suni
  • 10.12. Physiological regulation mechanisms and study, exercise coordinator Pekko Pirhonen and exercise expert Markus Halonen

Unfortunately, this is only in Finnish.


Other news

Apply to become a TEK Student Representative for 2021

Do you want power, networks and expertise? Do you want to be able to influence the policies of a nationally significant and influential player? Apply no later than November 26th!
All TEK student members are eligible and student representatives are appointed only for one year at a time. Previous experience in similar positions is not required. More important than experience is enthusiasm and motivation to get involved, influence things and learn new things.

More information (in Finnish) here!

Nyyti ry

Nyyti has an online chat where you can discuss student related issues with other students.

Chats in English:

thu 12.11. The Polar Night – How to handle ”kaamos” and seasonal affective disorder?
thu 10.12. Can you hear me, S.O.S?

Influence Nyyti’s operations – answer survey!

Influence Nyyti ry’s operations by answering our survey. Your opinion is important to us. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the survey.
How do our group chats, online meetups, time management groups, and the Learn Life Skills Course serve you? Do our contents in social media inspire you? Is something missing?
For each survey answered, Nyyti donates 25 cents to the Finnish 4H’s Taimiteko activity, which grows Finnish carbon sinks and employs young people by planting trees. One thousand answers mean 100 trees planted and 23,260 kilograms of offset carbon emissions. Please join the effort!
Answer the survey by 30 November:–opiskelijat–2020