LBS (LUT Business School) academic council is searching for a deputy member. Term of office starts immediatelly and ends 31.12.2024. 

The Academic Council e.g. decides on the curricula of the academic unit, makes proposals for the filling of the posts of the unit and issues dissertation permits. The Academic Council meets about once a month during the academic year, so time is spent including preparation for meetings, including 5-10 hours per month, depending on the month. Meetings are promised a meeting fee and valuable experience in, for example, meeting behavior and negotiation.

Eligible for the position are students of Business and Management who are not employed by the university for more than 50% of the working time of that spesific group of workers. Deputy member attends the meeting only if the regular member is not able to attend.

Apply by filling out this application form by 16.10. Decisions will be made at the LTKY Representative Council meeting 19.10. where the applicants are welcome to attend.

Acting as a student representative of the administration is an opportunity to develop the university and the community while studying. Halloped’s mission is to influence decision-making and make the university a better place for all students. You will be abe to influence the courses and to meet the universiy staff. You will be trained to work as a Halloped, so not to worry, you won’t have to be professional! The tasks also include getting to know the meeting materials, as well as meetings with other hallopeds and LTKY. 

More information: [email protected]