In social media there has been a discussion about teekkari culture and its problems. For LTKY, treating all our students equally is important and we work on it every day. LTKY is and has been quick to react to inappropriate cases that come to our knowledge.

Teekkari culture in Lappeenranta has faced major renewals in the past years. For example, the traditional teekkari hymn has new words and LTKY’s event recommendations forbid encouraging students to alcohol or nudity. LTKY has together with LUT’s guilds signed the declaration of equality. If you have encountered harassment in the campus, we encourage you to contact our harassment contact people Tiia Kettunen and Vili Seppälä.

In teekkari culture there is plenty of good, for example the community and openness also known as the Spirit of Skinnarila. LTKY is committed to improving our culture to make sure every student gets a positive student experience.

More information:
Antti Ilmavirta
Secretary General
044 293 8818