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LTKY is looking for deputy members for the Collegiate Body and the LES Academic Council

2 deputy representatives are searched for the University Collegiate. The duties of the LUT Collegiate include deciding on the number of board members and the term of office, electing members to the University board and approving the University’s financial statements and report, and deciding on the freedom of responsibility of the board members and the Rector.2 deputy members are searched for the LES Academic Council. Students of energy technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and environmental technology are eligible to apply to the LES Academic Council. The Academic Council decides on the affairs of the unit together with the management of the School.Decisions on HallOpEd seats will be made at the LTKY Representative Council meeting, and new hallopeds will be trained during December.
Application period: 11.11.2020 – 1.12.2020
Read or ask [email protected]

Answer to our member survey!

Our annual member survey is here again and we need your opinions and feedback to further improve our member services and operations in general. At the end of the survey you have an opportunity to win a LUT college. Your responses are anonymous and they are used only to improve our, and our stakeholders operations. Your responses are highly important to us, so please send your answers before the deadline: 01.12.2020.
Link to the survey: Member survey 2020

Municipal election webinar

What are municipal elections? What do municipal councilors do? Could I run as a municipal candidate? How?
For example these questions will be answered at the municipal election webinar organized by LTKY and KOE on Tuesday 17.11.2020, starting at 15:30 in Zoom. 
The municipal election webinar presents municipal elections in general and what it is to be a young municipal councilor. In addition, the young representatives of the parties will tell about the current themes in the next council term in both Lappeenranta and Lahti. To participate in the webinar, you don’t have to be a long-term influencer, just curiosity about getting involved in municipal politics is enough.
In the municipal election webinar, it is possible to ask questions from party representatives as well as about municipal elections in general. Questions can be asked at the event or in advance via the anonymous form.
Link to the facebook event.
Note: the event will be held in Finnish!

Teekkari cap order, batch 1

The most glorious days to be a freshman approaches when Wappu (first of May) draws closer. Now is the time to order your shining white teekkari cap so it’s ready when the time comes! Teekkari cap costs 126 € for students who began their studies this autumn and 145 € for older tech students. The bill will come in email at the beginning of March. Deadline for this first round of orders is 3.12.2020. Caps ordered after this date will cost more! Answers to questions and more information from Virpi Partti at LTKY’s office, by phone 045 261 2670 or by email [email protected].

You can order the cap from here!

MAKE NOTE! LUT Highway -students may only order their caps after being admitted in as degree students.


Club activities


Lappeenranta student theater ActI continues the hobby!

For anyone interested in theater, we organize a chill evening in Kellari (student union house’s basement), on Thursday 19th of November at 17.00! See more about the event:
We currently need all kinds of hobbyists, and there is also a lot to do behind the stage! No earlier experience is needed. If you can’t make it to the event, visit or contact us by e-mail [email protected]com


The city of Lappeenranta


Ja Kitara Soi classical guitar festival

Ja Kitara Soi classical guitar music festival is being held in Lappeenranta for the 19th time. The concerts will be held this fall on Friday 20.11. and on Sunday 22.11. Lappeen Maria Church, which serves as the venue, will be made safe in accordance with the recommendations and instructions of all authorities.


News from LUT university


What moves you?

LAB and LUT’s support and welfare services organize “What moves you?” -health lecture series on Thursdays (19.11-10.12.) from 15-15.45 via Teams. The lectures are aimed at everyone interested in the topics, both students and staff. Each time includes an introduction to the topic, practical tips, and time for questions and discussion. 

  • 19.11. Study Skills and Time Management, pedagogical specialist Juha Tiitta
  • 26.11. A conscious person learns better, Jarkko Tuominen, Head of Student Services
  • 3.12. Stress management and recovery, study psychologists Aino Elomäki and Janita Suni
  • 10.12. Physiological regulation mechanisms and study, exercise coordinator Pekko Pirhonen and exercise expert Markus Halonen

Unfortunately, this is only in Finnish.

