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LTKY’s month: April

The LTKY’s month concept is a continuation of the LTKY’s week concept on social media and it goes deeper into LTKY’s operations and achievements. The purpose of the concept is to increase transparency and awareness for those interested in LTKY’s operations.


  • Anniina Pokki (Chair of the board)

    April was really busy for the chair, especially with a few surprisingly projects. At the beginning of April, I was informed that the President of the Republic, Sauli Niinistö, has chosen LUT University as one of the universities in the Kultaranta university tour, and the President wants to discuss climate change with LUT students. During the preparatory meetings, the common view was that students wanted to be strongly involved already in the preparation process. Therefore, as a student representative, it was decided to choose me as the host, which meant that I was involved in practically every meeting related to both technology and communication. According to the protocol, the event did not become public until about a week before the time of the event, so for almost the whole of April, the event was not allowed to be discussed even internally within the student union. Due to the urgency of the project and the tight schedule, my calendar was filled with a few days notice and other work had to be moved down the priority list. However, the event was a success and the discussion was interesting and thought-provoking. So the students got their voices heard and their views expressed all the way to the President.

    For part of April, we had a few board members out of strength, and some of the tasks in their sectors ended up at my table. During April, for example, I did preparatory work for Lahti and the municipal elections, and I kept training for tutors about the role of the tutor and the student culture. Wappu was opened in April, for the first time in Lahti, so the planning and practical arrangements related to this were not only the responsibility of the person in charge of culture but also my job. I also participated in the TEK Teekkarijohtaja Forum, where LTKY is exceptionally involved as a student union, while the other participants are largely the chairs of the teekkari organizations. At the end of April, there was also a discussion event at the Ministry of Education and Culture on university autonomy, which we followed with interest.

    The board visited Norpparadio and we discussed about current issues in LTKY and about the plans and wishes for the autumn. Also this month, there were many different stakeholder meetings, including with LTKY Alumni and LUT. Among other things, we discussed with the principal about the preparations for HEBUT students and issues concerning international students, discussed with the vice-principal the post-pandemic situation of education and the new standard of teaching, LUT’s sustainability goals and responsibility, and how to implement it even more among students and employees.


  • Lassi Onne (Culture)

    In April all my time went to organizing wappu and making sure that everything went well. Some of the time I used to make events to eCampus discord and overseeing the events there. We started the Wappu in Lahti and wanted to make it as a tradition to start wappu every second year in lahti. I participated in the last meeting about joint wappu. This week we released the joint wappu “hoist the overall”- challenge and “the journey of student cap” video. On monday we gave the cranes statues their caps and we filmed it on video. That didn’t go as planned. We didn’t find the second cap and I had to make the cap in a hurry. Luckily the cap was found afterwards.

    Matilda Orpana (Communications, Environment and sustainability)

    In April I have done a lot of weekly content and Wappu communications. The planning of Sustainability week has started strongly, and the week will be organized in November. In addition, I have made Get to know representitive council communications, and filmed some photos and videos. We have also advertised different open positions. April has been a very busy month, there has been a lot of meetings and Wappu communications have taken up a lot of time!

  • Olivia Kuronen (Social Politics, Well-being, Sports, International Affairs)

    April was spent with the OKM grant. In January, the scholarship granted to the LUT university community will be gradually used, and there has been a lot of planning work in the welfare working groups, within LTKY and with KOE. The well-being working groups on both campuses also discussed the results of the well-being survey and how the results will be presented to respondents. In connection with well-being, Tiia Kettunen and I also participated in the FSHS Good Practices Sharing webinar, where universities and their student unions shared well-established practices and plans for long-term events and their own OKM projects. In addition, I attended the meeting of the management team of the Tiki to Working Life project and one of the planning meetings of the provincial program.

    On the international side, we organized an international discord evening with the International Committee, but the number of participants was not large. In addition, we held a joint meeting with the guild chairmen and international leaders, where we mapped out the guild’s ideas and needs for new international students next fall. We also met with LUT’s Lappeenranta campus Hebei coordinator, who is responsible for new international bachelor programs. Discussions on international issues will continue in May with LUT.

  • Roosa Grönberg (Higher Education Politics)

    In the end of March, the OLS project came to an end after I organized the Feedback to Actions event. I presented the key results of the OLS survey and published the winners of the OLS survey lottery. I also wrote an Alive article about the event in Finnish and English. The remote version of the event was successful, we shall see if it becomes a new tradition.

    This month, especially two-cycle degrees and its communication came up in discussions . We discussed the matter with the Vice Rector and head of Student Services and LUT will inform about the two-cycle degree in the future. In the monthly meetings with the Advocacy Committee and Hallopeds, we discussed the approval of future courses, the two-cycle degrees, and waited for the publication of summer courses. Also as usual, I participated in remote events organized by SYL.

    April culminated in the remote visit of the President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö at LUT. I got to be part of the organizing team and acted as a chat moderator for the event. Through this event I learned a lot! At the end of the month there is a very significant opportunity to make students’ voices heard. LTKY presents students’ wishes for a new normal of teaching. These wishes are based on the results of the OLS survey and the ideas of the Advocacy Committee.

  • Senni Auvinen (Vice President, Municipal Policy, Events, Organizations, Tutoring)

    In April, I had a slightly lighter month for LTKY chores. The most relevant chore has been the collection of the Teekkari of the Year and the Kylteri of the Year proposals from LTKY members their presentation to the Representative Council. The Representative Council decided on the awards at its meeting on 22 April and they will be revealed on May Day 1.5.

    The municipal elections were postponed to June, and a joint working group of LTKY and KOE has planned a related theme week for May. Remember to vote!

    I met with the Member Services Committee as I did almost every month. We again awarded grants to a project that brings joy to the whole community. Also I replaced Anniina as vice chair at one meeting, was involved in the traditional capping of Kurkipatsas and distributed teekkari caps for freshmen.


  • Oona Tuomisto (Communications specialist)

    April has revolved around remote wappu, although the responsibility for has shifted to our cultural manager Lassi this year. The biggest task was to complete Finland’s longest Wappu website (Meeri, LTKY’s former board member, also helped here). Wappu also includes much smaller chores such as daily stories and recording crowning of the crane statue.
    In addition to Wappu, there were several smaller communicative tasks, such as the search for an employee in Lahti, the search for student members of Aalef’s board, and SYL’s joint projects. After this week, some of the regular tasks will take a summer break.

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