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LTKY’s Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world on 14 February. LTKY encourages it’s members to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and has organized it’s Valentine’s Day event full of love for everyone’s delight 💘

As part of the Valentine’s Day celebration, there are cute Valentine’s Day poems written by LTKY’s board. Here they are now! 

Chair of Board Roosa Grönberg:

My friend is like LTKY;

as warm as office free coffee

as warm as the office’s wonderful membership service

as warm as the basement among the Sitsi.

My friend is as warm as LTKY.


My friend is like LTKY;

as happy as Finland’s longest Wappu,

as happy as the new freshmen in the fall,

as happy as sparkling bubbly.

My friend is as happy as LTKY.


My friend is like LTKY;

as important as advocacy,

as important as all the guilds,

as important as the Lahti campus.

My friend is as important as LTKY.


My friend is like LTKY;

as inspiring as an automation membership,

as inspiring as the complicate organization,

as inspiring as the long representative council meeting.

My friend is as inspiring as LTKY.


My friend is like LTKY;

effective in its existence,

caring for its members,

warm, happy and important.

Sometimes also inspiring.

Such is the LTKY,

such is my friend.


Jaakko Marttila:

Friendship is like a nuclear power plant process in a stationary state. Most clearly, of course, friendship is seen in the heart, where it pressures, warms, and superheats life. The wheels of life are made to spin by work, and the role of friendship here is to support and encourage. No one can do without the positive energy brought by friendship, drying and superheating work. After working hard, it would make sense to just rest, but the friendship pumps you forward towards new positive energy. After all, it is a friendship that keeps the cycle of life in balance.


Senni Auvinen:

Soon new friends for us we will get

When social scientists Juhis brings here

There is always room for more members in our community

It also enriches our culture

Looking forward to it, we will wait

When abiturients start queuing for a new line

But even before that, the teekkaris and kylteris celebrate Valentine’s Day

Each guild and LTKY can always develop more cooperation

Suvi-Tuuli Poikonen:

Ah you are my spring

Clear bright sky a sun above

light to my darkness


Lari Vanhala:

Chill time of winter

heart radiates warmth outside

remember a friend


Ari Holahan:

I dream about you night and day

Imagining our moments, golden and gray

Luckily for me, I have a partner so sweet and smart

That forevermore, I can keep you close to my heart 

To my partner.


Suvi-Tuuli Ryhänen:

“You can manage by yourself”

said someone sometime


However, life is not full

or so rewarding

without another person


Because humans need warmth


as well as understanding


You can manage by yourself

But better together


There are some hearts available in the lobby of the Student Union Building to write greetings to your friends, or even to your secret crush. Hearts are meant to be hung on Student Union Building’s bulletin board, where they can be read all week. LTKY’s board will also be present, and there might be some Valentine’s Day sweets available.

The event also includes bingo, which has some nice activities for Valentine’s Day! By playing bingo, you can also make your friends happy 💐 We will draw a gift card to Aalef to one lucky bingo performer.

Bingo can also be found in LTKY’s Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! 🥰

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