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LTKY’s month: March

The LTKY’s month concept is a continuation of the LTKY’s week concept on social media and it goes deeper into LTKY’s operations and achievements. The purpose of the concept is to increase transparency and awareness for those interested in LTKY’s operations.


  • Anniina Pokki (Chair of the board)

    At the beginning of March, a secretary of annual celebration was recruited for LTKY. The Executive Director was responsible for handling the practical matters of recruiting the project secretary in accordance with the Board’s instructions, and my role was to participate in the interview with the applicants. We made the final decision together with the board. In addition, we have planned to recruit a full-time employee to Lahti, so we have considered the job description and priorities for the job.

    We had a virtual business trip to China when we met with representatives of the Hebei University Student Union along with LUT management. We discussed cooperation and the wishes of students arriving in the autumn to study at LUT. We received answers to our questions, such as their background studies in Hebei and how we could, both in advance and during the first few weeks, help them adapt to the student community.

    Before the exam week, we had an active discussion about paper exams for several weeks with LUT’s management. After fruitless discussions, we ended up writing a statement on the subject. With the help of the statement, we got a better discussion connection with the university and finally achieved the answers and concrete actions we wanted. In addition, we discussed the importance of keeping doors open in campuses for student.

    I participated in SYL’s Management Seminar, where I met the management sector from other Student Unions. The best offering of the two-day event was definitely the discussions and support in a challenging situation. The Seminar also included various trainings and practical tips for remote management and coping. Our godfather Konsta from SYL met with the LTKY Board and visited the Representative Council’s evening school to tell about SYL’s current affairs and answered questions related to FSHS and the university’s entrance exams.

    I also had an active discussion with the KOE chairman about cooperation and communication. With Senni, we met with the KOE presidency and discussed how we could work together to best benefit the entire university community and students on both the LUT and LAB side. Regular face-to-face coffee has been left out, but we’re trying to come up with a solution that’s suitable for this remote time.

    We met the LTKY Alumni under the traditional Facebook LTKY Live, where we were told about the Student Union affiliations and answered tough questions. Old LTKY activists were particularly interested in the government’s resilience and the expansion of Lahti. We also considered the possibility of holding a similar Q&A session for all students in the fall, where students would be able to hear even more closely about the Student Union’s affiliations and plans for the rest of the year and also ask questions.

  • Lassi Onne (Culture)

    March went fast with planning of Wappu to both cities lappeen Ranta and Lahti. I attended several meetings where we brainstormed ideas and made plans for start of Wappu to freshman baptism and more. SYL joint Wappu challenge which will be held at near the of our Wappu.

    ECampus Discord channel has remained mostly same as it were end of last month. I made few channels for events and added few new admins.
    End of march I had meeting with SYL’s culture sector and we discussed about online events and equality matters in online events and normal events.

  • Matilda Orpana (Communications, Environment and sustainability)

    On March I have had a lot of meetings, f. ex. board’s meetings and meetings regarding communications of Wappu, well-being week, business relations and representative council election. The planning, creating and posting materials on well-being was a big part of March. We have also informed student throughout the month about current matters and events, and created our weekly content.

    On the end of March there was also a Q&A session by LTKY alumni. I also attended a seminar by SYL, where I got to meet people from other student unions and got some more training regarding communications.

  • Mika Kuittinen (Lahti & Turku, Worklife, Corporate Relations,
    Harassment Contact Person)

    I am responsible for the acquisition of partners and this year LTKY wants to invest in particular the cooperation, because we have many resources consuming projects, which means it would be good to get some extra funding.

    In March, I got the first business relations meetings started, where we are applying for funding for the Lahti Project. LTKY will expand to Lahti properly in the next autumn and we are hiring a new employee to Lahti. Both of the meetings went well and there is a need to plan a follow-up to both, either in the form of a second meeting or to send us different cooperation packages.

    I also continued to work on the LTKY sales booklet. The sales pitch would be a presentation document on low-threshold collaboration opportunities, which would give companies a comprehensive picture of what LTKY is and what collaboration opportunities we have. Its content was completed, and its making was transferred to communication. During the month, co-operated with Communications regarding the appearance of the sales booklet.

    During the month, I held “office days” with Kiia, where we did the corporate relations work together for a full day. During the office days, we sent emails to companies that may be interested in cooperating.

    I planned and implemented a distance excursion in Lahti in cooperation with the vice-chairman. The course was organized in such a way that the LTKY crew drove to Lahti, streaming all the way in Discord.

  • Olivia Kuronen (Social Politics, Well-being, Sports, International Affairs)

    Maaliskuu was about well-being. Lot’s of brainstorming and meetings related to well-being week. In the week itself we had lectures, exercises and challenges. Feedback opportunity is coming.

