Newsletter contains important information about upcoming events and other issues concerning LUT students in Lappeenranta.

News from LTKY

Order teekkari cap

Did you miss the first round of orders? No worries, you can still get your own cap, the second round of orders is still on! Deadline for this round of orders is 31.1.2023.

The teekkari cap costs 140e for students who started their studies in autumn 2022 or in spring 2023, and 150e for other tech students. You can order your teekkari cap from LTKY’s shop. The cap will be paid upon ordering and the caps will arrive at the LTKY office approximately two weeks before Wappu. Freshers will get their caps on Wappu eve, after teekkari baptism, and other students will get their caps from the office or by mail.

The kylteri cap in Lappeenranta is made from a Finnish students cap by replacing the original cockade with our student union’s symbol. Cockade costs 20€ and it can be bought from both LTKY’s online shop and office.

LTKY is looking for a project coordinator

Do you want to arrange the best annual celebration and the most vibrant tuxedo occasion of the year? LTKY is looking for a project coordinator to produce the annual celebration! 

Project coordinator is a project worker who arranges the 54th annual celebration of the student union. In this job you get to design and arrange the main event and other events for the week leading to the celebration. The celebration date is 28 October 2023. Project coordinator will be paid a project compensation. 

You can find more information about the job and how to apply here

Club activities

Moveo spring 2023

New Moveo timetables have been published. You can find a variety of different group exercise classes, ball games and reservable game shifts. In addition, Moveo offers remote exercise classes via ZOOM. 

Moveo membership costs 30e per semester and with that, you are eligible to use the gym and participate on group exercise classes and ball games. You can by the membership on LUT shop

Hobbla Sports Network

Would you like to play tennis, but the wall doesn’t give enough challenge anymore? Have you thought of playing games with a group, but you are missing the group? Find your squad with Hobbla Sports Network! 

Hobbla Sports Network is a website where you can find different hobby groups and events, in which people with similar interests can join. You can find people with similar skills to play games with by creating events and groups, or by joining events and groups created by others. Hobby associations can also join the network and create events for their members.

Hobbla Sports Network is for all students.  

News from LUT university

Apply to become a LUT tutor

Tutors are needed for international exchange and degree students for the academic year 2023-2024 for all programs. The application period is open until February 10th. The final decisions will be announced 17th March the latest.

The application is open for both new students who want to become a tutor and old tutors who want to continue as a tutor. An info lecture will be organized in connection with the tutor application on February 6th. More information about tutoring can be found from eLUT.

You can apply as tutor via Webropol form

News from Career Services

LUT & LAB Career Services wish you a happy new year! Register to JobTeaser using your LUT or LAB email & password and sign up for the upcoming trainings and recruit events! You can also find more information about Career Café and personal career coaching.

If you need help e.g. with your CV or defining your skills Find Your Career platform helps you 24/7! Career Services can also be reached via email [email protected].

Other news