The student Union of LUT University is celebrating its 53rd anniversary on October
29th, 2022!

The party starts with a cocktail party at 2pm in Lappeenranta Raatihuone, which
is open for invited guests. There will be buses leaving to Raatihuone from LUT
University at 1pm and buses will pick up participants on the way. After the
Cocktail party buses will take you back to LUT University where the main party is
held in Student Union building starting at 5pm. The dinner card costs 80€ for
members of LTKY, 120€ for company representatives and 100€ for other guests.
If you so wish, you can also choose to purchase a support card for 150€.

Dresscode: Formal wear with academic decorations.

Brunch ‘Sillis’ will be celebrated on Sunday, October 30th, 2022 in LOAS’s Vierula
located on Campus in Yliopistonkatu 31. There are no bus transfers for brunch.
The theme of Sillis is Children party, so in addition to casual clothes or overalls,
you can dress according to the theme.

Application form for the annual ball (the form is open until Thursday 20.10.)