    I also participated in well-being morning coffees that we have every month and we shared our latest news and what’s going on at the moment. Nowadays we also have bigger well-being groups and meetings with them but we still decided to go on with our morning coffee sessions because it’s easier to share feelings and thoughts more off-topicly. With the big well-being groups we made a yearly timetable for well-being and sport events so that every organisation could be more informed about the events held in our campuses.

    Rest of the month I spent to take care of my own well-being. I had surgery and now recovering from it. New start and energy to work in April!

  • Roosa Grönberg (Higher Education Politics)

    March has been busy. The campus was closed but despite that, LUT did not fully switch to distance studying, rather paper exams were held on campus. We wrote a statement about it and after publishing the statement I participated in many meetings where we discussed how to develop communication between LUT and LTKY. We also mentioned in the discussions that the April exam week had to be organized using electronic exam methods and the exam week should be announced early. In monthly meetings with the Advocacy committee and hallopeds, we discussed almost alone distance studying and paper exams. 

    LUT’s one of the biggest projects this spring is an audit in Week 12. Many students took part in interviews and workshops. LTKY participated in audit info where we discussed how LTKY does advocacy and how we see LUT’s role in it. Although the paper exam problems were running at the same time, we are sincerely able to say that the cooperation between LUT and LTKY is very good and we have great influence over the direction of LUT.

    The end of March and the beginning of April are completely consumed in the reporting of the OLS survey. 1096 responses are a fair number of responses to report, but I am very grateful to all respondents and it is pleasing to note that response activity increased at exactly such a time when data is needed! I also have a responsibility From Feedback to Actions event held on 31 March. I’m excited because organizing a remote event is a whole new experience for me! This month has been a month of learning for me because, in addition to organizing a remote event, I learned how to influence both verbally and in writing. That’s a pretty good month!

  • Senni Auvinen (Vice President, Municipal Policy, Events, Organizations, Tutoring)

    The municipal elections were postponed to June, so the plans had to be renewed in the municipal policy sector. On the other hand, this brought more time to the planning and implementation of voting campaigns. I also participated in SYL’s social policy sector meeting, where politics was also discussed.

    I held the hobby fair for well-being week, where LTKY’s Clubs were able to (remotely) present their activities to those interested. The Member Services Committee met under my leadership and we awarded grants regarding Wappu arrangements.

    Anniina was on vacation for a week and I replaced her during that time. The work of the Honorary Committee began when we opened the proposal form for the Teekkari of the Year and the Kylteri of the Year selections. I participated in organizing a remote Lahti excursion by going with Mika and Anniina to Lahti, which was streamed.


  • Arttu Kaukinen (Executive director)

    For last month my workdays has been filled with few major things. First preparations for audit took a lot of time in the beginning of the month. Luckily LTKY has great office secetary Virpi. Everything was in order in the audit and it waws presented in annual meeting of the representative council later in March.

    Then updating the rules of the studentunion has been ongoing for a year by now and doing final adjustments on them was my honor. They are now more clear and easier to understand. Also they describe our activities better now.

    Lahti project saw advancements as well. We met with student union and staff of HEBUT. It was refreshing to hear what kind of activites they arrange to their students and how we could cooperate when some of them start studying in LUT. LTKY office location is also scouted from Lahti and I’ve been making sure that we get suitable space from Isku campus to serve our membersi in Lahti better.

    LTKY also recruited new annual celebration secetary Elviira.

    There has been lot to learn and I’m still learning new things every day. It wouldn’t have hurt if I had studied more that 24 credits of economics. Im excited to see whet next months have in store for us.

  • Oona Tuomisto (Communications specialist)

    Communication still manages to surprise with its employability. My working hours were increased in March so that I could take LTKY’s communication in a more planned direction. We have now gone more than a year with a try-and-see tactic that has worked great, but now we should also make a better communication plan.

    New projects are constantly coming, and in order to improve planning, we want to be involved with Matilda in the planning of projects from the beginning, so that we can communicate about them effectively. This means a lot of meetings and communication as well as planning a new material.

    At the end of March, SYL (National Union of University Students in Finland) organized a communications sector meeting. The two-day remote meeting had a lot of discussion and training with representatives of other student unions. The most important part of the meeting was the opportunity to get in touch with communication specialists from other student unions, who provided support and tips at a challenging time.

Representative council

  • Chairpersons of the representative council has their own projects which aim is to increase awareness of LTKY’s representative council ans its activities. We want to get more candidates for the autumn council elections than last time and increase voting activity. To this end, we have assembled a group with an council member for each guild. We complied presentation materials of the LTKY and its council which the council members can utilize when presenting these issues to their own guild’s board members during this spring. That is how we manage to reach many active students. In addition, we are making some materials to distribute to the guild’s Instagram to reach even more students.

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