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LTKY’s month: October

The LTKY’s month concept is a continuation of the LTKY’s week concept on social media and it goes deeper into LTKY’s operations and achievements. The purpose of the concept is to increase transparency and awareness for those interested in LTKY’s operations.


  • Anniina Pokki (Chair of the board)

    For me, October began with a holiday, during which Vice Chair Senni took care of the Student Union. After that, we started everyday life with a rumble. We met LUT’s rector and strategy director at the monthly meeting, we had a board meeting and I met with the guild chairs. I also discussed current issues with the Lahti chairs. Due to the corona situation, the Saimaa-ilmiö event organized by LTKY and TEK had to be postponed from August to a later date. In October, together with TEK, we planned the event and made the practical arrangements.

    There was also a seminar for the Management Sector of SYL and all Student Unions. We gathered in Suomenlinna for workshops and networking, and for the first time we finally saw face to face! It was wonderful to have a discussion and get peer support from other chairs. We have also finally got to celebrate the anniversaries of various associations and with Roosa we first went to the anniversary celebrations of my home guild, Kaplaaki, and the next day we traveled to Tampere to celebrate TREY. The highlight of the October anniversary, was our beloved Student Union, as LTKY turned 52 years. I spent the previous week helping our secretary of anniversary celebration and making sure everything was taken care of. We also celebrated the farewell of the last LTKY’s Secretary General with stakeholders and previous LTKY boards and employees.

    The traditional fall planning was forgotten in all the hustle and bustle that led to the replacement of the office’s internal mid-fall-check in October. There, we planned events for the rest of the year with the board and employees, and we went through how everyone feels at the end of the year. We made food and spent time together. We have also started to prepare for the switch of Board, and I have started writing testament for the next Board as well as an action plan for 2022. More information about applying to the LTKY Board 2022 will follow next week, so follow LTKY’s communications and apply 8th November!

  • Lassi Onne (Culture)

    Most of October is gone to helping others in their projects. I also took charge of organizing a Christmas carnival for kids. I have been doing that event with Roosa and Iita. At the end of September one of our board members quit, because of that I had the chance to learn how to be a harassment contact person. At the start of October I got instructions on how to do the job.

    During October many guilds have been organizing annual ball and sitz parties. I have been helping them with the etiquettes. Example I held the etiquette lecture for everyone attending Pelletti’s 20th annual ball.

    Matilda Orpana (Communications, Environment and sustainability)

    In October I have created and posted weekly content and planned and created Representative council’s election communications together with Oona. I have also planned and made preparations for Sustainability Week and planned and created communications materials for Sustainability Week. There has also been several meetings on different matters, like communications, board meetings and god guilds meetings. I have also represented LTKY on a few annual balls. I have also started planning and preparations for new boards search and board job’s introductions.

  • Olivia Kuronen (Social Politics, Well-being, Sports, International Affairs)

    October started with Teekkarikomissio’s annual ball in Turku. Next week I attended to Higher Education on the Move -network meeting where we heard and discussed about teachers role as persons who can promote students everyday movement while studying. In addition to that well-being group of whole LUT consern met online and we talked about OKM-project money, our well-being workers own communication plan and about new name for well-being and support services. OHO-project, teacher tuutoring, study psychologist and the resources for them were discussed in Higher Education Students Mental Health’s Developing Group’s meeting by FSHS. I have also participated to planning of sport experiments which will start soon in both Lappeenranta and Lahti. Students voice by me was also heard in Tikissä Työelämään (~Fit for worklife) project coordinating group.Week 41 was for well-being week that was planned and organized a lot. Still I found time to participate activities myself too including time management lecture, padel and pole dance.Last, October also had couple of counsil and board meetings. Still it was not only about serious advocasy work but we also had pancake night with International Committee, three more annual balls including our own LTKY’s ball and lots of Kyykkä.

  • Roosa Grönberg (Higher Education Politics)
    The theme of October has been active meetings with hallopeds and advocacy committee. We have got to know students’ feelings from all the guilds and have discussed them with the vice rector and the head of study services at the end of month. Updates of degree regulations, two-cycle degrees, bachelor level courses language (Finnish vs. English), LUT copyright and participating in lectures on campus came up in the meetings for example. In the meeting with the vice rector, we got explanations as to why degree regulation was updated and we especially thought about students’ campus-experience. How to balance lecture recordings and campus-experience? Will students leave home if everything in studies can be done remotely? I think it’s not an optimal situation. In October the application for the LUT board halloped position was open. Also in October I participated in city municipal group meetings, eLUT meeting, kopo live (SYL), course feedback meeting and also planned event Tontturieha which is organized on December 12.The highlight of the month was LTKY’s 52. annual ball. I had the honor to give out the award for the lecturer and course of the year 2021 and 2020
  • Senni Auvinen (Vice President, Municipal Policy, Events, Organizations, Tutoring)

    October has been a municipal politics month! I have met almost all the groups of Lappeenranta and Lahti city councils with KOEs Emma. In the meetings held in the evening times, we have presented the themes of our municipal policy strategy, got acquainted with the delegates and discussed the issues of students in the municipal policy field in a good spirit. We have received a lot of good information, tips and contacts. In addition, the council members have genuinely listened to us and we have made progress.
    The regional elections are coming in January (election day 23 January) and we started planning for them. Regional elections are a new thing for everyone, so they also require students to be exceptionally activated and brighten their senses. Campaigning for the student union is therefore also important in this election, so that we can get the votes of the students activated.
    We had a meeting with the Member Services Committee. At the same time, the meeting was the first to our new member services secretary, Petra. At the meeting, on the other hand, we decided on funds to our partner organizations for projects that benefit our entire community.
    Everything smaller and bigger, anniversary representations, board meetings, TEK halloped evening… The year is coming to an end, but the workload does not lighten!

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