Men’s retreat

Man, relax for a moment!
Fri-Sun 16.-18.10. At Tuosa camp center, Vehkataipaleentie 520
The retreat is an opportunity to rest, refresh, be in silence, and listen to God speak.
We start on Friday at 6 pm and end our stay on Sunday at 3 pm. Price 90 € (full board in single rooms). The leaders of the retreat are Juha Eklund and Timo Lampi. Registration by 25.9. (preferably as soon as possible):
Liisa Hovi: 040 3126 208, [email protected]
Inquiries: Juha Eklund, 040 3126 500, [email protected]

News from LTKY

New year tag for student card available from LTKY’s office

Have you already remembered to get your new year tag for your student card? The old tag is still valid until the end of September, but be on time and get the tag now!

The LTKY’s office is open Mon-Thu 10-15 and Fri 10-14. Welcome!

LTKY is looking for a Secretary of member services

The Student Union of Lappeenranta University of Technology is looking for a Secretary of member services for a part-time employment contract that is valid until further notice.

The member service secretary is responsible for LTKY’s member services and acts as a link between the student union and guilds and hobby associations. The member service secretary is responsible for the reservations and condition of the premises rented by LTKY, and runs the student union service point together with the office secretary. Duties also include taking care of student union equipment, such as a van.
Requires fluent Finnish and English language skills. More information about the position (in Finnish) here.
For more information on the application procedure and job duties, please contact LTKY’s Secretary General Antti Ilmavirta, [email protected] or 044 293 8818.

The new opening hours of our Kiosk

Our Kiosk in LUT’s main lobby in Lappeenranta campus is expanding its opening hours. From now on, the Kios is open Mon-Thu 7.45am – 6pm and Fri 7.45am – 3 pm. Welcome!

Get your own Ear saver from LTKY’s office!

Would you be using face masks more often, if they weren’t so hard on your ears? In the South Karelia region, we have a recommendation to use face masks in public transportation, and you can’t avoid them in maths trainings, either. If the masks are not comfortable for you, the Ear saver might be just what you need!

The Ear saver is a band-like part, that you put the mask’s strings on. It sits behind your head (on neck or upper), so the face masks strings go over and under your ears, but continue all the way to the back of your head. This way the strings won’t burden your ears. The Ear saver is made of ecological PLA plastic, and it has 5 different settings for different fits. Photos of Ear Saver can be looked in LTKY’s social media and in the weekly news in our website

You can get your own Ear saver from LTKY’s office at 9,90€ per piece. There are colors white and black, and other colors are available when contacted via The producer is our own student here in LUT.

The city of Lappeenranta

Fashion by Night on Friday 25.9.2020

Fashion by Night – fashion by night in the middle of the city Friday 25.9.2020. The Fashion Night event is held in the shops, restaurants and shopping malls of the city center, where you will find fashion, music, an experiential program and good deals. Some shops are open later than usual.

News from LUT university

Do you want to invigilate exams?

We are looking for new exam invigilators for the academic year of 2020 – 2021. If you get chosen, you must take part in training and be committed to invigilate during both  autumn semester 2020 and spring semester 2021. You must be at least 2nd year  student in LUT and you are required to have good English skills.
During lectures the exams are normally held from Monday to Thursday between 16:15 – 19:15 in odd weeks and during examination weeks from Monday to Friday between 8:30 – 11:30 and 16:15 – 19:15. The length of one invigilating shift is  normally 4 hours and the pay is 15€/hour.
Send free-form application to [email protected] by 30.9.2020. Mention in your  application when you started your studies, how many credits you have now, in what  degree programme you are studying and why you would be a good invigilator. The interviews are held on Monday and Tuesday 5. – 6.10. and the training for those who have been chosen on Friday 9.10. Both are held in Teams and you are invited by email.

Invitation to the golf competition of LUT University and the Vocational Education Support Foundation

The LUT University and Vocational Education Support Foundation and the Student Union of Lappeenranta University of Technology invite you to a golf event at the South Saimaa golf course in Tuosa on September 25th, 2020 from 9 a.m.

Registration: by 21.9.2020.
More information: Timo Alho, puh. 040 5126 324, [email protected]

Scholarships for excellence in undergraduate studies

The Research Foundation of Lappeenranta University of Technology has decided to establish a scholarship programme to reward excellence in undergraduate studies. The foundation plans to award a maximum of fifteen scholarships worth 1000 euros each to students based on applications. The scholarships are primarily awarded based on excellence in studies (average grade at least 3.8), but other factors will also be considered, such as participation in international student exchange and research, number of credits completed yearly. The application is to include the number of credits completed, the average grade of courses, the student’s field of study and year of studies, the number of semesters as an attending student, and possible publications. The applicant should have at least 100 credits completed at LUT (exception – Master’s degree students at least 80 credits).
The application form and more information from here.

Further information: Managing Director Timo Alho Tel. +358 40 5126324, [email protected].

Other news

Wellness coaching begins!

Do you need support in finding resources? Do you want to improve your lifestyle? Do you need an inspirer to support change?
Start wellness coaching under the guidance of nursing students!
Topics for coaching can be, for example:
– finding and increasing resources lifestyle change
– strengthening mental well-being
– changing eating habits
– weight control
– increasing exercise
If you want to get more energy for everyday life and work with small changes, book your place as soon as possible. Places are limited.
Coaching is carried out individually or in a small group. If you wish, you can also challenge with your co-worker. and put together your own small group. Autumn 2020 coaching will begin on September 14th. Coaching is carried out according to one’s own personal goals in individual meetings about every 1-2 weeks. Appointments can be either in Zoom or with certain precautions face to face. Coaching is free.
Briefly explain why you want to participate and what your goals are. Also tell us if you prefer individual or group guidance.
More backgrounds on wellness coaching (in Finnish) from here.
Registrations and more information: [email protected]

Do you want to act as a support family or person for a child / young person?

Sometimes there are situations in families with children where parental resources decrease. Relatives may live far away and there is not enough support for the child in the family’s immediate circle. Support relationships are a service organized by Eksote in accordance with the Social Welfare Act, which supports the child’s or young person’s opportunities for new stimuli and new relationships that support growth and development. At the same time, supporting the parent’s resilience by giving them time to increase their own resources.
Different support families and support people are needed so that each child can find an adult who exactly meets his or her needs. Those who want to be a support person or a support family are interviewed and trained in the activity.
Training of volunteers in Lappeenranta on Tuesday 22.9. and 29.9. 17-20.
More information:
Eksote support relationships
Minna 040 023 5164
Anna 040 729 0790

Come to chat with other students

Nyyti has an online chat where you can discuss student related issues with other students.

Chats in English:
thu 22.10. Hell is other people? Sanity & relationships.
thu 12.11. The Polar Night – How to handle ”kaamos” and seasonal affective disorder?
thu 10.12. Can you hear me, S.O.S?