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100 tips what to do in quarantine, Hardcore Edition

What to do, when you’re already cleaned up your closet, rubbed your tiles in shower and tried out al the routes for jogging? No worries, Meeri is here to help you! Let me present: a hundred tips on what do in quarantine, hardcore edition!

1. Learn how to origami. Level two: cheer up your neighbors by giving them little cranes through the mailbox.

2. Make your own soap opera: voices off, your own dialogy on! Level two: share your masterpiece on a suitable platform (e.g. YouTube, TikTok).

3. Learn to ventriloquy and confuse your pals when you see them again. Level two: apply for Finland’s Talent Show.

4. Start your own TikTok career. For example, student life in a one-room-apartment or complete all dance challenges. Level two: actually become a TikTok star.

5. Write a book with your pals. Together decide the main character and then everyone writes their own chapter about the adventures. Read the chapters together and combine them to a book or write more chapters. Level two: send the book to a publisher house.

6. Try out alcoholic recipes without alcohol and vice versa. Make it a tasting and rate the drinks and meals. Level two: try to get your review on any paper.

7. Text all your exes: now is a good time to lighten your heart. Level two: ???

8. Complete the whole WWWappu bingo, every single point on it. Level two: do it twice or get two pals to complete it as well.

9. Watch all the Star Wars in correct order (Rogue One-IV-V-II-III-Solo-VI-VII-VIII-IX). Level two: nonstop.

10. Learn to recognize plants. Level two: learn to recognize plants by their roots.

11. Learn to use your non-dominant hand as good as your dominant hand. Like, for real become both handed.

12. Learn by heart the periodic table. Level two: apply for chemical engineering programme.

13. Paint Easteg eggs or virpomisvitsa, or just decorate them with whatever you have. Note: newspapers, moss and pencil are great tools to decorate! Level two: actually go to virpoa, and receive candy from at least 3 households.

14. Come up with news tips for afternoon newspaper like Iltasanomat or Iltalehti. Level two: actually receive a payment from your news tip.

15. Write your own song. If making music is not your thing, rewrite lyrics. For example, you can start with rewriting the song “My Sharona” by replacing Sharona to Corona. Level two: make an album of your own songs, and at least one music video.

16. Learn how to beatbox. Level two: apply for Finland’s Talent Show

17. Go on an expedition to your storage cage or the corner of your closet and collect as many different situations as you can with suitable cloths, accessories and tools. For example a cleaner, explorer, pest controller… Level two: share your outfits on a suitable platform.

18. Go on an expedition to your friend’s/roommate’s/partner’s storage or closet and do the same. Level two: without permission.

19. Teach your pet new tricks. Level two: Teach those new tricks to your roommate or partner. Remember to reward.

20. Rearrange furniture for a fresh look. Level two: Rearrange three times and share your experience.

21. Buy a gift card to a local business. Level two: To three local businesses.

22. Work on your financial planning. I know, boring, but now you only have time. Level two: make a will.

23. Try out glasses virtually on e.g. Level two: Try out hairstyles, make-up and clothes too. Google where to.

24. Talk to your plants. How are they doing? Dry soil or danger of drowning? Level two: Talk daily. (Plants really like this. Fake plants are also ok.)

25. Grow an avocado tree from a grocery store avocado. Level two: Grow five avocado trees and donate four to your friends who didn’t succeed.

26. Try to move in slow motion. Level two: also laugh in slow motion.

27. Learn out of a bad habit. I heard it only takes 21 day to learn a new habit, so bythe end of Wappu you should be on safe sailing. Level two: don’t replace the bad habit on any other habit.

28. Rearrange your closet by colors or materials. Level two: Also rearrange the order of your closet, switch the places of shelf and bars and also include your accessories, shoes and coats.

29. Organize an indoor treasure hunt. Hide all your socks in your apartment and hunt them down the second day. Level two: ask someone else to hide those socks or lose at least one sock.

30. Grow a corona beard or moustache. Level two: be an alleged woman and grow a beard or moustache.

31. Look yourself in the mirror and try to draw a self-portrait by pencil. Level two: Share your masterpiece with the world or just your friends.

32. Put together the most attractive charcuterie board possible with only food you already have. Level two: donät eat anything and put the foods back after a moment of admiration.

33. Look at photos of puppies. Level two: Proceed to actually change the social media algorithms so you only see puppies in the future too.

34. Pretend you’re 13 years old and fold a square piece of paper into a fortune teller you put your thumbs and pointer fingers into. Proceed to tell fortunes to yourself and your friends. Level two: Offer you fortune teller services to your neighbors and to everyone via platform of your choosing.

35. Organize your spice rack alphabetically. Level two: Organize other shelves and cupboards in your kitchen alphabetically too.

36. Dymo all useful boxes, like sock box and electronics box. Level two: Dymo everything, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, from doors to toilet seat.

37. Clean your coffee maker the long way. Level two: also clean your kettle, toaster, stove and oven. The long way.

38. Learn to play a new instrument. You can take an example from Päivi who plays bagpipe every evening in Lauttasaari. Level two: Show what you’ve learned every evening at 7pm to delight your neighbors.

39. Sharpen all your pencils and colored pencils and wash your pencil case. Level to: also clean up your rubber for further use.

40. Celebrate Christmas. I’m sure Easter is not as nice as Christmas, so why not switch them up. Level two: Actually go get a Christmas tree, decorate is and buy presents. From local businesses, of course.

41. Learn to bake macarons. Level two: Learn to bake successful and good-looking macarons.

42. List up things you’re grateful for. Level two: Challenge five friends to do the same, and don’t list home, close people, money or not-yet-coronavirus.

43. Learn to do a split. And split in the other way too. Level two: Come up with a dance you can finish with jumping to a split on ground. Don’t sprain anything.

44. Make something you saw in Pinterest. Level two: Don’t fail.

45. Cut your own hair. Maybe with the help of your friend. Level two: Also dye your hair.

46. Go through your camera roll and order/print your favorite photos, finally. Level two: Also back up them and other documents you might have.

47. Go through all your documents, photos, videos, music, apps, notes etc on your computer, phone, tablet, cloud and hard drive, delete old and duplicate ones and those you don’t need anymore. Level two: Arrange all your files to folders logically.

48. Tender out your phone electricity contract and telephone subscription. Level two: also check your home insurance, travel insurance and whatever you might have.

49. Learn to shuffle playing cards like a Poker dealer. Be ready for employment opportunities once all casinos open back up.

50. Sleep. A lot. Level two: Long sleep in the night, long nap during the day and early back to bed. Streaming services are ok too if you can’t sleep anymore.

Those with sharp eyes noticed that there were only 50 tips instead of a hundred. Yeah, I hope the quarantine finishes early too.

Meerimaria Ketokulta

The author is a second year student who has taken quite a lot of damage from remote working. The list hardly helps with productivity issues, but maybe decreases wandering in social media.

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