Welcome to the student restaurants on the Skinnarila campus!

Meals for university students are supported with a meal subsidy paid by KELA (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland). The support gives students the opportunity to enjoy a versatile meal that promotes health, study ability and endurance at a reasonable student price. So an affordable lunch on campus is a daily student benefit!

You can get a student-priced meal by showing a valid

  • digital Frank, Kide.app, Pivo, Slice or Tuudo student card                                 
  • plastic student card with valid sticker
  • Kela’s meal support card (you can get this from the university)

We do not limit portion sizes and you can get refill as well, BUT KELA REQUIRES THAT THE SUBSIDIZED MEAL IS EATED IN THE STUDENT CANTEEN. You can buy separate take away portions, but the student meal must be eaten in the restaurant. 

The most delicious lunch greetings, Kampusravintolat Oy and Aalef