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LTKY’s month: February

The LTKY’s month concept is a continuation of the LTKY’s week concept on social media and it goes deeper into LTKY’s operations and achievements. The purpose of the concept is to increase transparency and awareness for those interested in LTKY’s operations.


  • Anniina Pokki (Chair of the Board)

    The beginning of the year has been in a hurry, when the new board has been briefed to their work, stakeholders have been met and projects have been started. LTKY’s board and employees also trained new guild and club board members at the LTKY meets Skinnarila event.

    In February, I participated in SYL Kick-Off Seminar, where we got to know the actors of other student unions by sector, received training and talked about current issues. In addition, the Chairs of the student unions had our own meeting day, where we talked about coping with workload and leading the team remotely. 

    At the beginning of the year, we had a board planning weekend, where the new board got to know each other. At the beginning of February, a planning day for the entire office was held, which also included employees and the chairs of the Representative Council. During the day, concrete plans were made for the year.

    One of my projects has been t­o make a Board program for 2021. The Board program is a document that defines the most important projects for the coming year. The Board implements these projects by sector together with the employees and reports regularly to the Representative Council. The role of the Representative Council is to monitor that the projects proceed as planned. This year, the Board program includes the expansion of Lahti, municipal elections, guaranteeing the quality of studies during remote teaching, and supporting students’ community and well-being, especially during the corona pandemic.

    I have discussed actively with the LUT management, regarding in corona actions and community safety. Based on the discussions and the guidelines of the health authorities, we made guidelines to guilds and associations. I’ve answered questions and instructed different actors about our recommendations. As a Chair I’ve been in some way involved almost all the projects, so I have followed board members and employees work and helped when needed.

  • Lassi Onne (Culture)

    I started February by testing and compairing discord bots for eCampus. When we were happy about the eCampus plan with KOE I updated the eCampus.

    I have been in Welcome team meeting with Senni and we have managed to get bigger role about tutor orientation for LTKY.

    I participated in SYL seminar and Culture’s sector meeting. In those meeting I met my peers in other student unions. We discussed about mutual Wappu happenings.

    I have been writing instructions for freshmen captains and annual clock. Alongside of the annual clock I have gone through traditional events with equality matters in mind.

  • Matilda Orpana (Communications, Environment and sustainability)

    In the beginning of February I attended the office’s planning day and SYL’s seminar. In the planning day we planned this year, and in the seminar I got to meet people from other Student Unions, discuss with them and received education regarding communications and sustainability.

    In this month we also started new concept, LTKY’s week, in which we try to make LTKY’s work more transparent and known. We have also continued our Tipsitiistai -concept in Instagram and advertised many current things (f. ex. tutoring, teekkari cap order) to our followers.

    In February there has also been a lot of meetings regarding the communications of f. ex. Well-being weeks, OLS-survey, Municipal elections and business cooperation. Then we have of course planned and executed these communications.

    I have also had meetings with LUT’s Sustainability Manager and discussed with her about future actions and events regarding sustainability and green campus. I also attended WWF’s seminar where I got tips on how to forward sustainability on campus and LTKY.

  • Olivia Kuronen (Social Politics, Well-being, Sports, International Affairs)

    In the offices planning day we built first ideas about this year’s projects. In the end two projects were selected to me: “International LTKY” and “communality and well-being for students” and the first steps towards actions are now taken.

    During this month I attended to six different webinars, meetings or training days organized by for example SYL and OLL. Topics of these meetings related to FSHS, higher education on the move, sport tutoring and how to maintain communality during pandemia. These meetings have given me lot’s of information, support and new ideas. I have for example already had conversations with MOVEO on how to develop our sport tutoring.

    This month also contains lots of work with stakeholders when different well-being actors have introduced themselves to us. We also had this years first wellbeing group sessions for both Lappeenranta and Lahti groups. There we discussed on how to make well-being work more organized. At the end of January the school got project money for developing our well-being and moving in studies. Related to that I have also participated to planning and meetings. LTKY and KOE are also arranging remote well-being week (week 11) and there has been many meetings and planning for it.

    What is happening with internationality is that International Committee that includes guild international affairs managers and ESN has started it’s working. We have met twice and made a questionnaire for international students about information channels and events for example. In addition to that I have discussed with Lassi about making a calendar for international affairs and freshmen captains and our purpose is to make it ready this spring. I have also met LUT’s international affairs manager and started an email conversation on how to improve our internationality and also about Hebei-cooperation next autumn.

