Temporary housing is meant for those students of LUT, LAB UAS and Sampo who have applied for an apartment from LOAS and are still on the waiting list or have received an apartment from LOAS, but whose lease begins later than their studies.

Temporary housing will be open 15.8. – 31.10.. Housing is organized in LOAS buildings club rooms. Men and women will be divided to different club rooms.

Temporary housing costs 5 € per day on 15.8. – 1.10. and 8 € per day on 1. – 31.10. Rent is paid from the days of arrival and departure, the minimum rent is 20 € for a stay of less than four days. The payment will be charged when the key is returned. If a person in temporary housing loses his/her key or otherwise fails to return it after his/her stay in temporary housing is over, he/she is liable to pay a fee of up to 500€ to LOAS to change the locks.

If any LOAS apartment is offered to the tenant, the right to use temporary housing ends immediately when the rental contract starts/would start.

Link for enrollment: https://forms.gle/ExTnemMWRxzR4rCG6

For more information or for questions, please contact LTKY housing secretary by email at [email protected].

Contact information: [email protected], Tel. +358 503 650 919