This year Lahti Wappu returns longer then ever before! There will be 17 days of all kinds of events, including a few rest days. There is lot to choose from – bar events, orienteering, sports, picnics, family events… you name it!

Here you can find all wappu student events in Lahti. Follow the @lahoevents Instagram account for more information and to stay updated. 

Events marked with clover symbol are free! ☘ 

Friday 14.4.

Student union KOE announces wappu to begin with seremonial celebratings at campus during the day and in the Lahti city centre in the afternoon.

12:00 Campus
16:00 Lahti city centre

A challenge for students to wear overalls for 24 hours (From 14.4. 12:00 to 15.4. 12:00), organised by Lasola ry. 

In The Game teams will move on a game board and have a series of challenges to solve in the Lahti city centre.  Organised by Lasola. Afterparty in Irish Pub. 

17:00 City centre 

Tuesday 18.4.

Student associations will sell overall patches and organise fun programme. 

12:00 M19 event arena

Wednesday 19.4.

Tour bars and restaurants in Lahti harbour and collect stamps to appro pass. Organised by Rela ry. Afterparty in Wintti. 

16:00 Sataman alue
22:00 Wintti

Thursday 20.4.

Aether ry’s kyykkä event. After party at Jolene. 

17:00 Sports field
22:00 Jolene

Monday 24.4.

Orienteering event in Lahti city centre, organised by Linkki ry.

13:00 Lahti city centre

Tuesday 25.4.

Baseball game between students and staff of LUT and LAB. Dress code is overalls (if you have them), as the name of the event suggests.  Organised by LTKY. 

17:00 Paavola field.

Wednesday 26.4.

April’s sport for degree olympics, organised by Pino ry. Sing up via your own student association and collect points for your association. 

17:00 Pikku-Vesku

The evening continues with Inssipicnic organised by Liro, Lymo and Pino. After party in Wintti. 

16:00 Pikku-Vesku
22:00 Wintti

Saturday 29.4.

Whole family event at Lahti market square. Organised by LTKY. 

12:00 Lahti city centre

More information on the Facebook-event

Outdoor sits party at Lahti market square. Organised by LTKY.  

17:00 Lahti city centre

More information on the Facebook-event

Sunday 30.4.

Traditional wappu eve’s picnic at Pikku-Vesku. Activities hosted by the student associations and giving away wappubägs and super wappu-patches. 

More information on the Facebook-event.

12:00 Pikku-Vesku 

Procession leaves from Pikku-Vesku at 16:00.  The student union LTKY will cap the statue (that will be announced later) and engineering students will cap the Moose statue. Older students are then allowed to put their caps on and will escort freshers to the harbour for baptism.

16:00 Pikku-Vesku

The teekkari and kylteri baptism will take place near the restaurant Nosturi (Jalkarannantie 23, Lahti) from around 17:30. At the baptism, freshers slide into Vesijärvi, whose water is quite cold. Note: Shoes MUST be worn at the baptism! 
After the baptism, the freshers can go to the sauna on Nosturi’s roof terrace to warm up, which is open until 20:30.
Nosturi’s roof terrace is reserved for all LUT students until 20:00. The terrace is a liquor license area, where you are not allowed to consume your own drinks. Nosturi offers a wide range of products at student prices throughout the evening.

Monday 1.5.

Traditional Wappu day’s picnic at Pikku-Vesku will end the wappu celebrations this year.