Excursion to Lahti

LTKY decided to organize remote-excursion to Lahti. The excursion will be held at eCampus Discord at its own excursion channel. During the excursion LTKY group will start from Lappeenranta and head to Lahti, while streaming the whole excursion for everybody’s enjoyment. At the excursion we’ll have general hanging out as well as other things to do. Well start the best worst joke -competition at the beginning of the excursion, where you can participate by opening a mike and telling your very best worst joke, or by sending a joke by form here. There will be a great price for the winner. You can also fill out excursion bingo, that has all sort of thing you may do during the excursion.
Excursion are also best shared, so we recommend that you take couple of friends to share the remote experience with (according to THL recommendations). So come to eCampus excursion channel on Friday 26.3 at 16.00–>
More information on Facebook event.

From Feedback to Action event

Wondering if the results of the surveys just disappear somewhere? 

No way! At the event we go through the main results of different surveys. From Feedback to Action event will  be held on wednesday March 31st at 2pm @zoom. Unfortunately the event is only in Finnish but after the event an Alive article about the main results will be published in English!

Link to the event.


News from LTKYAnkkuri

Proposal for Teekkari and Kylteri of the year

Each year LTKY awards Teekkari and Kylteri of the year among it’s members in the May Day/Wappupäivä. Via this form you can propose your suggestion for Teekkari or Kylteri of the year and also shortly argument why this person should be awarded. The decision will be made by the council in it’s meeting on Thursday 22.4.2021 at 5pm. Proposals are gathered until 15.4. at 12pm.

Teekkari of the year and Kylteri of the year are teekkaris and kylteris who have been actively advancing and cherising the teekkari and kylteri culture of Lappeenranta. You can find the list of already awarded here.

Propose your suggestion here!

LTKY is recruiting two freshman captains for international students

LTKY is recruiting two freshman captains to guide our international degree students and exchange students to the intricacies of Teekkari culture for the academic year 21-22. The two will work together in lappeen Ranta and in Lahti.
The goal is to better integrate international students to SVV and provide equal opportunities to partake in our culture. These new FC’s will be on equal standings with the other freshman captains and essentially do the same exact job, just to a cross disciplinary international group of students.
– Fluent in English
– Enjoy socializing in an international setting
– Strong knowledge on teekkari culture in Skinnarila both your own guild and campus traditions.
– Motivation and time to attend events, introduce international student to life as a technical student (Teekkari)
The freshman captains are chosen by LTKY’s board.
Applications to 


The city of Lappeenranta

Outdoors challenge

LTKY and The City of Lappeenranta are hosting an outdoors challenge. 
The Lappeenranta “bingo” is meant to be completed individually or in small groups. The idea is to complete as many outdoors acivities as you can. You can find the activities on the challenge card that is published to the event page.

To compete in this challenge, you have to post a picture to Instagram as you are completing an activity. Tag @ltky_insta and #LTKYkaupunkisuunnistus, so we can see the posts.
The one who has completed the most activities will win!

By doing these activities you can help others! We will donate 2 euros to Hope Lappeenranta from every completed challenge. The winner will get a 50 euro gift card to cultural venue Nuijamies.

More information from the facebook event.


News from LUT university

Wellbeing survey

Hello student!
Your well-being is important to us, so we want to know how you are and how your studies are going. Last year has been exceptional in many ways, all events have been canceled and studies have been mostly remote learning. 

We at the well-being team with LTKY and KOE have prepared a student well-being survey, which you can take from this link.

The survey is open (17.3-5.4), and the analysis will be done during spring. We are eager to improve our services to correspond to your and other students’ needs, so your answers are very important to us. The answers are given anonymously.

BR. LUT and LAB well-being team  


Other news

The Finnish Student Health and Wellbeing Survey

The national Finnish Student Health and Wellbeing Survey (KOTT) produces comprehensive and regular data on the welfare of student. The KOTT survey is implemented in cooperation between the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. The survey gathers information on the well-being, health and service needs of students, and the impact of the corona epidemic on their everyday life. The survey is sent to 10,000 students at universities of applied sciences and universities selected through random sampling. The research invitations are sent by email in February and the data collection ends in April. It is important that everyone invited to participate fills out the survey, as none of those invited can be replaced by anyone else. The study is implemented every four years. KOTT 2021 is the sixth KOTT survey. The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) was responsible for the implementation of the previous KOTT surveys. The results of the survey will be used to develop student health services. They may also be used to improve student restaurants and sports services. The results will be reported by the end of 2021. Find out more about the survey: