Arttu Kaukinen has been elected Executive Director of the Student Union of Lappeenranta University of Technology, LTKY. The selection was done by the Representative Council of the LTKY in its meeting on December 3rd, 2020.

Picture of Arttu Kaukinen
Elected Executive Director Arttu Kaukinen

Kaukinen graduated from LUT University with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 2019. He has a strong background in organizational activities, as he has been a member of the LTKY’s board and chairman of the Chemical Engineering Guild. In addition, he is the chairman of the LTKY alumni association. He is currently the project coordinator for the city of Lahti. Kaukinen has a good understanding of the job description and the development of the student union’s activities.

“When I heard that I would be nominated as LTKY’s Executive Director, I was cheering in the middle of the living room. At the same time, I was happy, but also nervous.”, Kaukinen describes his mood.

“LTKY will face challenges in the coming years that I believe I can meet. Especially the expansion of the Student Union’s activities in Lahti is a nut to crack from the very beginning of the work, but at the same time a great opportunity to develop something new. I’m excited to get to do this job! LTKY’s office was like a second home for me during my studies and now it is a workplace for me. Thank you for this trust, I will be worth it. “

Pia Etelävuori, Chairman of the Recruitment Group, commented “The recruitment group was satisfied with the high level of applicants. Kaukinen convinced us especially with the knowledge of the Lahti area and development ideas related to LTKY’s expansion to Lahti. Kaukinen also had strong skills and knowledge of Lappeenranta campus student organizations.”


More information:

LTKY’s Secretary General Antti Ilmavirta, [email protected] or 044 293 8818