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LTKY’s month: September

The LTKY’s month concept is a continuation of the LTKY’s week concept on social media and it goes deeper into LTKY’s operations and achievements. The purpose of the concept is to increase transparency and awareness for those interested in LTKY’s operations.


  • Anniina Pokki (Chair of the board)

    The early autumn has been busy for the entire LTKY team, as we have organized freshman weeks together with guilds and associations, and welcomed older students back to campuses. Even the rapid changes caused by Corona have required difficult decisions and risk-benefit considerations. From my own point of view, however, the beginning of the academic year has gone well and the students have been brought back to almost normal university life. The first bachelor’s students who started in Lahti have also been introduced to their studies, and to our student life.  The traditional Lahti course was also organized, and with it, the master’s freshmen who started Lahti 2020 were baptized. In the same way, we also organized a teak and sign baptism for the freshmen of Lappeenranta in 2020 at the end of August.
    The daily life of the office and the board has started to roll in its traditional way. We meet regularly with various stakeholders, the principal and the university management and strive to take care of the well-being of the students. The upcoming Representative council elections are causing a stir in the office coffee room, which is otherwise open again, welcome! The fall calendar looks busy, but I’m excited to be able to meet people face to face again again and have coffee in the meeting. In addition to LTKY’s Representative Council elections, the board application will also open in October, so you will find more about it both in the form of affiliations and on the social media later. Traditional reminder at the beginning of the autumn, that is, if there are any questions about both our activities and, for example, government activities, I’m happy to answer the questions. See you on the campus, in the office and at events!

  • Lassi Onne (Culture)

    September and the end of August are extremely busy for LTKY’s culture director. Freshmen weeks and teekkari baptise for freshmen on two campuses in lappeen Ranta and Lahti. Luckily Covid-19 didn’t affect much and I didn’t have to resort to plan B.

    During freshmen weeks I didn’t have much to do, I had only a supervisor role. Days were still long but mostly I just watched how the event went and participated in a few events myself. At the end of September the monthly SYL culture sector meetings started again.

    Matilda Orpana (Communications, Environment and sustainability)

    In September we have informed students about important news and events, shared pictures from freshmen weeks and started weekly communications again. There has been a lot of planning of future events’ communications, for example students council elections and Sustainability week. The planning of Sustainability week has also gone well during September.

  • Olivia Kuronen (Social Politics, Well-being, Sports, International Affairs)

    It has been a busy month. Before the orientation weeks and during them I held many training sessions and presentations about LTKY to both international tutors and also to new international freshmen. During the freshmen weeks international events were arranged for the first time including making the freshman caps and promotion in English. In addition to that much information and activities for international students were made with international freshmen captains and tutors. These first weeks were pretty much about internationality.

    Right after freshmen weeks it was time to start planning of Well-being week. Because of corona preparations have been quite cautious but now the situations looks good. What else with well-being and sports? I attended sports committees meeting with guild’s sports managers, The Finnish Student Sports Federation’s (OLL) two-days sector meeting and National Union of University Students in Fnland, SYL’s autumn seminar. From these I got lot’s of new information concerning students health care affiliations and how liikkuva korkeakoulu (mobile college) -project is going on. I have also talk with our new employee that we share with KOE. Her name is Heidi and we have gathered many ideas about sports tutoring and student’s hobby options. We had our first health working group meeting of this semester where we planned our agenda for this new school year. On top of that we met our new study psychologist Milja and our OLL godmother. Today I will finish the last comments to OLL’s federal assembly materials and then it is already October. See you all in well-being week!

  • Senni Auvinen (Vice President, Municipal Policy, Events, Organizations, Tutoring)

    The beginning of September was fast-paced with the start of the new semester. I generally helped with freshman weeks arrangements. On Saturday of the first freshman week was Lahtikursio, which I was partly responsible for. The freshman weeks also included a meeting of the Representative Council. At that meeting, the persons to be awarded for LTKY’s 52nd anniversary were decided, and I brought a proposal to the meeting. During the summer, I had formed these proposals together with the honorary committee.

    Together with the municipal advocacy group, we planned the meetings of the Lappeenranta and Lahti city council groups, their schedule and content. Together with KOEs Emma, ​​I have recently met several of these council groups, but many have yet to be met. This takes up a large portion of my fall work hours. The purpose is to bring our municipal policy strategy to the attention of council members and to discuss with them about the status and benefits of students in the city.

    Some of the smaller things that have kept me busy: SYL’s autumn seminar was two days in the middle of the month and sadly still online. I have participated in the planning and ideation of new student events in Lahti. I also briefly covered Arttu to company Anniina in one meeting.


  • Elviira Kairamo (Secretary of annual celebration)

    The annual celebrations are already starting to get close! The arrangements are already nearly done and only small details are remaining. I am already looking forward to LTKY’s 52nd Anniversary.
    Ticket booking opens on 30.09. and you should be quick as the seats will be filled in the order of registration.

  • Oona Tuomisto (Communications specialist)

    September has been mainly been about maintaining communications. I have just returned properly to work back from the summer job and right in the middle of planning communications for the Representative Council Elections. Now in the fall, there are a lot of big communication projects like Representative Council elections, welfare week and later board searches whose communication requires better planning.

  • Pia Kuosmanen (Community Specialist)

    New events have been organized in Lahti and more are planned. Getting to know local organizations has been warm welcome, and the diversification of internationalism has been eagerly received.

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