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Need things to do in the summer? – try Finnish theater!

Do you want to do things in summer in Lappeenranta? Go to the theater at an affordable student price!

I myself have had cultural experiences and visited the theater before, but the play called Amadeus was my first touch with the theater in Lappeenranta. The theater itself was easily accessible right in the heart of Lappeenranta, upstairs in the IsoKristiina shopping center. This theater also had a calm atmosphere like many other theaters as well, which was very different from the hustle and bustle of the downstairs shopping center.

I had little prior knowledge of the play itself. However, I knew that the play was about Mozart’s talent as a composer, and the music he composed could possibly be heard as well. The play was wonderfully brought close to the people of today, and Mozart’s witty character and funny jokes provided a good approach to the classism composer. The performances of the actors as well as the scenes of the  play were stunning and definitely made the play very impressive. While watching the show, I realized how similar people’s personal struggles are both during that time and today. Mozart’s problems revolve mainly around career, relationships, and money matters, and many things are certainly struggling with similar things in modern society today.

The end of the performance was heartbreaking, and the story remained spinning in my mind even after the performance, which certainly speaks volumes about its effectiveness. It was great to see how long ago the composed music still lives on today and entertains people.

All in all, that play and the Lappeenranta City Theater as a whole was a very positive experience! The price of a student ticket is not dizzying either, as the ticket costs only a paltry 12 euros when booked at the door. The price is comparable to the price of a movie ticket, but I think the experience is more atmospheric and more impressive. I recommend everyone experience theater at least once in their life, and now as a student there is at least an affordable opportunity to do so! The ongoing plays and information about the tickets can be found for example here!

Article was written in co-operation with the city of Lappeenranta.


Suvi-Tuuli Ryhänen

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