  • Roosa Grönberg (Higher Education Politics)

    On office’s planning day, we pondered a board program with a big theme of “Ensuring the Quality of Teaching in a New Normal”. LTKY’s view of this new normal is formed by listening to the students.

    The OLS survey was the largest project in February, and the data obtained from the survey will be utilized, for example, in formation of a new normal for teaching. In addition to the OLS survey, guild advocacy representatives have a significant role to play, as through them we get a lot of information about students’ general feelings. The trustees together form an Advocacy committee and this year we have a very good team together, so the collaboration works well!

    The Advocacy Committee discusses both detailed issues and larger themes. For example, we have discussed a minor course in a particular degree program, but also summer courses in general. At Halloped meetings, we usually go through the agendas of all the academic councils and everyone can ask if there is something they want to know. These meetings are held once a month.

    Especially this month, we have collaborated a lot with quality manager Annikka Nurkka. An audit will take place at LUT in March, where our students participate in the form of interviews and workshops. In addition, we worked closely together on the OLS survey and shared responsibilities for the Feedback to Action (Palautteesta tekoihin) event.

    There is a program for all the student union higher education representatives nearly weekly on behalf of SYL. For example, we have participated in two webinars regarding audits and the quality of teaching. In addition, it has been nice to note that the same issues are raised in many student unions and this allows us to share experiences together. Examining Board met twice, the Examining Board deals with the requests for rectification concerning, for example, diploma theses. LTKY has a student representative there.

    At the end of February, we were in contact with LUT regarding the organization of paper exams in week 10. We think that paper exams pose an unnecessary risk in a deteriorated corona situation. Fortunately, we have open discussions in the direction of LUT.  We understand that LUT makes difficult decisions and things are certainly thought from many different perspectives.

  • Senni Auvinen (Vice President, Municipal Policy, Events, Organizations, Tutoring)

    The municipal elections are approaching, so with KOE we organized a municipal election fair in Zoom on 24.2. The organization of the fair took the latter part of February. At the beginning of February, I also filmed (and starred) the municipal policy videos with municipal advocacy team members, and they can now be found on Youtube. The aim of these activities has been to arouse students’ interest in the forthcoming municipal elections and to provide relevant information related to the topic.

    Surprisingly, the is not much happening in the event sector. I started planning the (unfortunately canceled) Jäärieha replacement activity with our event coordinator, Mira. There is a constant effort to come up with meaningful and fun implementations for remote events, especially with the Wappu season approaching.

    I have been in contact with our clubs and organizatons about the upcoming wellness week and hobby fair. I also set up Telegram group chat for club chairs to enhance fluent information change. The Member Services Committee was formed and we have already met once. Member Services Committee decides the financial aids for clubs and I am its chair.

    I have had some meetings about LUT tutoring with the Welcome Team. As a result of the discussions, LTKY will participate in the training of tutors this year with a much bigger time and contribution. We intend to bring important perspectives on student culture, freetime and student organizations to tutor training. In this way, we will also be able to tackle the structural problems of student culture effectively as we become even more involved in the early stages of freshman university life.

    The Vice-Chair has usually chaired the Honorary Committee. The Honorary Committee includes members from each guild and proposes alternatives for the Teekkari of the Year and the Kylteri of the Year, as well as the persons to be awarded at the LTKY Annual Celebration to the Representative Council for decision. In February, I assembled this committee.


  • Oona Tuomisto (Communications specialist)

    My work is largely a collaboration with Matilda, so many of the developments in communications can be read from her part. In February, our biggest goal was to develop LTKY’s transparency and that’s why we developed LTKY’s week and LTKY’s month, which you are reading now. LTKY’s week is a “scratch” on Instagram and Facebook stories, where we mention a few tasks from a couple of LTKY’s employees or board members, and LTKY’s month brings together the work done in more detail by everyone.

    Our purpose is to develop the planning of LTKY’s communication, and we had several meetings in which we planned the communication of, for example, municipal elections, welfare weeks, the OLS survey and other larger projects.

    My work regularly includes designing and producing social media content as well as newsletters and Alive articles. In addition to these, we have other communication projects. I also edited the municipal election videos, which can be found on youtube.

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