Are you interested in working on the Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland? 

The Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for 2024 will be elected at the General Assembly on 17–18 November 2023. Six members and the President will be elected. Delegates elected by the student unions will vote on the Board at the General Assembly. All delegates with voting rights can nominate candidates for the Board and President.

Student unions usually choose their candidates for SYL’s board and president in their student council meetings. Please contact your student union if you are interested in applying. With other questions, you can contact SYL’s Vice President Pauliina Ryökäs, [email protected].

Board work is full-time and requires living in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The Board compensation paid out to board members will be 1,365 euros per month, while the President will also receive a bonus of 475 euros per month, and the Vice President a bonus of 100 euros per month.

See below for the key dates if you are interested in becoming a Board member or if you are chosen as a candidate for the Board:


  • Short presentation of candidates at the fall seminar on 14–15 September. 


  • Presentations of candidates in Instagram Stories on weekdays, starting on 16 October. Further details to be provided later.


  • Candidates’ written presentations will be published on SYL’s website on 6 November.
  • Candidates’ streamed interviews on the morning of the General Assembly, Friday 17 November. More details of the presentations and panel discussion will be provided in early October. 
  • Election of Board members at the General Assembly.


For more information, contact SYL’s Vice President Pauliina Ryökäs, [email protected].