Greetings from the Career Services! 

There will be many changes in the career services during November. Hopefully, these changes will have a positive outcome and help you when planning your careers as well as searching for work. 

New Career Center launched as of 9 November 

A new Career Center platform for the students of LUT and LAB will be launched on 9 November. All the career services will be available also for the students of LAB beginning from then. 
All career services can be found via the new Career Center whether it’s a question of career planning, education concerning work search, recruiting events or personal career services.     
Register to Career Center at as of 9 November. Assistance for operating the new system will be available in a Zoom presentation on Monday the 9th of November at 11.00-11.30 am.  

A new recruitment portal in the beginning of December

Most Finnish universities begin to use a new JobTeaser recruitment portal in the beginning of December. The previous portal, LUT Rekrynet, will be shut down and all the workplaces will be available in the Jobs section of Career Center. For the students this means that there will be more international opportunities when it comes to labour market.
During November there will be mostly international positions available because company launching will happen later on in the process. LUT Rekrynet recruitment portal will be serving you normally until the change. 

Find Your Career

Find Your Career platform for self-study will serve you at the new Moodle 24/7. You can use the services of the platform from the very beginning of your studies all the way until graduation. Remember that you can, for example, get comments on your own CV or application letter via Find Your Career platform. You can benefit from Find Your Career also by gaining 2 credits for your optional studies.  

Upcoming trainings and recruiting events

Participate in our virtual trainings! Further information can be found at the new Career Center. 
9 December at 16-18 Job interviews
In addition, we will organize an education called Job Hunting Basics. This education will support applying for summer jobs and it will be organized as follows: 30 November at 12-14, 2 December at 12-14 and 3 December at 12-14.
A virtual recruiting event Duuniin Kaakkois-Suomeen! will be organized on the JobTeaser platform on Thursday the 25th of November at 12-17. Sign in at Career Center and come to meet the different companies and organisations from South Karelia and Kymenlaakso region.    

Career services team getting stronger 
Two new career counsellors, Ida-Maria Volturi and Anni-Elina Leinonen, have started working at the career services. Remember that you can contact us when it comes to any issue concerning your own career or finding a job. The best way to contact us is via [email protected] service address. 
Best regards, 
Elina, Ida-Maria and Anni-Elina
LUT & LAB Career Services


Other news


Is there something you’d like to talk about? Would you like to lend an ear?

Campus chaplains’ virtual office hours on Discord on Wednesdays at 10-12 and on Thursdays at 12-14. You can start a private chat with the chaplain or chat on the general channel. Link:

You can also add chaplain Aki and chaplain Sari to your friend list and send a private message: Aki || Kampuspappi#3296 and Sari II kampuspappi

Student discount for vehicle rental

We offer all LUT students (by showing a student card) a -10% discount on our rental prices. 

More information can be found at


Welcome to Ohjaamo!

One-stop guidance center Ohjaamo is a low treshold service, from where you can receive guidance, help and support f.ex issues related to studies, employment, living situations, finance and financial assistance, leisure time activities and hobby opportunities, well-being and health and many other things. Ohjaamo’s service is free of charge and you don’t have to make an appointment in order to come as a client. Ohjaamo is open from Monday to Wednesday at 12.00-16.00 (4pm)  o’clock and on Thursday’s at 12.00-20.00 (8pm) o’clock. We provide also a leisure time group (Opiskelijoiden ohjaamo) for student’s that are at least 18 years old on Thursdays at 16.00-20.00. You don’t need to sign up beforehand or commit to the group. In Opiskelijoiden ohjaamo you can amke new friends, have interesting conversations, cook, bake, do arts, watch movies and so on. We plan the activieties together.
More from here!

Come to chat with other students

Nyyti has an online chat where you can discuss student related issues with other students.

Chats in English:

thu 12.11. The Polar Night – How to handle ”kaamos” and seasonal affective disorder?
thu 10.12. Can you hear me, S.O.S?