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Find Your Career self-study platform is your companion throughout your studies

Find Your Career is a self-study platform planned to support your own career planning and job hunting processes. It is at your service whenever and wherever you want to use it – all the way until you graduate.

The approach of the platform is very practical. In each module, you will first study briefly the basic idea and the required content of the issue in question and then you will start working on it in practice.

Tips for job search and comments on your job hunting tools

Whether you are applying for a summer job, an internship position or a permanent job, you can benefit from the content of the Find Your Career platform. Currently, the modules for the basic job hunting tools – job application, CV and LinkedIn profile – are ready for you. In addition, you will find tips for finding suitable positions and basic information about the Finnish work markets.

“I found Find Your Career self-study platform quite beneficial. It clarifies the culture of the Finnish work market in a smooth and clear manner. It helps the job seekers to access the vacancies and learn how to catch a job in Finland. It provides a good piece of advice about how to organize a professional CV and how to write a competitive application for a job. Moreover, it provides quick links to the recruiting agencies and the open positions in the Finnish companies.”, says Tarig Abdo, just recently graduated LUT alumni in mechanical engineering.

In the Get to know the Finnish work markets module you can test your knowledge with a quiz. If you wish to have comments on your job hunting tools, return the assignments to the platform and you will have personal comments within a week. However, please note that from December to March, when the job hunting boom is on, the service might get rushed.

“From my point of view, the most useful part of the platform is to have somebody from Finland giving comments on your own CV and LinkedIn profile. Having somebody telling you what could be improved is a really valuable part of the platform.”, tells Christina Sánchez Ortega, a 2nd year master’s student in chemical engineering.

Support for finding your own career path

In the career planning section, you will currently find support to develop your self-consciousness and to verbalize you knowledge, skills and competences. Both of these issues are also crucial in creating effective job hunting tools. Therefore, I strongly recommend to study these modules, too.

The modules in the career planning section are mainly planned to help your own thinking process. However, they can also be used in e.g. teacher tutoring or career guidance.

The content of the Find Your Career platform will increase for the next academic year. New modules will be added to both career planning and job hunting. Ideas and wishes are most welcome and you can send them to [email protected].

Register yourself to the platform in Moodle

Find Your Career platform is aimed at all LUT students – for bachelor, master’s and doctoral students. It will virtually serve our students in both Lappeenranta and Lahti campus, as well as all the students of our distance learning programs.

You will find the platform from Moodle. Search it by the name and register yourself into the platform. Find Your Career will be at your service without delay and any time limits for the rest of your studies at LUT.

Both Sánchez Ortega and Abdo recommend the platform to other students. “I recommend the platform for all the students who are approaching graduation, especially the international students who intend to build their career in Finland. It helps you to acquire the essential knowledge about the Finnish labor market and to learn how to prepare yourself to match the employer’s requirements.”, tells Abdo.

“I have already recommended it to several friends in the last year of their master’s. In fact, I have even sent some materials to other friends who are not studying at LUT to help them to find a job.”, says Sánchez Ortega.

Find Your Career is also a credited study course

The content of the platform is mainly planned to be used at the time you will need it. However, you can also include it to your studies. The two credits Find Your Career course can be included to the elective studies in all LUT study programs either in the bachelor or master’s stage.

Registration to the course in the WebOodi is not required. The credits will be automatically added to your transcript of records when you have completed the required number of modules.

Benefits for the student

  • The platform is at your service whenever you need it
  • You will receive personal comments on your job hunting tools
  • You will learn to identify and verbalize your strengths and competences
  • You can include the course to your studies.

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