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Municipal affairs, offsite campuses Lahti & FITech and international affairs

Municipal affairs, offsite campuses Lahti & FITech and international affairs

A year on the board is coming to an end and it is time to look for new actors in the LTKY family. This year has gone faster than I thought and has accommodated wonderful experiences, encounters and a lot of new learning. Now Anniina, who is responsible for municipal policy, offsite campuses and international affairs, will tell about her year on LTKY’s board. 

I’m studying industrial engineering and management for the 4th year. Last year I acted in Kaplaaki board as TEK and alumni officer and in the sailing club Skuutti board as project manager, so as a side project I decided to join the LTKY50 anniversary working group and I ended up as LTKY’s anniversary secretary. Those anniversaries of more than 500 people are one of the biggest projects of my organizational career. During the year as secretary, I got to know the people of the office and followed the duties and responsibilities of the LTKY board.

Kuva kirjoittajasta vuosijuhlilla
In the beginning of the year I was able to represent the student union in anniversary's of Armatuuri, Kaplaaki and VYY. Picture: Miika Tiainen

My main responsibility of the LTKY board is municipal policy and offsite campuses in Lahti and Turku. I’ve done a lot of work preparing for next spring’s municipal elections, in cooperation with KOE. Influencing, lobbying and politics have become familiar during the year. My other main responsibility is offsite campuses, and my biggest project has been the expansion of LTKY to Lahti. During the year I have traveled between Lappeenranta and Lahti, so I have met often the City of Lahti management and become familiar with LUT Lahti campus. I’ve organized also Lahtikursio that combined excursion, sitz party, baptism, teekkaricap ceremony and kyykkä. In addition, my responsibilities include international affairs, which has meant leading the International Committee and active keep in touch with other student unions through SYL’s international sector.

Kuva kirjoittajasta, toisesta hallituslaisesta ja kahdesta LTKY:n työntekijästä koiran kanssa autossa
During the year in the board, traveling became familiar, although because of my travel sickness it wasn't always a favorite thing to do. In the picture, board member Meeri and LTKY employees Tiia and Antti + Kaapo, of course.

When I was a part of LTKY’s secretary, I followed the activities of LTKY closely, so I already had some idea of what was going on in the student union. However, I was surprised at how time consuming this is. Scheduling, flexibility and delegation have become very familiar during the year. The year has still included a lot of learning new things, working in an area of discomfort as well as joy. I have learned to influence, lobbying, policy, and the establishment of a completely new function in the Lahti project. The best thing has been to be able to influence the affairs of our entire community and to promote the position of students both on campuses and nationwide.

Kuva hallituksen jäsenistä kyykkäämässä
Playing kyykkä in Tampere against other student unions with Vili, Iita and Kuisma. Picture: Tuomo Pokki

After all, the past year has definitely given more than it has taken. The postponement of Wappu, the cancellation of LTKY’s annual celebrations and seminar trips, and other adversities were unfortunate, but there was also a lot of good. In the spring, I participated the anniversary celebration in Vaasa, MM-kyykkä in Tampere and met the mayors of Lappeenranta and Lahti. The year has been about adapting to change, reacting quickly, learning something new and challenging myself. The best thanks for the work done has been when an office buddy or event attendee has come to said ”well done!”. Because for you, dear member of the student community, we are doing this <3

Anniina Pokki

Anniina Pokki

The author is a member of LTKY’s board responsible for municipal affairs, offsite campuses Lahti & FITech and international affairs

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