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Associations and Events

Associations and events

Last fall, one night I may have forgotten, I finally decided to apply to the LTKY board, aided by a little pressure. A few weeks ahead, and I just happened to be abroad on a business trip during the election panel, so I couldn’t introduce myself to the Representative Council. Luckily, I got a good friend to replace me and I got into this year’s board to my great surprise.

After this unusual application process, I was a little baffled and didn’t really know what would happen next. The first few weeks it felt like I could say goodbye to studying for the next year. However, this did not happen (at least not because of LTKY’s work) and after the initial rigidity and excitement, I realized that the other board members are ordinary people, too.

During the year, I have been able to explore the wonderful world of Skinnarila events and many organisations and individuals organizing events, as well as organize events myself, too, at least early in the year. The corona situation hit in the Spring and out almost everything on the ice.

One of my responsibilities is also being the chair of the Member Services Committee. Frankly, we distribute money especially for the procurement and support of hobby associations. Admittedly, this side has also been fairly quiet because of the corona.

One trip to Tampere to SYL's opening seminar.
PoWi Cup was rough.

Although there was a bit less work to be done from my own pest, corona didn’t hit other board members as much. Thus, helping others in day-to-day matters and influencing in other areas of responsibility, too, rose to a greater role than I could have imagined at the beginning of the year.

And this has not been just drilling. Fortunately, we have been able to engage in domestic tourism at special occasions and events, as well as play activities with our board in the form of the PoWi Cup.


LTKY’s Board’s year has been to this date, and possibly will be in the future, the best year of study that I spent, and the best thing in this activity is definitely people.

Vili Seppälä

The author is a member of LTKY’s board responsible for associations and events.

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