Do you want to be the one affecting student’s matters both locally and nationwide? Are you interested in students’ well-being, living and free-time? Do you want to make new contacts around Finland? Do you want to take part on creating the Finland’s longest wappu? If you say yes, we need you!

In the student union board you have a chance to work for students. In LTKY we do supervision of interests, work with different stakeholders, organize events and do communication and our number one goal is that every student is doing well both in Lappeenranta and in Lahti. Therefore now it’s time to collect a motivated and enthusiastic board to carry out next year’s plan. 

These broad sectors will be chosen:

  • Chair of the Board
  • Vice Chair
  • Higher Education Politics
  • Social Politics
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Culture
  • International Affairs

Besides these at least the following sectors will be divided among board members: 

  • Corporate relations and Economics
  • Events
  • Associations
  • Tutoring
  • Communications
  • Municipal Politics
  • Lahti Campus

Deliver your board or chair of the board application directly to the Executive Director Arttu Kaukinen ([email protected]). The application should be a short, maximum one-page-long introduction of yourself and why you want to be part of the board. You can also express if you have a specific board task that you are interested in.

The board is paid a fee. In 2022, the chairperson was paid 750€ and the board members 500€.

Applications are received until Sunday 20.11. at 23:59 The names of enrolled applicants will be published after the application period, but you are still able to apply to the board until council meeting 1.12. Should you want to enroll after the application period, Chairperson applicants should be contacted as well as the executive director. This is because the chairperson applicants want to talk to all board member applicants before the 1.12. Council meeting. The applicants will be interviewed in an open panel discussion on Tuesday 22.11. The panel will be held in the classroom 1325 from 16:00 to 18:00.

The council will choose a person to form the board and accept the new formation in its meeting on 1.12. Introductions and trainings for the new board members will be held on week 49-50, so save these dates in your calendar already now. 

Board hosts an event “What is the board doing?” on Wednesday 9.11. Between 15-17 o’clock where you can come to ask and discuss with the current LTKY board. Event will be at the Student Union office and there will be coffee and pastries.

For more information, you can also contact the current Chair of the Board Roosa Grönberg ([email protected], 040 017 1076), Chair of the Council Noora Rautio ([email protected]) or any of the other current board members.

Note that part of the board activities will be had only in Finnish. However, lacking Finnish skills is not a disqualifying factor for applying and becoming a board member.


WHAT: LTKY Board elections 2023

WHEN: 7.-20.11.2022 (official application period)

WHY: Because association activities and student advocacy are the best <3


  1. Come to the student union office on Wednesday 9.11. To talk with the current board of LTKY From 15 to 17.
  2. Write an application with introduction text about you and why you want to apply for a maximum of one page long. In the text you should also tell what responsibilities you are interested in (ie. Economy, International affairs etc.) 
  3. Send the application to [email protected] on Sunday 20.11. At the latest.
  4. Be part of panel discussion of applicants on Tuesday 22.11. 16:00 at classroom 1325.
  5. Come to the Council meeting on Thursday 1.12. 17:00 where the new board will be elected.