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Snoozer’s tips for distance learning

It’s harder to study at home and I haven’t been the most effective student this fall. So I ended up looking for a few tips for distance learning and studying at home.

The biggest challenge for myself has been waking up early in the morning especially if there has been nothing to go to. If you’re not a morning person, don’t try to wake up before seven, but still put some alarm and skip the snoozing. Not everyone has the same sleep rhythm, so find the most effective one for yourself.

Make a schedule! It is good to get some kind of rhythm for the day and when you study hard during the day, you can relax in peace in the evening. Setting small goals allows for feelings of success and, of course, small rewards. Whether your reward is some treat, the next episode in a favorite series, or something else, it’s good to find something nice to look forward to the day.

When creating a schedule for the week, it is important to remember to eat well and move outside the home. The dog has been a good reason to go outside. I would also recommend a small walk or other outdoor activity to others daily to stay sane.

I have noticed that everyone encourage to exchange normal clothes on, even if you aren’t going anywhere. Personally, I especially like the days when you can be in casual clothes instead of neat clothes and jeans. It also saves time in the mornings when you don’t spend time dressing up.

Students often have small apartments and therefore it can be challenging to find a decent workstation, but it is important to differentiate between studying and relaxing. The most important thing is to get out of bed because the brain perceives the bed as sleeping and therefore concentration can be more challenging.

You should focus on one thing at a time. Anyone who has ever studied with me can say that this is really not my strength and that is why it is good to decide to focus on studying for a certain amount of time, for example 45 minutes and then take a break.

When watching lectures, it is worth taking notes, even if they sometimes seem useless. When you’re watching a lecture from a computer, it is easier to lose focus because there are more distractions at home and writing notes forces you to concentrate.

One last tip: put that phone away.

Oona Tuomisto

Author works for LTKY and is a hopeless snoozer herself.

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