Finland’s longest Wappu

Unfortunately, the coronavirus still affects the lives of students, and that’s why we have to organize our Wappu as remoteWappu. We’ve managed to maintain many traditional Wappu events for this year as well, but unfortunately we’ll have to postpone freshmen baptism until next fall. The new date of baptism is August 29th 2021, if the future situation allows it.

However, there is no need to mourn too much remote Wappu, because again this year Finland’s longest Wappu will take over Lapland’s Rannat, Lahti and practically the whole of Finland’s remote Wappu.

There is a program for every day of Wappu that everyone can participate in. Even traditional perch can participate in the eCampus Discord and watch until sunrise while listening to wooden foot jokes.

See the whole program from here!


News from LTKYAnkkuri

Apply to become a student member of Aalef’s board

Two student members are being applied for Aalef oy’s board!
Aalef is a company jointly owned by all Skinnarila students with the aim of providing its owners with the best service, good and healthy food, as well as fun snatches and events.
The term of office of the student members on Aalef’s Board of Directors is one year, and will begin at the Annual General Meeting in May. One student member is primarily responsible for Aalef’s events, and the other student member is responsible for communications.
We consider the experience of event organization (event role), the experience of communication (communication role) and the knowledge of Lappeenranta’s student culture to be an advantage.
Submit a free-form application and resume no later than 28.4. to the Director of [email protected]. More information can be found here!
This position requires fluent finnish.

LTKY is searching for members to the LTKY council election board committee!

The committee is tasked in organizing and supervising fair elections in next autumn’s council election. The only criteria for committee members is that you are not running for council in the same election. Join us in upholding student democracy. Committee members get a wolt- or G-bar dinner after the elections.

Send a freeform application or ask questions regarding the committee from the chairperson [email protected] or LTKY’s executive director [email protected]

Survey about gendered experiences on studying

Welcome to participate in a survey, which collects information on gendered experiences on studying at LUT University. The survey has been prepared in cooperation with LUT University Student Union LTKY and it is a part of Equal Career Paths for Women! project which aims at supporting the equal progression into and on career paths for all genders.The survey takes about 10-15 minutes. The answers will be processed anonymously. The results will be used for sharing understanding of the structures connected to equality. The aim is to develop concrete tools for career and study councelling of LUT University.LUT raffles three 50 euro gift cards to Aalef. After you have submitted your survey answers by clicking “submit”, the survey redirects you to a new survey where you may leave your contact email in case you wish to participate in the raffle and/or the following activities of the project. The participation in the raffling in optional. The contact details are collected on a separate survey and can not be combined with the answers of this survey. Raffling is conducted at the end of April.If you wish to get more information about the survey or the NOW! project, please contact post-doctoral researcher Johanna Naukkarinen ().You can access the survey here: are hoping for active participation so that we all together can make LUT even more equal and inclusive study community.Jaana Sandström, vice rector LUT & Arttu Kaukinen, Executive director LTKY


News from LUT university

Plenty of selection exam supervisor duties available

Hello students,
Are you interested in the role exam supervisor this summer? Surveillance pays 15 € / hour. The exams are organized at LUT’s Lappeenranta campus as follows:

• Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 at 10-14 (duration of the exam 4 h, in addition, a joint meeting of the supervisors on the morning of the exam day 1 h + preparation of the test hall 1 h)

• Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 at 12-15 (duration of the exam 3 h, plus a joint meeting of the supervisors on the morning of the exam day 1 h + preparation of the test hall 1 h)
Tell us if you can work on both entrance exam days or just one. Send your answer to [email protected] by May 1st, 2021.

  • Write the subject of your e-mail as “valintakoevalvonta”
  • Indicate in the message in addition to the selection test dates
    • your last name, first name, telephone number and e – mail address, and
    • through which you received information about the matter (via the list of examiners / through the guild / through LTKY / through the UNI portal / from Abitiimi / from a student friend).

Special this summer: People at risk for coronavirus disease cannot serve as screening supervisors.
Information about the working hours and the meeting place will be sent to everyone by e-mail no later than May 25th, 2021 (ie one week before the DI selection exam). In the same message, we also provide supervisor instructions to read in advance.
Päivi and Heli / LUT’s search services


Other news

League of Legends Finnish Student Championships 15./22.5.

Aalto Gamers presents a 3000€ prize pool and the championship tournament of League of Legends of Finnish students in May! Form your team of students, and come show what the best League of Legends of Finland looks like!

The sign-up for the tournament starts on Wednesday 21.04 at 12:00. Only 32 teams can participate, so sign up fast!

Additional info: