When and where the election will take place

Early voting will begin on Thursday 28.10. and end on Sunday 31.10. The official voting period will begin on Monday 1.11. and end on Wednesday 3.11. at 14:00.

An electronic voting system will be used on all voting days. The election system uses HAKA authentication. Link to the electronic voting system can be found online at the Representative Election page of LTKY’s website before voting begins.

In the event of exceptional circumstances, the Central Election Committee reserves the right to change procedures and will apply the election rule of the representative council elections as well as other rules of the Student Union.

Right to vote and voting eligibility

All members of the Student Union of LUT University who have signed up for attendance and paid their membership fees by 24.9. are eligible to vote in the Representative Council Election 2021.

The election register contains everyone who is entitled to vote and is eligible to stand for election. The election register will be available at LTKY’s offices and on the LTKY website for seven days starting from Monday 27.9. The election register published on the website uses the student number and from the offices you can also check eligibility by asking for your name.

Rectification claims to the election register must be submitted to the Central Election Committee by Monday 18.10. Requests for rectification against the election register will be processed and resolved as soon as possible after the claim is submitted, but no later than Thursday 21.10.

The candidate nomination for the elections will begin on Monday 27.9. Nomination is primarily only possible with an electronic form. 27 representatives will be elected in the election.

The documents that must be submitted to the Central Election Committee and the instructions concerning them will be added to the Representative Election page of LTKY’s website.

When and where can the candidate list be viewed

The list of candidates will be posted on LTKY’s website during Monday 11.10.2021.

Lappeenranta 22.9.2021
Kuisma Närhi
Chairperson of the Central Election Committee